United Kingdom of Effiland
Member station Effilands Televison (EfT)
Appearances 3 WLSC

46 NSC (8-53)

Debut NSC 8 (SF 14th/DNQ)

WLSC 201 (15th/21)

Best result 3rd: NSC 29

3rd: WLSC 202

Worst result 17th: WLSC 203

24th: NSC 33

Effiland, officially the United Kingdom of Effiland, is a country whose territory is located in TBD. Effiland's capital and biggest city is Sillhammer where 2/5th of the population lives.

Etymology Edit

The name Effiland means "Land of the Effi people" in English. The oldest usage of Effiland is recorded on an almost seven hundred years old peace agreement between feudal states, as the Mid-Effinsk word Yfðýrlandt (literally where Yfðý [ye-ph-dh-ueh] people or Yfðýr [ye-ph-dh-uerh] live). Scholars are generally of the same mind that the word Yfðýr directly derives from the Proto-Effinsk word Æħþýr [Ai-ch-th-ue-rr], which is believed to be the name given by the local people to the mythological fairies that ruled the world before humans arrived.

Since the literacy has commonized in the later periods, it is known that the land was called Efdhiland, as in where Efdhi people or Efdhir live. Though the link between the words Yfðýr and Efdhir is missing, it's easy to see the both words are related phonetically. Effiland as a place name is proven to be a direct descendant of Efdhiland, grammatically and phonetically; the transition is well documented in an abundance of writings of rulers and public.

History Edit

Prehistoric and middle ages Edit

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Prehistoric artifacts used by Yfðýr, from Natjónalmuseum Effiland's permanent Yfðýr exhibit.

There is little information about Yfðýr, the ancient people of Effiland. Due to harsh nature conditions and several big scale natural disasters, most of the artifact from earlier ages have not survived. A selection of artifiacts can be seen in the country's National Museum (Natjónalmuseum Effiland, Sillhammer) exhibit. These artifacts indicate that Yfðýr generally were hunter-gatherers, mainly lived scarcely throughout the land in the mountainous areas where geographical elements (such as caves, rich forests) allowed them to be protected from wildlife and natural conditions.

As a long period of warmer climate had emerged into the middle ages and food sources had expended, population also grew. Yfðýr left the mountainous areas to live in wide pastures and for the first time in their history, they started living in larger groups and a tribal society formed. More people living in close proximity required a system of laws and protection which resulted in a feudal-like societal structure in order to be protected from other groups or tribes. When the warm period ended, Yfðýr quickly realised that it was not possible to survive without a more structured, centralized system of administration. Feudal middle age society thus had been a short lived period, leaving its place to the newly founded Kingdom of Efdhiland.

Kingdom of Effiland Edit

Kingdom of Efdhiland (or later Kingdom of Effiland) was one of the earliest nations that successfully unificated. King Efan I the Founder was Effiland's first monarch who reigned the country for long and prosperous years. In the later periods it became a tradition to take an oath in the coronation ceremonies to "solemnly swear an alligience to the principles set by Efan the Founder, to serve and lead the country with honour, dignity , responsibility, and prosperity that Motherland deserves." Though there has been a number of incompetent monarchs, this traditional vow is widely believed to be the cornerstone of monarchy and guiding principle that resulted in peaceful and bountiful administration for centuries.

Flag of the Kingdom of Effiland and the Republic of Effiland

Ironically, following the coronation of King Efan XI the Defiler, Kingdom of Effiland's last monarch, a general election was held and the leader of Radical Republican Party Rimi Rimileysson was elected the prime minister. In just a few days after the election. King Efan XI forsake the traditional oath and granted Rimileysson the first exceptional right of many that was eventually going to drag the country into a situation of misery.

Effinsk Republikken Edit

While NSC 53 was taking place, political tension rised as it never did before and right before the 53th edition was over, Rimileysson and his devout state police took complete control of the country, announcing a new republic. After the revolution of rebuplicans in Kingdom of Effiland, a new state has been founded and the monarchy was abolished. The first act of the new government was withdrawing Effiland from NSC.

For some time the republicans run the country smoothly with overwhelming support from the public, which is nowadays widely considered as a plot fed by totalitarian government to shut down opposition.

Great Distress Period Edit

When the news about corrupt politicians who drained country's treasury finally surfaced, people of Effiland rioted and the government fell. The shock was immense and for the following years, no government was able to lead to country more than a year. People fed up with politicians and their incompetence. A long dark period followed the last cabinet, no party or president was able to lead the country. As a result, anarchy erupted and widened throughout the country. People with similar politic mindsets grouped together and created their own microstates, most of which weren't able to last long.

A handful of microstates were strong enough to live and lead their people, provide them with their needs and create a new society. However, the opportunist and power hungry tyrant leaders of these states started wars with each other in order to have control of the land, which in the end was the reason why microstates couldn't survive for long.

Protektorienen Morlands Edit

Some radical fanatics militarized themselves and annointed themselves as the protectors of the country, Protektorienen Morlands (ProMo for short, literal translation: Motherland's Protectors). ProMo was convinced the unrest in the country was caused by foreign elements that was trying to assimilate Effiland. ProMo did not meddle with interior politics and civil unrest; instead they stationed along Effiland's borders, letting no one in or out. It was ProMo's belief that the anarchy and the turbulance would end by guarding the borders and stopping foreign effect. This appeared to be a false notion and ProMo disintegrated in time. However the presence of ProMo made more harm than good, preventing any help from any other nations to reach to people of Effiland.

United Kingdom of Effiland Edit

Towards the end of Great Distress Period, Effiland was infected with famine and disease, largely caused by human intervention, and a small portion of natural disasters, making a greater effect due to lack of governance.Casualties grew by the day.

Some bright minded history nerd from the ancient capital of Effiland had an idea to track down the long gone dynasty members. The idea of reviving monarchy gained some momentum amongst people, who were desperately looking for a leader to end Effiland's misery and bring back the glorious days. Royal family members were found and once again, Effiland's capital had a king on the throne.

The new Capital State became the first part of new Effiland where law and order flourished again. With the news spreading that there's a king on the throne, some states organized around this idea and supported Capital State. Antimonarchists tried to suffocate the monarchist wildfire, but people of Effiland wanted one thing and one thing only: to unite again.


Royal Palace in Sillhammer, from the back garden view

After some politically tricky years (some states falled down with antimonarchist effort, some states grew stronger and attempted to take the monarchy down) Effiland united became a whole nation as United Kingdom of Effiland.

New constitution was prepared and the flag was changed. White background of the new flag represents the ever pure land of Effiland​, hence it stayed. Green lines represent the youthful, productive, great people of the country and also stayed. Red lines represents the monarchy, and the royal family's lineage and is an additon.

When the stability was achieved, one of the first acts of the monarchy was declairing Effiland's return to Natia Song Contests.

Geography Edit

Demogprahics Edit

Culture Edit


Effilands Television logo

Effilands Television Edit

Effilands Television (EfT), Effiland's Television, is Effiland's national public television broadcaster, funded by a public service tax on personal income set by the national parliament. EfT broadcasts four national TV channels (EfT1, EfT2, EfT3, and EfT Nyhetr), one international TV channel (EfT Internatjónal), and three national radio channels (EfR1, EfR2 and EFR) on digital terrestrial television, digital terrestrial radio and subscription television.

Until the republican revolution EfT was one of the biggest broadcasting stations (a total of 14) in the country. During the Effiland Republic, EfT became a propaganda device for the corrupt government and the only broadcasting corporation of the country. During the anarchy period EfT kept on broadcasting as an independent radio station under the name of Effilands Folkradio (EFR) in order to inform people of Effiland. After the reformation of monarchy, EfT continued the free thinking public broadcasting and remains the most popular broadcasting situation.

  • EfT1: Mostly broadcasts in a large spectrum of programs ranging from news, music, entertainment, drama, sports to education and arts along with commercial breaks and is the country's most popular TV channel.
  • EfT2: A TV channel dedicated to arts and culture broadcasting. Documentaries, critically acclaimed mini series and movies mostly produced in Effiland, concerts, ballet and opera, traditional and modern music from all around Natia are commonly commonly broadcasted on EfT2.
  • EfT3: Mostly broadcasts sporting events and sport related programming.
  • EfT Nyhetr: A 24 hour news channel. On weekdays financial programming is also available.
  • EfT Internatjónal: First founded as a TV channel for Effinsk diaspora living in foreign countries, EfTi also became a cultural ambassador, intorducing Effiland's culture to all over Natia. All programming on EfTi is also available with closed caption subtitles and dubbing in many of Natia's languages.
  • EfR1: Just like its TV counterpart, EfR1 broadcasts a variety of programs ranging from news, music, entertainment and sports.
  • EfR2: Public broadcaster's second radio station has a more refined cultural programming with live concerts and such. Radio plays are a long time tradtion on EfR2 and is still attracting a big number of listeners.
  • EFR: Effilands Folkradio is a widely respected radio station throughout the whole nation. Since it was the only reliable, truthful and free broadcasting element of the country during the Republic and the Great Distress Period, Folksradio was not shut down after the reformation of monarchy. Nowadays EFR has a news and educational programming and is a symbol of free thinking.

Though funded by the public (hence the state itself), EfT has a reputation of solely seeking the benefit of the people of Effiland, being a harsh critic of government and even the royal family, which explains the reason why the broadcaster is so popular between the public, due to country's recent painful history caused by corrupt politicians.

Beside its national duties, EfT is responsible for representing Effiland on international affairs such as song contests held throughout the continents.

Effiland in Natia Song Contests Edit

The nation debuted in NSC 8 and after a long run of almost 50 editions, withdrawed in NSC 54. After many years of political turbulance, Effiland returned to participate in the contests and had its debut in WLSC 201. Effiland holds the record for most number of 21th place in NSC with 9 times (2 semifinal and 7 final results). *Needs citation.

Waiting List Song Contest Edit

WLSC 201 Mabel Matiz A Canım (Oh Dear*) 14/21 47
WLSC 202 Tuğba Yurt İnceden İnceden (Oh So Subtly*) 3/18 74
WLSC 203 Rina Sawayama Cherry 17/22 48
WLSC 204 Erdem Kınay ft. Merve Özbey Helal Ettim 10/20 55
WLSC 205 AURORA Forgotten Love TBA TBA
*in English

Voting Edit

Rank Points Country Rank Points Country
1 35 Tanoiro-flag Tanoiro 1 28 Belvist zastava Belvist
2 27 Arkodre Arkodrë 2 22 Svobodnia Flag Svobodnia
3 25 Moisantialarge Moisantia 3 20 Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire
3 25 Flag-0 Solentoya 4 18 Nbs New Bander State
5 24 Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire 5 16 Utopolis flag Utopolis
6 16 Belvist zastava Belvist 6 15 Bigiciaflag Bigicia
7 15 Bigiciaflag Bigicia 7 14 Flag of Il-Bidu Il-Bidu
8 12 Utopolis flag Utopolis 8 13 7 7
9 10 Pyreica flag Pyreica 9 12 Roseland Roseland
10 9 Banan Flag Banan 10 11 Flag-0 Solentoya

Nation Song Contest Edit

Effiland participated in NSC through a consecutive 46 editions.

NSC Artist Song Plc SF Pts SF Plc F Pts F
08 Via Gra Tsvetok I Noch 14 90
09 Christine Guldbrandsen Surfing In The Air 21 38
10 Infernal Self Control 8 109 4 121
11 Moby Lift Me Up Pre-Q Pre-Q 18 73
12 Garbage The World Is Not Enough 5 133 5 113
13 Joss Stone You Had Me Pre-Q Pre-Q 23 56
14 Verka Serduchka Ya Popala Na Lubov 22 58
15 Emily Loizeau Je Suis Jalouse 19 66
16 Suitei Shojo Kagi Ga Akanai 25 37
17 R.E.M. Losing My Religion 13 95 19 71
18 Secret Garden & Brian Kennedy You Raise Me Up 5 82 16 90
19 Unique Tukor(Mirror) 11 67
20 Eylem Aman 16 52
21 Zweitfrau Intensiv 2 94 12 116
22 Keane Somewhere Only We Know 11 64 21 58
23 Placebo Song To Say Goodbye 15 46 20 74
24 Angunn Saviour 9 72 15 103
25 Girls Aloud Can't Speak French 8 76 23 73
26 Lene Marlin Unforgivable Sinner 1 109 15 100
27 Sonny J Handsfree 4 86 7 124
28 BIS Tvoi Ili Niche 23 42
29 Delta Goodrem Lost Without You 2 110 3 179
30 P!nk So What Pre-Q Pre-Q 7 151
31 Anastacia I'm Outta Love 7 78  21 87 
32 Craig David Insomnia 18 39
33 Madredeus O Pastor 9 67 24 70
34 Duffy Rain On Your Parade 11 60 24 82
35 Blue All Rise 12 65
36 Katy Perry Thinking Of You 11 70
38 Liz McClarnon Woman In Love 16 54
39 Alexander Rybak Roll With The Wind 14 62
40 Friđrik Ómar I Want To Know 7 78 13 115
41 Danny ft. Sasha Strunin Emily 21 35
42 Meg & Dia Black Wedding 6 71 9 122
43 Anastacia One Day In Your Life 10 76 21 80
44 Britt Nicole Believe 11 65
45 Zaho Je Te Promets 16 49
46 Spice Girls Spice Up Your Life 19 50
47 Vera Dear Ladies 7 83 18 80
48 Empire of The Sun We Are The People 9 79 21 77
49 Black Eyed Peas Meet Me Halfway 11 54
50 The Cranberries The Promise 8 74 21 68
51 Dikta Breaking The Waves 10 72 21 74
52 Hera Björk My Heart 9 70 21 82
53 Richard Durand Always The Sun 18 22.5

NSC Spin-Offs Edit

Spin Off Artist Song Place Points Notes
NSC NF 1 Slobodan Trkulja i Balkanopolis Nebo 15 51
NSC NF 2 Trine Rein Here For The Show * *
Congratulations 1 Infernal Self Control 23 47 NSC 10 entry
NSC NF 3 Midnight Band Tilsammans * *
Anthems Effish Anthem Effish Anthem 18 46
NSC NF 4 Sepp Can You Hear Me? * *
NSC ESC 6 Jenny Sense Tu * *
Congratulations 2 Garbage The World Is Not Enough * * NSC 12 entry
Oldies 1: 60s Frankie Valli Can't Take My Eyes Off You * *
NSC NF 7 Nanne Grönvall Jag Maste Kyssa Dig 11 78
Oldies 2: 70s Queen We Will Rock You 6 81
Movie Themes 2 N. Kidman & E. McGregor Come What May 25 26
NSC ESC 8 D'NASH I Love You Mi Vida 5 86 ESC 2007 Spain
Languages 2 Tinka Milinović Ljubav ze Ljubav 20 45
Nation Idol 2 * * 26 30
Congratulations 3 Delta Goodrem Lost Without You * * NSC 29 entry
Oldies 3: 80s Modern Talking Cheri Cheri Lady 35 17
NSC ESC 9 * * 19 50
Congratulations 4 Friđrik Ómar I Want to Know 23 112 NSC 40 entry
AATW - Hungary Adrien Szekeres Olyan, Mint Te 15 52
Halloween 1 US5 Just Because Of You 18 23
NSC NF 9 EMD Baby Goodbye 10 64
Languages 3 Charlotte Perelli Jag Är Tillbaks 23 21
NSC ESC 10 Kuunkuiskaajat Työlki Ellää 24 31
Congratulations 5 Empire of The Sun We Are The People 28 69 NSC 48 entry
Effifestivalen 3 See the official thread See the official thread 13 44

*Disappeared with the old forum

Effifestivalen Edit


Effifestivalen for NSC 36 logo

Effifestivalen was the national final of Effiland, hosted to decide Effiland's entry for NSC, in which most of the songs were chosen by the public broadcaster and other nations could also participate with a song. After Effiland's withdrawal due to the political disturbance in the country, the format was adopted as a spin off for NSC, where each participant send songs for other participants to vote from.

According to the statement released by EfT, Effifestivalen or any other form of a national final is not in the plans for the foreseeable future.


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