Arkodrian Republic
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Debut WLSC 195
Best result WLSC 195
Worst result WLSC 203
Arkodrian Republic (Arkodrian: Arkodrërepublika; Republika e Arkodrës) is Natian country that spreads on area og 11 214 km² with its capital in the city of Erinët. Estimated population of Arkodrë is 593.120 with Arkodrians being the main ethnic group. Official Languages of the nation are Arkodrian and Albanian.

Its biggest cities are Erinët (Western Arkodrë; population: 83.497​), Dershë (Eastern Arkodrë), population: 66.235​), Çajcomë (Southern Arkodrë, population: 46.012​), Xhumshët (Northern Arkodrë, population: 20.972)​ and Arbentesh (Southern Arkodrë, population: 18.425​). Topography of the country ranges from high peaks to a 150km narrow coastal plain, but most of the country is actually hilly. Highest peak is Zëmal which is 2,274 m high. Deepest point is Shpellë (located in Çajcomë) which is only 2 m under the sea level. Countries' longest beach is Arbenplazhi (located in Arbentesh) and it is 15 kmlong.

The nation was founded in the 30's of the 20th century, following an Albanian migration wave.

Map of Arkodë

Etymology Edit

The word Arkodrë is an Arkodrian contraction between two Albanian words "Ar" - gold; "Kodër" - hill.


  • Inland: Very hot and dry summers (sometimes above 40ºC) very cold and snowy in winter (at 1000m, sometimes below -5ºC)
  • Coastline: Hot and dry summers (sometimes above 35ºC), cold, windy and wet in winter (rarely below 0ºC)


Arkodrë is known by the Olimpllajë ("Olympic Plateau") located at an altitude of 1200 m in Northern Arkodrë - a place where you can find venues for all olympic sports (summer & winter). The national sports are road cycling and biathlon. Arkodrë is a candidate to host 2030 Winter Olympics and people are looking forward to a first-ever Olympic medal for the country in Tokyo.​

Arkodrë in the Waiting List Song ContestEdit

# Artist Song plc pts
195 Ava Max Kings & Queens 01st 120
196 Jubël Teenage Minds 02nd 92
197 Sondr, Faul & Wad, Dakota Heartache 17th 54
198 DHARIA August Diaries 05th 68
199 Matt Simons & Deepend Catch & Release 11th 58
200 Robin Schulz & Wes Alane 09th 65
201 Tungevaag Peru 01st 86
202 Tom Gregory Rather Be You 08th 57
203 Hr. Troels La Isla Bonita 22nd 18
204 Ricky Martin ft. Maluma Vente pa’ ca


# Location Slogan
WLSC 196 Xhumshët Olympic celebration
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