Cygovision 178, also known as Cygovision All Stars, is the national selection method for Cydoni-Gibberia for the Nation Song Contest 178 and will take place in Vardychinov Arena in the Cydu capital of the same name.

The show will see 21 acts who previously took part in Cygovision finals performing in one show, with viewers from Cydoni-Gibberia and across Natia voting in the Eurovision format to determine the Cydu entry for the Nation Song Contest.

Participants Edit

Draw Edition Artist Song Link Place Points
01 160 BLOXX Coke [Link]
02 172 Daithí Orange [Link]
03 162 Andrea di Giovanni En la oscuridad [Link]
04 161 Colouring Time [Link]
05 175 Fatherson Charm School [Link]
06 166 Running Touch My Hands [Link]
07 165 MorMor Waiting on the Warmth [Link]
08 174 Cream Soda Nikakih Bol'she Vecherinok [Link]
09 171 Mansionair Violet City [Link]
10 168 NAVA Flesh [Link]
11 177 girl in red we fell in love in october [Link]
12 173 Møme Sail Away [Link]
13 167 Fla.mingo U Melt Me [Link]
14 159 Malca Casablanca Jungle [Link]
15 157 Beissoul & Einius Kaip tu ir sakei [Link]
16 155 Bleu Toucan Hanoï Café [Link]
17 163 Skylar Spence Carousel [Link]
18 156 Virtual Self Ghost Voices [Link]
19 153 Monarchy Hula Hoop 8000 [Link]
20 154 Gus Dapperton Moodna, Once with Grace [Link]
21 164 AJ Mitchell Girls [Link]
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