Map of Carine City

Carine City is the capital city of the Spilian state of Capitalia and the whole Spila. Its estimated population is about 8 million (including the suburbs). It's famous for being the 2-time host of the Nation Song Contest.

Divisions Edit

It's divided in the suburb area and 10 urban municipalities:

1. Stare Carine - the old town. About 32 museums are seated here.

2. Dulčen - the Spilian and Capitalian parliaments and the Court are situated here.

3. Gradatz - seat of almost 80% of foreign embassies in Spila.

4. Šivir - the modern informatic area.

5. Bridgiw - the bohemian quarter.

6. Nove Carine - the student quarter.

7. Periferija - the trading center of the city

8. Bježanija - the sports center. Softwall Arena, the largest sports arena in Spila, is built here.

9. Giniješke Carine - the seat of Spilian National Television.

10. Brgečke Carine - the presidential villa "Carinka" is built here.

History Edit

The name Carine City was first mentioned in the year 420. BC. It was just a small village, but an important harbor. With the establishment of the Spilian state, and the city becoming it's capital, it started to grow and strengthen. Today, it's one of the biggest and most economically important cities on the northern continent.

Giniješ and Brgeč Edit

Giniješ and Brgeč are two islands off Carine City. Brgečke Carine on Brgeč and Giniješke Carine on Giniješ belong to the Carine City urban municipalities, and small cities on Giniješ belong to the Suburb area.

The highest point of Capitalia, Brđevak (35 m), is located on Brgeč. The President of Spila's Villa "Carinka" is built under Brđevak. It is also the seat of a majority of ministries of Spila.

Giniješ (also: Ginješ) is more populated than Brgeč. The seat of the Spilian National Television (SNT) is located on the island.

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