Nation Song Contest

Eurora took part in the NSC for the first time in the first edition. Unfortunately, they did not vote, meaning that 75% of their score was reduced, leaving them in second last place. Eurora did not participate in NSC2 - NSC13.

NSC 14 saw the return of Eurora, They entered the Micorostate contest at the last minute. Since then Eurora have been quite sucessful, by having a number of top 10 positions, including a win in NSC 17, with Cascada 'what hurts the most'

About Eurora[]

Map of Eurora in NSC

  • Capital: New Mosta
  • Head of State: King Dima & Queen Verka
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Official Languages: English & Maltese
  • Population: 320,763 (est.)


Eurora bordered only one country, Vedatistan. The Microstate lied on the Ocean. Eurora's Capital City was New Mosta which had a population of 8,000. Eurora's overall est. Population was 32,000. Eurora's largest cities were: New Mosta (Capital), Hauton, Baseville, Vedativille and Callea*.

  • *Callea was known as the 'Summer City' its beachside position was a popular holiday destination.


The original spelling had been Euroura, although due to typing errors at the begining of NSC1, the country was known as Eurora.

Eurora in NSC[]

Logo of Eurora in NSC

Edition Draw Artist Song Score Place
01 Final 9 Katrina Leskanich Make Us One 8 8th
14 MPQ 11 Carola Stanna Eller Gå 101 7th
15 MPQ 7 Shannon Noll Now I Run 80 8th
16 MPQ 4 Lisa Scott-Lee Electric 125 3rd
16 Semi Final 1 Lisa Scott-Lee Electric 106 14th
16 Final 5 Lisa Scott-Lee Electric 122 6th
17 MPQ 8 Cascada What Hurts The Most 136 1st
17 Semi Final 11 Cascada What Hurts The Most 179 1st
17 Final 3 Cascada What Hurts The Most 154 1st
18 Final 1 Ricki-Lee Can't Touch It 121 6th
19 Final 22 Emma Bunton Crickets Sing For Ana-Maria 82 12th
20 Semi Final 19 Adam Rickett I Breathe Again 18 49

Nationality of Representatives

  • American - 1
  • Swedish - 1
  • Australian - 2
  • British - 3
  • German - 1


Edition Draw Artist Song Score Place
AATW Norway 5 Tine Vile Ha Deg 51 16th
Christmas Spin-Off 11 Georgina Verbaan This Christmas 24 26th
NSC1 Revote 9 Katrina Leskanich Make Us One 71 7th
ESC 6 15 Edsilia Rombley Hemel En Aarde 45 16th
AATW Montenegro 8 Sergej Ćetković Pogledi u tami 82 5th
Mystery 21 Mr Blobby Mr Blobby 34 23rd
National Final 1 Ainhoa Viva La Noche 85 5th
AATW Italy 22 Elisa Heaven out of Hell 36 23rd
National Final 13 Beauty Queens Zavet 105 2nd