Brugia has always participated in the NSC.


Edition Song Performer Final Rank
NSC I Girl Anouk 6th of 9 with 24 points (winner: 40 points)
NSC II Take my hand Shawn McDonald 14th of 15, 34 points (winner: 108 points)
NSC III Te dejo Madrid Shakira 11th of 18, 54 points (winner 83 points)
NSC IV Les fleur 4hero 16th of 22, 52 points (winner: 84 points)
NSC V Magi Nicolai 12th of 24, 53 points (winner: 181 points)
NSC VI 't Smidje Laïs 5th of 22, 120 points (winner: 135 points)


After an internal selection out of three songs, Brugia decided to send Anouk to the first edition of NSC. Anouk sang 'Girl', but despite an excellent performance, she couldn't manage to end in the top 5. She ended 6th with 40 points, getting points of 6 nations.

Brugian votesEdit

Points Nation Artist Song
12 Tomstria Femminem Klasika
10 Gabriel McFly I’ll Be OK
08 Escotia Rob Thomas Lonely No More
06 Eurora Katrina Leskanich Make Us One
04 Lost Isle Damien Rice 9 Crimes
03 Reym-L-Dneurb Christina Sturmer Mama
02 Arjastan Belén Arjona No Habrá Más Perdón
01 Isaria Shayne Ward Stand By Me


Again, after an internal selection, Brugia opted this time for christian singer-songwriter Shawn McDonald, with the song 'Take my hand'. Brugia ended 14th of 15, with 34 points (from 6 different nations).

Brugian votesEdit

Points Nation Artist Song
12 Lost Isle Axelle Red Temps Pour Nous
10 Andromeda Gergana Karma
08 Reignland Hadise Sweat
07 Hibernia Six There's a whole lot of loving going on
06 Xorientia Erato & Toni Cetinski Sigurni
05 Escotia Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten
04 Gabriel Friday Hill One More Night Alone
03 Medina Ira Losco I'm in Love Again
02 Tomstria Madonna Beautiful Stranger
01 Reym-L-Dneurb SheSays Rosegardens


Following the tradition of the previous editions, Brugia again chose to go with an internal selection, but they did 1 thing different from the previous Nation Song Contests: they chose a (very) famous singer: no-one less than Shakira. With her song 'Te dejo Madrid', Brugia ended 11th with 54 points, a record until now. Brugia recieved votes of 9 different nations, and even got its first ever Douze Points, thanks to Xorientia.

Brugian votesEdit

Points Nation Artist Song
12 Giggshood Danny Saucedo Tokyo
10 Salona Vanna Kao Da Me Nema
08 Adamsburg Emilia Var Minut
07 Magna Grecia Elli Kokkinou Ti Tis Exeis Brei
06 Gabriel Jesse McCartney Beautiful Soul
05 Arjastan Tata Young Sexy Naughty Bitchy
04 Hibernia Iio At The End
03 Reym-L-Dneurb KT Tunstall Suddenly I See
02 Venera Yarabi Yarabi
01 Andromeda Rushi Widinliew Il Ritmo Del Mio Cuore


This time Brugia chose a whole different style of song to send to Arjastan. They chose jazz/classical group 4hero, with the song 'Les fleur'. This entry has been the biggest hit until now in Brugia. In the fourth edition of the Nation Song Contest, Brugia ended on the 16th place, with 52 points. In NSC IV, they their second 12 points, of Gabriel. Next to those Douze Points, they recieved points from 10 other nations.

Brugian votesEdit

Points Nation Artist Song
12 Maccha-Bently Shiri Maimon Ahava Ktana
10 Bokia Flamingosi & Karolina Goceva Ti I Ja
08 Saskjaowie Koop Come To Me
07 Hibernia Yousso N'Dour & Neneh Cherry 7 Seconds
06 Andromeda Spice Girls Viva Forever
05 Adamsburg Bodies Without Organs (BWO) Chariots Of Fire
04 Xorientia Gloria Estefan Hoy
03 Medina Fabrizio Faniello I'm In Love
02 Salona Shania Twain Party For Two
01 Gabriel S Club 8 Fool No More


For the first time, Brugia broke with tradition for their national final. They chose an artist, Nicolai Kielstrup, internally, but instead of choosing a song internally, they let the public decide which song NOT to send to Hibernia. Their national final wasn't a success at all, and they ended choosing the song internally. The song they chose was 'Magi'. Brugia again ended with 50-something votes: this time they ended 12th out of 24 with 53 points (points recieved from 11 different nations). Considering this is the first time that Brugia has ended in the top half, this is the best result until now.

Brugian votesEdit

Points Nation Artist Song
12 Saksjaowie La Brujha Dicen
10 Bokia Lana i Luka Prava Ljubav
08 Phinechendza Shaft Mambo Italiano
07 Belvist Ljubav Belvist
06 Maccha-Bently The Carpenters Top Of The World
05 Escotia Tina Karol Vyshe Oblakov
04 Noizeland Sia Breathe Me
03 Giggshood Bimbo Lambretta
02 Adamsburg 7milakliv Martin Stenmarck
01 Tomstria Rachel Stevens Negotiate with love (Love to infinity remix)


BTR has given a new official statement: ' Brugia will participate in the sixth edition of the Nation Song Contest. 6 songs - not all by the same artist - will be selected internally, and the entry for NSC VI will be chosen internally. Of course we'll let the NSC-world know which songs and artists will be selected. Brugia will not be working around a theme, as rumoured earlier on. It is not impossible that one of the songs that don't make it to Bokia, will be selected for the seventh edition of the NSC. Brugia has managed to qualify for the final in Bokitown. It is not yet known how many points Brugia recieved.

The sixth edition of the NSC has been the most succesful ever for Brugia. In the first part of the voting cermony it looked like that Brugia would - again - end in the bottom half, but then the points kept on coming, and in the end Brugia was even in the lead. Brugia's final position was fifth, with 120 points (recieving points from 17 different nations, but only one 12 points, by Alinta).

National FinalEdit

# Artist Song Youtube-video
01. Eva De Roovere Fantastig Toch YT
02. Flatcat Rockstar Fantasy YT
03. Eva De Roovere De Jager YT
04. Laïs 't Smidje YT
05. Piotta Sempre La YT
06. Cookie Dingler Femme Libérée YT

As of 30th May, BTR announced that Brugia's participant for the NSCVI will be Laïs, with their folk song ' 't Smidje'.

Brugian votesEdit


Points Nation Artist Song
12 Alinta Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats
10 Lollee Velvet Fix Me
08 Maccha-Bently Dhoom 2 Dhoom Again
07 Manotto Madonna Mambo
06 Mountbatten Island Elena Paparizou Mambo
05 Rotterdamus Marco Borsato Rood
04 Spila Rihanna Umbrella
03 Giggshood Bosson One in a million
02 Cicvara Enrique Iglesias Do You Know
01 United States Of Carmen Gloria Trevi Todos ...

Brugia's 12 points, 8 points and 7 points did not qualify for the final.


Points Nation Artist Song
12 Lollee Velvet Fix Me
10 Arjastan Oceania Kotahitanga
08 Escotia Fall Out Boy Thnks fr th mmrs
07 Reym-L-Dneurb Rising Girl Rising Girl
06 Rotterdamus Marco Borsato Rood
05 Mountbatten Island Elena Paparizou Mambo
04 Begonia Sasa Lendero Ne grem na kolena
03 Hibernia Angelic Can't keep me silent
02 United States of Carmen Gloria Trevi Todos...
01 Romeria Weather Girls Raining Men