Flag of Crnovac capital territory

Crnovac capital territory is a federal state of Arjastan, but is not given the same full states as the other states are, as it is made up of just one city, Crnovac, the capital of the whole country. CCT is the most densely populated Arjan state by far, and easily the smallest too. CCT is completely surrounded by Argonia. Crnovac began life as a small town shortly before the year 0, in around 12 BC, when it was known as Swarttún (black city in ancient Arjan - which is still what Crnovac means if translated literally from Arjan). Swarttún grew exponentially in the following decades, being heralded as an intellectually and technologically advanced city for hundreds of miles around, making it a popular place for education. Swarttún fell to the Argonians in 1196, when it was renamed as Şernarvač, which, again is old Argonian for "black city". Crnovac changed to its modern-day spelling in 1673, when it became capital city of Argonia, despite not having an Argon majority population - something which was not achieved until 1699, and even then it only lasted about a century. Today Argons make up about 39% of what is described ethnically as "Arjans" in the official census. Crnovac remains the intellectual, political, economic and technologic heart of Arjastan, boasting the country's most impressive universities, as well as all the national houses of parliament and the government building. Many singers, models, actors and athletes all move from around the country to Crnovac in the hopes of making it big - basing yourself in Crnovac is pretty much the only way to get "noticed" in modern Arjastan. For this reason, there are many people from all the Arjan states in Crnovac, as well as many Tomstrians and people from Gabriel. Crnovac also has by far the highest GDP per capita rating of any Arjan state at US$34,286.

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