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Flag of Bokia

Bokia is the most southern country on the Northern Continent . Its capital city is Bokitown (it's the most southern pointt of the continent laying on the ocean).

Geography Edit

Bokia is a coastal country. It has an exit to The Ocean, and atracts more tourists during the summer season than any other country from the Northern continent. It borders with Astoria, Reym-L-Dneurb, and Andromeda. Also, on the west side of the Northern continent looks up to Mountbatten Island, and on the east side of the ocean looks over to the west coast of Begonia.

Demographics Edit

The population of Bokia, according to the last census, is 10.550.000 citizens.

Ethnic composition (latest census):

Bokia in the NSC Edit

Bokia participated 5 times in the NSC, starting from NSC3. The best position to date was the 1st place in NSC5. After the NSC spinoff's were introduced Bokia also took it's participation there, and the best result to date is the 2nd place on the NSC - Eurovision Special1 ! Bok TV is the broadcaster of the Contest in Bokia.

Edition Artist Song YT Video Rank Points
NSC 3 Elena Risteska Milioner YT Link 17th 25
NSC 4 Karolina & Flamingosi Ti & Ja YT Link 4th 76
NSC 5 Lana & Luka Prava Ljubav YT Link 1st 181
NSC 6 Toše Proeski Cija Si YT Link 7th 112
NSC 7 Maria Ilieva On My Own YT Link 5th 114
NSC 8 Miyatta Veruvam Vo Sebe YT Link TBA TBA
NSC-ESC Antique Die For You YT Link 2nd 99
NSC-ESC 2 Karolina Od Nas Zavisi YT Link 13th 52
NSC-NF Severina Daj Mi Daj YT Link 17th 49
NSC-Idol Katherine McPhee My Destiny YT Link 1st 88
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