Enigma is an electronic musical project founded by Michael Cretu, David Fairstein and Frank Peterson in 1990.
Sanda & Michael

Michael Cretu, the founder of Enigma and his wife Sandra who often provides vocals

They participated in a Nation Song Contest 22 for Astique with song Return To Innocence. Song was chosen internally by Astique's special jury. It went through semis as rest jury qualifier and ended on surprisingly great 8th place in finals. Return To Innocence is only Astiquian song that became famous and popular within Pot3 countries such as Yaponesia and Reym-L-Dneurb. Later on their instrumental version of T.N.T. For The Brain was chosen to participate in instrumental spin off where it ended 6th.

Enigma is the most popular performer in Astique. They said they might only participate in spin offs for Astique, but never again in actual Nation Song Contest. Return To Innocence is record holder for a song that stayed in Astiquian charts for the longest time. Their songs Push The Limits, Beyond The Invisible, TNT For The Brain and Gravity Of Love all reached #1 on Astiquian charts.

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