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Flag of Altharia

Altharia was a nation located on the north-eastern coast of the southern continent. The capital (and largest city) was Alden.


Altharia is a parliamentary democracy. The legislative power lies with the Altharian Parliament, whose members are elected by popular vote every 5 years.

The executive branch, Altharian State Council, is formed by the Prime Minister and must be approved by the parliament. The Prime Minister also acts as Head of State.


There are many lakes in Altharia, most of them rather small. The largest, Lake Sadna, is 285km². Rivers are also numerous, the largest being Galed River (750km) and Belran (715km). There are a few large bogs in Altharia, most of them located in the eastern part of the country. A mountain range (known as the Hastran mountains) spans the southwestern border of the country.

Map of Altharia's provinces
(two largest cities included)

Altharia is divided into nine provinces:

  • Verlek
  • Norlan
  • Tharei
  • Kanir
  • Dagen
  • Landon
  • Raedin
  • Engast
  • Vondir


There are about eight million citizens living in Altharia, and about 89% of them are ethnically Altharian. The country has a very low population density, only about 23 /km². Due to the relative isolation of the country, there are few immigrants. The only official language is Altharian.

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