Escotia was a nation situated on the northern continent.

Geography Edit

Escotia is a coastal country facing the north. It faces The Ocean and Escotian Bay, as well as a coast on Lake Miembro to the South East. It shares a border with Spila to the East, Arjastan to the South and Gabriel to the West.

Escotia is divided into 5 administrative regions:

Kerkavion The smallest region is also the most populated, as it contains the capital Kerkavo which is home to 38,000 Escotians.

Pakariituu The northeastern "panhandle" is the coldest region of the country, with avergae May temperatures of 8 degrees celsius. The capital is one of the two other cities, Turtuteth. The population of this region is 2,500.

Okon The northwestern region contains the only other city, Vrethuren. Tourism is the main industry in Okon, due to the sea views and more importantly Haltjokell. The population, despite being so close to the glacier, is 3,000.

Maksjoven-Tirellepetedt The central and largest region of Escotia, it is taken up 2/3 by uninhabitble ice which never melts all year, although it has been noted that the glacier has shrunk very slightly due to global warming. Population <500.

Gruttne Gruttne is a very peaceful region, which locals say is thanks to the soothing qualities of the large lake. There are a few very small glaciers in Gruttne, and they tend to be favoured by tourists who prefer climbing to looking, as Haltjokell is just too dangerous. Population 1,000

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