Member station EUTV
Appearances 15
Debut NSC 25
Best result 9th: NSC 34
Worst result 27th SF: NSC 26

About EurekaEdit

  • Capital city: Elmekia
  • Official languages: English, German, Polish
  • Currency: euro
  • Government: socialist republic

Flag of EurekaEdit

The flag of Eureka is blue-white-blue with a five arm star in the center, comemorating the events of May 2008 when a socialist dictator Bark Obehma took over the country and started introducing radical reforms in order to bring fame and money to the glorious nation of Eureka.

Eureka in NSCEdit

Edition Artist Song Place Points
NSC25 Brathanki W kinie w Lublinie YT 25th (SF:10th) 70
NSC26 Riskay Smell yo dick YT SF:27th 33
NSC27 Kate Nash Foundations YT SF:15th 50
NSC28 Becca Turn to stone YT SF:22nd 48
NSC29 Doda Nie daj się YT SF:11th 62
NSC30 Lenka The show YT 11th (SF:8th) 123
NSC31 Tuana Prayer YT SF:23rd 14
NSC32 - - - -
NSC33 Julie Zenatti Princesse YT 22nd (SF:3rd) 81
NSC34 Nexx Paralyzed YT 9th (SF:3rd) 137
NSC35 200 Sachen Sekt zum Frühstück YT SF:17th 50
NSC36 Video Weź nie pierdol YT SF:19th 55
NSC37 Ramona Rey Skarb YT 11th (SF: REJU) 102
NSC38 Smolik ft. Novika T. Time YT SF:22nd 26
NSC39 Marina and the Diamonds Obsessions YT SF:16th 61
NSC40 Zakopower Galop YT 12th (SF:3rd) 129
NSC41 Robert M & Dirty Rush Free YT SF:15th 57


Edition Artist Song Place Points
NF7 Dezire Good girl YT 21st 37
Worst Song Ivan Mladek Jozin z bazin YT 12th 64
Movie Edyta Górniak Kolorowy wiatr YT 26th 23
AATW: Spain Efecto Mariposa Que mas da YT 24th 36
Instrumental Andrey Danilko Kukla YT 20th 47
ESC Ich Troje Keine Grenzen [1] 14th 52
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