Nation Song Contest

Population: 10 mln.
Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Euro
Capital: Terazed ( 2,5 mln)
The other big cities are:Star (1 mln.),Neutron ( 800 000), Black Hole (600 000) Best place: 3rd - NSC 2



Andromeda was one of the earlieast countries in NSC. It took part between NSC 2 and NSC 7. It later returned for the editions between NSC 11 and NSC 13. After withdrawing, it tried to make a comeback in NSC 30. It, however, had to fase the long wait of being a Waiting-list country. After some editions of not voting, it was erased and didn't manage to reappear in NSC back then.

In NSC[]

Edition: Song: Singer: Place (SF): Points (SF): Place (F): Points (F):
NSC 2 Karma Gergana No semi-final No semi-final 3rd 69
NSC 3 El Ritmo del Mio Cuore Rushi Videnliev No semi-final No semi-final 9th 60
NSC 4 Viva Forever Spice Girls No semi-final No semi-final 6th 71
NSC 5 Vsichko Vodi kum Teb Anelia No semi-final No semi-final 24th 11
NSC 6 Mi Chico Latino Geri Halliwell 17th 69 - -
NSC 7 Monos Mou Mixalis Xatzigiannis 23rd 50 - -
NSC 11 Jestoka Nevena feat. Slavi 27th 29 - -
NSC 12 Tired of Being Sorry Enrique Iglesias 19th 68 - -
NSC 13 No Latino EliZe 20th 54 - -