Member station SHTV
Appearances 25
Debut NSC 92
Best result 1st/203pts NSC 109
Worst result 26th(S)/12pts NSC 92

Cherniya is an island nation located Pohjooiean Ocean on the northern edge of Dragoon Bay, far away from any known nation (not including the recently added "Yonique" which shared a border with Freaknique {Zombira} and Geeknique {Reym-L-Dneurb} on the island A Kay A), consisting of 5 inhabited islands, 1 coral reef, and part of the A Kay A island.



Map of Cherniya

Edition Artist Song Video Place (SF) Points (SF) Place (F) Points (F)
92 The Idan Raichel Project Yesh Bi Od Koach Link 26th/26  12 DNQ DNQ
93 Paloma Faith Upside Down Link 8th/28 78 12th/28 125
94 Paloma Faith Black & Blue Link 22nd/26 45 DNQ DNQ
95 Muse Panic Station Link 20th/26 47 DNQ DNQ
96 Keren Ann Not Going Anywhere Link 6th/24 78 27th/28 51
97 Alessandro Safina Luna Link 13th/22 53 DNQ DNQ
98 The Temper Trap Trembling Hands Link 8th/26 68 25th/28 81
99 Maimuna Queen of Africa Link 1st/24 115 2nd/28 182
100 Lilit Hovhannisyan Requiem Link I PQ'd Hihi 27th/28 67
101 Sanni Prinsessoja ja Astronautteja Link 8th/25 68 23rd/28 80
102 Livin' Joy Dreamer Link 7th/26 79 22nd/28 92
103 The Idan Raichel Project Im Telech Link 21st/27 36 DNQ DNQ
104 Emily Karpel Nemashim Link 18th/25 52 DNQ DNQ
105 Miles Kane Don't Forget Who You Are Link 11th/25 60 DNQ DNQ
106 Vanessa Paradis Be My Baby Link 24th/25 25 DNQ DNQ
107 Charli XCX SuperLove Link 9th/27 76 12th/28 118
108 Wang Chung Dance Hall Days Link 24th/25 26 DNQ DNQ
109 Anna Rossinelli Shine in the Light Link 1st/23 120 1st/28 203
110 Ayse Hatun Onal Çak Bir Selam (Gurcell Style Mix) Link I Won Ahahaha 17th/30 106
111 The Moog Unbound Link 12th/25 63 DNQ DNQ
112 Mercedes Band Voodo Link 9th/24 75 17th/28 110
113 Movits! Nitroglycerin Link 14th/25 66 DNQ DNQ
114 Nouvelle Vague In A Manner of Speaking Link 17th/27 52 DNQ DNQ
115 BB Brunes Aficionado Link 3rd/27 91 24th/28 76
116 The Knife Marble House  Link 2nd/26 106 13th/28 121
117 Paolo Nutini Scream (Funk My Life Up) Link 24th/25 18 DNQ DNQ
118 Steed Lord Curtain Call Link 5th/26 75 11th/28 121
119 Amason Duvan Link 11th/24 72 DNQ DNQ
120 Omer Adam Tel Aviv (feat. Arisa) Link 25th/26 27 DNQ DNQ
121 Habanot Nechama So Far Link 24th/25 31 DNQ DNQ
122 Miranda! Don Link 9th/25 79 24th/28 82
123 Valeriya Po Serpantino (DJ Sergey Fisun Remix) Link 13th/26 64 DNQ DNQ
124 Il Genio Amore Chiama Terra Link 5th/26 90 16th/28 121
125 Melanie Martinez Soap Link 5th/25 79 3rd/28 150
126 Parade of Lights Feeling Electric Link PQ'd hihi Again 24th/28


127 Sharon Rotter Arutz Elecha Link 24th/25 45 DNQ DNQ
128 Raleigh Ritchie The Greatest Link 20th/26 40 DNQ DNQ
129 Eivør Petti Fyri Petti  Link 2nd/25 95 6th/28 144
130 Vaz Sunshine Link PQ woo wee 27th/28 60
131 Blossoms At Most A Kiss Link 5th/26 84 2nd/28 172
132 Herman Rundberg & Mari Boine Fillii Fillii Link PQ'd Nej 27th/28 74
133 Paradis Toi Et Moi Link 14th/27 67 DNQ DNQ
134 Lily Allen As Long As I Got You Link 10th/26 68 24th/28 77
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