Nation Song Contest

Comino is a nation located on the eastern continent. It made its debut in NSC 7 with the song "Take A Chance On Me" by ABBA.


As a debut nation, it had to start in the semi final. It came 9th in the Semi Final with 93pts and 18th in the Final with 75pts. This means that it had to compete in the SemiFinal again in NSC 8.


Comino decided to have a NF where When You're Gone of Avril Lavigne was clearly chosen by the other countries. It came 3rd in the Semi and 5th in The final with 112 pts. So that made it sure that Comino will be directly qualified fot the Final is NSC 9.


Due to the success of NSC 8 Comino held another NF where the winning song was Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. It came 9th just right under Ugaly

NSC 10

Comino held another NF and It's My Life by Bon Jovi won. This time Comino came 17th and had to compete in the semifinal. Luckily enough 3 countries withdrew so Comino had the last place for the final.

NSC 11

Another NF and this time The Weekend by Michael Gray won. This time Comino had a bad result and had to compete in the semis next NSC.

NSC 12

This time a maltese song was chosen by a NF and unfortunately it came 3rd last with 28pts receiving high points from Lolee and Calypso

NSC 13

Due to 2 unsuccessful results in a row Comino decided to make an internal selection. Chiara was chosen with the song Sail Away. Results are still to be known.


Comino participated in various contest naming: NSC -ESC 2 Comino participated with 7th Wonder by Ira Losco. They came 6th with 85pts.

Comino also participated in NSC NF which was held in Arjastan. They participated with Deja Vu of Olivia Lewis and placed 15th with 51pts.

Then Comino participated in Nation Idol and placed 12th with 47 pts.

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