Dal Riata
Dal Riata
Member station DRTV
Appearances 28
Debut NSC 75
Best result 3th
Worst result 26th (Semi)

Dal Riata is an independent region-enclave of Virgohronie on the continent of Galea with a population of only 92,464 citizens. It has in recent years been campaigning for independence from its Virgohronian administrators, citing an ancient treaty with Virgohronie concerning Dal Riata's constitutional status. Dal Riata recieved recognition as an independent country on the 1st November 2011 and reclaimed much of its ancestral territory that had been subsumed by Virgohronie.

The Capital of Dal Riata is Mallaig, which has a population of 797 and has been the seat of Dal Riata's legislature since ancient times. The official language of Dal Riata is Scottish Gaelic, though English is spoken fluently by almost 100% of the population and is mandatory in Dal Riatian schools. Its national currency is the Dal Riatian Pound (£), which is pegged in value to the Virgohronian Roobl.


Dal Riata has had a bloody history due to its heavily tribal-based nature. Almost every Dal Riatian is descended from one of the ancient tribes, of which around 84 remain, with an average of ~1100 members each. However, membership between the individual tribes can vary greatly, with the smallest having as little as 57, while the largest has over 2000. Conflicts between the tribes were numerous, and there was a state of almost constant warfare between them, though there relativly small size has kept this from spilling over into neighbouring countries. It has been suggested that this constant warfare has been the reason for Dal Riata's small population and growth rate, as despite this warrior culture, the stereotypical 'willingness to die in battle' view is not common among Dal Riatians and many Dal Riatian mothers have only a few children to avoid repeated pain at losing her children in war.

Treaty of ČinžilliEdit

After a particularly violent conflict which pitted two main groupings of the tribes against each other over the issue of succession to the Dal Riatian throne, it was agreed among the tribes to sign a treaty with Virgohronie, in which they voluntarily became an autonomous region of Virgohronie, in return for their help in isolating Dal Riata and preventing external interference in the tribal wars until a conclusion was reached internally by the tribes.

Modern DayEdit

In recent times, conflict between the tribes has died off substantially, with a lawful and relativly stable government implemented. As such, the economy of Dal Riata has begun to improve considerably, and for the first time a national television broadcaster has been formed, DRTV, which has applied to join the NSC.

Many tribes have died off in this long struggle, and so Archeological digs are commonplace throughout Dal Riata as Archeologists attempt to find information on these lost tribes as contemporary records of the time are (understandably) rare.


Dal Riata-Map1

Map of Dal Riata as a Virgohronian Region

Dal Riata is a very hilly country, though not mountainous. It's highest mountain is around 1,000ft above sealevel, and its various mountain ranges are popular spots for hikers and rock climbers. There are few significant lochs in Dal Riata, though there are legends of a prehistoric monster living in the larger ones, which locals have dubbed 'Agnes'.

Dal Riata has a mild climate, with winters dropping to around -20 degrees Celsius and heat reaching around 22 degrees in summer.



DRTV Ident

Dal Riatan Telebhision (DRTV) is a state-run and the only native television broadcasting corporation in Dal Riata. The vast majority of DRTV's schedule is made up of foreign imports dubbed over in Scottish Gaelic though there is increasing availability of home-produced programmes. Dal Riatan viewers in search of alternative viewing can pick up most national and a few close regional Virgohronian stations.

DRTV Channels:Edit


  • DRTV 1 - Main channel, broadcast 24-hours. Shows NSC-related shows.
  • DRTV 2 - Secondary channel, focuses on home-produced content, broadcast 1pm - 10pm.


  • DRTV Radio 1 - Main channel, plays contemporary hit music.
  • DRTV Radio 2 - Secondary channel, plays classic hits.
  • DRTV Radio Home - Tertiary channel, plays Dal Riatan music.

NSC ParticipationEdit

Main Article: Dal Riata in the Nation Song Contest

On a whole, Dal Riata has not been particularly successful in the Nation Song Contest, only qualifying to the final twice in their first ten attempts, and only achieved a top-ten placing (and pre-qualification) on its 20th entry. DRTV normally hosts a public selection to choose its representative, in which the Dal Riatan populace decide on an act by televote. However, DRTV has occasionally hosted international selections, permitting foreign juries to vote in Dal Riata's National Final.

The Voice of Dal Riata is the most viewed programme in Dal Riata and is hosted by DRTV-1 every year. It is normally used to select DRTV's representative with the exceptions being WLSC 4, NSC 76 and NSC 89, which used a different format, and all NSC Spinoff entries, which are internally selected by a jury.



The National Dal Riata Haxball Team is one of the least successful national teams, losing 18 of its 22 official international tournament games with a combined goal difference of -71. Dal Riata's first international win was a pre-tournament friendly in which it managed to best Doire 4-2. Dal Riata's most successful tournament was the 12th NSC Cup, where it reached the Quarter Finals beore being knocked out by Rumia, losing 10-1. As off the 16th Cup, Dal Riata was ranked the 15th best team world-wide.

Overall StatsEdit

Wins Draws Loses GF GA GD
3 1 18 38 109 -71

NSC 5th CupEdit

Dal Riata first participated in the 5th NSC Cup. Dal Riata was placed in Group B, which also housed one of the most successful NSC Haxball teams - Calypso, and the teams from Seranate & Clair and Zechonia. Dal Riata placed bottom of their group, losing all their games and failing to progress to the next round. Dal Riata did manage, however, to place 15th overall, beating Doire by goal difference.

Stage Team Score Team
Group B Dal Riata 0-7 Calypso
Group B Zechonia 4-3 Dal Riata
Group B Seranate & Clair 5-0 Dal Riata

NSC 7th CupEdit

After a break from the 6th Cup due to funding problems, Dal Riata returned for the 7th Cup, being placed into Group D from pot 4, along with Horehronieland, the Kingdom of Eras and Nukuland. Dal Riata once again failed to progress from the group stages, losing everyone of its matches, and finishing with a goal difference of -11 , ranked 16th and last. During the festivities before official tournament play, Dal Riata won its first ever international match against Doire, with a score of 4-2.

Stage Team Score Team
Group D Dal Riata 2-9 Nukuland
Group D Horehronieland 4-2 Dal Riata
Group D Kingdom of Eras 2-0 Dal Riata

NSC 8th CupEdit

In the 8th NSC Haxball Cup, Dal Riata was again placed in group D, this time alongside Pigeon Island, Rumia and Genext. Dal Riata was up first, against Genext where they managed to achieve their best result yet in the NSC Haxball Cup, a 2-2 draw, giving them their first ever point in a NSC Haxball tournament. Dal Riata retuned to familier territory, after a dissapointing 1-6 defeat at the hands of Rumia. For Dal Riata's last game, they were pitted against Pigeon Island, the strongest team in group D, being ranked 5th overall. Much to their surprise, Dal Riata was able to avoid a humiliating defeat, and pulled a much more respectable 3-5 loss, thus cementing the 8th Cup as Dal Riata's most successful foray into NSC Haxball up to this point. Dal Riata was ranked 12th of 16th and moved up to the 22nd place on the overall ranking.

Stage Team Score Team
Group D Genext 2-2 Dal Riata
Group D Dal Riata 1-6 Rumia
Group D Dal Riata 3-5 Pigeon Island

NSC 9th CupEdit

For the third time in a row, Dal Riata was placed in Group D upon entering the 8th NSC Haxball Cup. Having faced an identical group two cups ago, hope were not high to qualify, despite a new ruling mandating the top three would qualify from Group D. True to form, Dal Riata lost all three matches by similar margins, finishing with a goal difference of -10.

Stage Team Score Team
Group D Horehronieland 3-0 Dal Riata
Group D Nukuland 7-4 Dal Riata
Group D Dal Riata 0-4 Kingdom of Eras

NSC 12th CupEdit

After further funding problems leading to Dal Riata's withdrawl from the 10th and 11th NSC Cups, the Dal Riatan team made a comeback for the 12th Cup. Dal Riata was placed in Group B, along with Adamsburg, Horehronieland and Prasia and was drawn for a difficult first match against Adamsburg, where they managed to pull off a better than average performance and score to scores, finishing with a score of 5-2 to Adamsburg. Next up, Dal Riata was drawn agaisnt Prasia, a team they had never played. To the subject of much celebration in Dal Riata, they pulled off their first ever official NSC Haxball win, beating Prasia 5-nil. Dal Riata's last game was a predicted loss at the hands of Horehronieland, a familier and unbeaten opponent to Dal Riata. 3rd place in their group allowed Dal Riata to advance to the 3rd placers Round, where they were paired with Pigeon Island, who soundly defeated them 8-1. Dal Riata's final game in the 3rd Placers round was against Xorientia, who were surpisingly defeated by Dal Riata 3-2 allowing Dal Riata to advance for the first ever time to the Quarter-finals. Rumia was Dal Riata Quarter-final opponent, and handed a 10-1 loss to Dal Riata, to the surpise of no-one. the 12th NSC Haxball Cup became Dal Riata best ever showing and rose in the overall rankings to be ranked 20th overall.

Stage Team Score Team
Group B Adamsburg 5-2 Dal Riata
Group B Prasia 0-5 Dal Riata
Group B Dal Riata 0-4 Horehronieland
3rd Placers Round Pigeon Island 8-1 Dal Riata
3rd Placers Round Dal Riata 3-2 Xorientia
Quarter-Finals Rumia 10-1 Dal Riata

NSC 15th CupEdit

Dal Riata returned after missing the 13th and 14th cups and was placed in Group D along with Rumia, Mooseland, Marrakechia and Cydoni-Gibberia. Dal Riata was able to pull and early win 3-5 win against Cydoni-Gibberia, before losing their final two Group D matchs 2-5 to Mooseland and 2-9 to Rumia. Third-place in the Group stages allowed Dal Riata to advance to the 1/8 Playoffs, where they were paired against the Kingdom of Eras, who promptly defeated them 5-0, knocking Dal Riata out of the 15th NSC Haxball Cup.

Stage Team Score Team

Group D

Cydoni-Gibberia 3-5 Dal Riata
Group D Dal Riata 2-5 Mooseland
Group D Dal Riata 2-9 Rumia
1/8 Playoffs Kingdom Of Eras 5-0 Dal Riata


Due to its history, the population of Dal Riata is relatively pure, with about 98% of the population being indigenous. Virgohronians make up the only other significant Ethnic Group, with the remaining 2% mainly because of Dal Riata's legal status as a region of Virgohronie.

Ethnic MakeupEdit

Ethnic Makeup of Dal Riata
Dal Riatian 90,608
Virgohronian 1,849
Other 7


Dal Riata Council

Current Composition of the Tribal Council

Traditionally, each tribe was for all intents and purposes, an independant entity, answerable only to the Dal Riatian King, though the monarchy was abolished as part of the Treaty of Činžilli. However, as the internal disputes died down, the tribes have become much more interdependent. Current government is based upon a unicameral democratic tribal council system, in which each tribe elects one representative to the 84-member 'Tribal Council' each year which constitutes both the legislature and judiciary. The position of executive, 'First Chief' is elected from among these 84 members before the formation of the party organisations using an exhaustive ballot system, though has only limited powers himself.

Last First Minister Election
Candidate Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Jon Steel 14 16 24 28 43
Jennifer MacRae 21 21 23 29 41
Thomas Muir 18 18 20 27 OUT
Angus MacDonald 11 15 17 OUT OUT
Moira Cameron 13 14 OUT OUT OUT
Gemma Smith 7 OUT OUT OUT OUT
Votes 84 84 84 84 84

In Dal Riata, a tribe is officially recognised when allocated a seat on the Tribal Council, thus the Tribal Council has varied in overall size at many points in its life, though has recently stabililized at 84 members. The method of election for their representative is decided by each individual tribe, though a simple Fast-Past-the-Post system is by far the most common. Non-Dal Riatans are not enfranchised due to their status as not being members of the Dal Riatan tribes.

The Tribal Council is a non-partisan chamber. However, most representatives tend to 'group' with other like-minded individuals into organisations resembling parties, though these are only at the forefront when council is in session. Members of these groups are still essentially independent representatives, and so it is not uncommon for Councillors to vote outwith that of their groups favoured position.

Current Composition of the Tribal Council
Party Seats
Socialist 29
Nationalist 26
Liberal 14
Conservative 9
Isolationist 2
Far Left 2
Independent 2

Representation in the NSCEdit


NSC Song Artist Language Final Points Semi Points
75 Hyökyaalto Antti Tuisku Finnish * * 19 48
76 Rann Na Móna Capercaillie Scottish Gaelic * * 20 40
77 A Spaceman Came Travelling Chris De Burgh English * * 15 55
78 Weekend Wars MGMT English * * 21 36
79 Parla Con Me Eros Ramozzotti Italian * * 25 22
80 Forever Young Alphaville English 12 125 1 122
81 Latha Math Mànran Scottish Gaelic * * 12 63
82 Bright Eyes Art Garfunkel English 22 87 8 76
83 Welcome to the Action Millennium English * * 20 44
84 Fight Like A Girl Emilie Autumn English * * 22 28
85 Sing Gary Barlow & Commonwealth Band ft. Military Wives English * * 13 59
86 Die Young The Sweet Serenades English 25 76 5 83
87 Scotty Doesn't Know Lustra English * * 21 35
88 Take You There Mànran & Michelle McManus English * * 25 24
89 Touch The Sky Julie Fowlis English 16 108 9 72
90 Stadt Cassandra Steen ft. Adel Tawil German * * 23 38
91 What If Kate Winslet English * * 17 41
92 Heaven Can Wait Star Pilots


* * 20 44
93 Gold Neon Hitch English * * 24 44
94 I Could Be The One Avicii vs. Nicky Romero English 3 173 2 107
95 Oidhche Mhath Leibh 's Beannachd Leibh Ossian Scottish Gaelic 26 57 * *
96 When She Loved Me Sarah McLachlan English * * 20 40
97 Gaelic Song Old Blind Dogs Scottish Gaelic * * 21 18
98 One World One Song Dionne Warwick & Joe McElderry English * * 17 52
99 A Real Hero College & Electric Youth English * * 15 59
100 Problem (The Monster Remix) Becky G ft. English * * 26 19
101 At The Heart Of It All Capercaillie English 21 95 9 74
102 I Like The Divine Comedy English * * 20 47
103 Full of Grace Sarah McLachlan English * * 26 25
104 I Quit Hepburn English * * 20 35
105 Greenland Bodega English * * 16 43
106 Do It All Over Again Elyar Fox English * * 22 28
107 I Should've Followed You Home Agnetha Faltskog & Gary Barlow English * * 16 53
108 Lon-Dubh (Blackbird) Julie Fowlis Scottish Gaelic & English * * 23 30
109 One Shot B.A.P Korean 24 80 10 73
110 Whiskey Lullaby Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss English 25 82 6 89
111 Glasgow 1877 Tuomas Holopainen Scottish Gaelic * * 17 55
112 Sweet Victory Spongebob Squarepants English * * 22 39
113 Walking On The Waves Skipinnish English 3 172 8 71
114 Little Braveheart Charlotte Perrelli & Kate Ryan English 16 131 * *
115 Break Free Ariana Grande ft. Zedd English 3 176 3 91
116 Ugly Heart G.R.L English 22 93 * *
117 Walking On The Waves Skipinnish English, Scottish Gaelic 23 73 9 70
118 All As One Miracle Of Sound English TBA TBA TBA TBA

Points Given (Finals after NSC 75 only):Edit

Nation Points
Llama Republic 42
Serenate & Clair 41
Doire 41
Eterland 40




WLSC Song Artist Language Place Points
1 Kaksi Irrallaan Laura Närhi Finnish 7 58
2 Latha Math Mànran Scottish Gaelic 1 87
3 Het Is Zomer Amika Dutch 9 54
4 Bela Revo Anjo Amika Esperanto 14 45
5 Tinseltown in the Rain Andrea Corr English 11 53
6 21st Century Digital Girl Groove Coverage English 13 52
7 Sk8er Boi Avril Lavigne English 10 62
8 Squealing Pigs Admiral Fallow English 6 73
9 Kuulta Kyselen Laura Voutilainen Finnish 8 68

Points Received:Edit

Nation Points
Paperland 52
Doire 45
Jeffia 44
Aspirinia 39
Marrakechia 38

Spinoff EditionsEdit

Spinoff Song Language Artist Place Points
AATW: Denmark Lidt I Fem Danish Rasmus Seebach 21 39
Country Randomiser So Much English Raghav feat. Kardinal Offishall 23 32
National Finals 2011 Manipulated English Hanna Lindblad 21 39
Country Elimination II With You I'm Born Again English Billy Preston ft Syreeta R1 N/A
Melodic Picture Contest Watermelon English D.Willz 30 12
Minority Language Spinoff Glaodh an Iar Scottish Gaelic Mànran 14 42
Congratulation 8 A Spaceman Came Travelling English Chris De Burgh 39 55
WLSC Congratulations 1 Squealing Pigs English Admiral Fallow 7 70
AATW: Finland Sydän Paikallaan Finnish Johanna Kurkela 12 70
Robbery 2 LoveBlood English King Charles 19 56
Covers & Remixes 3 Didn't See It Coming English Belle & Sebastian 7 73
National Finals 2012 Mercy English Donna McCaul 9 64
Country Elimination III Je Sais Ou Aller French Patrick Fiori R2 N/A
Congratulation 9 Touch The Sky English Julie Fowlis 11 161
Folk & Ethnic 1 A Fisherman's Baby English Fuaim 21 28
AATW: Japan Gingham Check Japanese AKB48 12 60
Congratulations 10 I Could Be The One English Avicii vs. Nicky Romero 7 196
Spinoff Congratulations 2 Sydän Paikallaan Finnish Johanna Kurkela 7 77

Awards and NominationsEdit

Ceremony Award Nominated Status
NSC General Awards 2012 Best Flag Dal Riata Nominated
Best Nation Name Dal Riata Nominated

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