Nation Song Contest
Member station CTV (Calypso Television)
Appearances 93
Debut NSC 7
Best result 1st (NSC 16), (NSC 54), (NSC 67)
Worst result 24th (semi) (NSC 30)

Calypso is a nation located on the eastern continent "Chiara". It made its debut in Nation Song Contest 7 and won the contest three times, in NSC 16, NSC 54 and NSC 67 , with "My Own Way" by Banghra, "The Rain" by Peter Luts and "Vivo Sospesa" by Nathalie Giannitrapani, respectively. Calypso is one of the oldest nations still in the contest, celebrating its 50th Anniversary with the participation in NSC 57 with "Alle Mine Veninder" by Sys Bjerre.

Background Information

Calypso on the NSC Map, situated in the continent of Chiara.

Capital City: Xlendi

Language: Calì

Currency: Euro (€)

Population: 500,000

Participation in NSC

Edition Artist Song Link Semi Final
NSC 07 Cascada Everytime We Touch YT Link 2nd 7th
NSC 08 Groove Coverage Poison YT Link - 6th
NSC 10 Queen Don't Stop Me Now YT Link 7th 9th
NSC 11 Mika Relax, Take It Easy YT Link - 21st
NSC 12 Shakira Whenever, Wherever YT Link 3rd 7th
NSC 13 Hilary Duff With Love YT Link - 17th
NSC 14 Mans Zelmerlow Dreaming YT Link - 12th
NSC 15 David Guetta Love Don't Let Me Go YT Link - 20th
NSC 16 Banghra My Own Way YT Link 1st 1st
NSC 17 Barcode Brothers S.M.S. YT Link - 28th
NSC 18 Ace of Base Beautiful Life YT Link 1st 6th
NSC 19 Jessy Look At Me Now YT Link - 27th
NSC 20 Anca Badiu Baby Tell Me Why YT Link 10th 27th
NSC 21 Narcotic Thrust I Like It YT Link 5th 6th
NSC 22 Sara Bareilles* Love Song* YT Link DNV /
NSC 23 King Africa La Bomba YT Link 7th 24th
NSC 24 Lexter Freedom To Love YT Link 19th X
NSC 25 Darude Out of Control YT Link 15th X
NSC 26 Cheb Khaled Aicha YT Link 15th X
NSC 27 Sanna Nielsen Nobody Without You YT Link 9th 10th
NSC 28 Alphabeat Boyfriend(remix) YT Link 10th 26th
NSC 29 Simon Matthew Dreamer YT Link 20th X
NSC 30 ViaGra Potseluy YT Link 24th X
NSC 31 Britney Spears Womanizer YT Link 8th 16th
NSC 32 Bellefire Say Something Anyway YT Link 2nd 15th
NSC 33 We The Kings Check Yes Juliet YT Link 5th 16th
NSC 34 Lesley Roy I'm Gone, I'm Going YT Link 7th 18th
NSC 35 Ida Maria Oh My God YT Link 7th 6th
NSC 36 Johnossi Man Must Dance YT Link - 17th
NSC 37 3OH!3 Don't Trust Me YT Link 1st 2nd
NSC 38 Dresden Dolls Coin Operated Boy YT Link - 25th
NSC 39 Planet Funk Lemonade YT Link 10th 25th
NSC 40 Cookie Sweetheart Neverending Story YT Link 22(RJ) 26th
NSC 41 The Sounds Painted By Numbers YT Link 4th 6th
NSC 42 Tom Helsen ft. Geike Arnaert Home YT Link - 26th
NSC 43 Franz Ferdinand No You Girls YT Link 7th 22nd
NSC 44 Preston Dressed To Kill YT Link 19th X
NSC 45 Skunk Anansie Because of You YT Link 2nd 13th
NSC 46 Richard Durand No Way Home YT Link 7th 16th
NSC 47 Calvin Harris Ready For the Weekend YT Link 2nd 14th
NSC 48 Hedley Don't Talk To Strangers YT Link 10th 21st
NSC 49 Julie Maria Evelyn YT Link 2nd 3rd
NSC 50 Pauline Red Carpet YT Link - 22nd
NSC 51 Veronica Maggio Stopp YT Link 2nd 5th
NSC 52 Waldo's People Emperor's Dawn YT Link - 19th
NSC 53 Lights Saviour YT Link 2nd 12th
NSC 54 Peter Luts The Rain YT Link 2nd 1st
NSC 55 Nexx Synchronize Lips YT Link - 15th
NSC 56 Ola All Over The World YT Link 2nd 6th
NSC 57 Sys Bjerre Alle Mine Veninder YT Link - 10th
NSC 58 Katerine Enjoy The Day YT Link 4th 19th
NSC 59 Nordstrom Januar YT Link 1st 8th
NSC 60 Sara Bareilles King Of Anything YT Link 1st 5th
NSC 61 Flyleaf Missing YT Link - 26th
NSC 62 Julian Perretta Wonder Why YT Link 6th 10th
NSC 63 Mylene Farmer Oui Mais...Non YT Link 3rd 2nd
NSC 64 Red Electrick Who The Heck Is Rek?! YT Link - 20th
NSC 65 The Good Natured Be My Animal YT Link 7th 2nd
NSC 66 Frida Gold Zeig Mir Wie Du Tanzt YT Link - 27th
NSC 67 Nathalie Vivo Sospesa YT Link 2nd 1st
NSC 68 Viktorious When We Were 10 YT Link - 20th
NSC 69 Wolf Gang The King And All Of His Men YT Link 2nd 6th
NSC 70 The Dø Slippery Slope YT Link - 24th
NSC 71 Sebastian Lind Keep Me Near YT Link 7th 10th
NSC 72 Pnau Solid Ground YT Link 11th X
NSC 73 Nero Promises YT Link 3rd 8th
NSC 74 Zowie Smash It YT Link 5th 12th
NSC 75 Queen Of Hearts Shoot The Bullet YT Link 8th 22nd
NSC 76 Architecture in Helsinki Escapee YT Link 7th 13th
NSC 77 Fixers Majesties Ranch YT Link 15th X
NSC 78 Team Me Show Me YT Link 13th X
NSC 79 Bastille Icarus YT Link 15th X
NSC 80 Mads Langer You're Not Alone YT Link 14th X
NSC 81 Zoot Woman We Won't Break YT Link 19(RJ) 19th
NSC 82 Imagine Dragons It's Time YT Link Q ?

1st place
2nd place
3rd place
50th Anniversary
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