Along with Bedingfieldia, Eastern Escotia is the only place in the NSC World where Escotians, people originating from the now defunct country of Escotia, are living.


Map of Eastern Escotia

Eastern Escotia is one of the 6 states of Spila.

Geography Edit

Eastern Escotia lays on the western side of Spila. It borders the countries of Boobland and Eurora on the west, Saskjaowie on the south, and the Spilian states of Bedingfieldia and Continentia on the east.

The capital is Escoville, situated on the border between Spila and Escotia, on the coast of Escotian bay. Other important cities are:

  • Eiliat:
    • situated on the coast of Miembro lake, on the Euroran border. It's the touristic metropolis of Eastern Escotia and the whole Spila. It's also a big trading center, because of its location.
  • Niele:
    • situated on the coast of Escotian bay, on the right side of the river Ergos' delta. A famous nautic center.

Main mountains are Hejg and Eesk. The highest point of the state is Sorent (2522 m) on the Hejg Mountain.

Eastern Escotia's biggest river is Ergos, that originates in the Hejg Mountain, and flows through Gammah valley, making a delta on when it flows into The Ocean. During the rainy days, it floods a big percent of the valley.

Other important rivers are Eiliatska (originates in Hejg Mt. and flows into Miembro lake, on one part it's also a natural border between Spila and Saskjaowie), Serduchka river (Eiliatska's main tributary), Gamanska (Ergos's left tributary), Hejgen and Fergen (Ergos's right tributaries)

Gammah valley makes about 65% of Eastern Escotia's territory. River Ergos flows through it. It is divided in 2 parts: the eastern (on the right side of Ergos) and the western (on Ergos's left side).

History Edit

Eastern Escotia was part of Escotia for a long time. That is shown in the high number of Escotian language speaking population of the state. After the Former Escotian Republic Of Bedingfieldia decided not to stay under the Escotian control anymore and the UN put it under Spilian control, the Government of Spila decided to slowly take over more of the Escotian territory, because holding the river Ergos, the city of Niele, Hejg Mountains with the highest peak etc. in their country and having some coast on the Miembro lake was seen as a great opportunity for Spila to strengthen as a country and become a tourist attraction and also to make foreign relations with other countries better. But, Escotians didn't make it easy for Spila. Thousands of men lost their lives in the war, about 80% of them coming from Continentia.

In the end, Eastern Escotia was given to Spila. Now, it has a very high level of autonomy.

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