Eurora took part in the NSC for the first time in the first edition. Unfortunately, they did not vote, meaning that 75% of their score was reduced, leaving them in second last place. Eurora did not participate in NSC2 - NSC13.

NSC 14 saw the return of Eurora, They entered the Micorostate contest at the last minute. Since then Eurora have been quite sucessful, by having a number of top 10 positions, including a win in NSC 17, with Cascada 'what hurts the most'

About EuroraEdit

New Eurora map

Map of Eurora in NSC

  • Capital: New Mosta
  • Head of State: King Dima & Queen Verka
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Official Languages: English & Maltese
  • Population: 320,763 (est.)


Eurora bordered only one country, Vedatistan. The Microstate lied on the Ocean. Eurora's Capital City was New Mosta which had a population of 8,000. Eurora's overall est. Population was 32,000. Eurora's largest cities were: New Mosta (Capital), Hauton, Baseville, Vedativille and Callea*.

  • *Callea was known as the 'Summer City' its beachside position was a popular holiday destination.


The original spelling had been Euroura, although due to typing errors at the begining of NSC1, the country was known as Eurora.

Eurora in NSCEdit


Logo of Eurora in NSC

Edition Draw Artist Song Score Place
01 Final 9 Katrina Leskanich Make Us One 8 8th
14 MPQ 11 Carola Stanna Eller Gå 101 7th
15 MPQ 7 Shannon Noll Now I Run 80 8th
16 MPQ 4 Lisa Scott-Lee Electric 125 3rd
16 Semi Final 1 Lisa Scott-Lee Electric 106 14th
16 Final 5 Lisa Scott-Lee Electric 122 6th
17 MPQ 8 Cascada What Hurts The Most 136 1st
17 Semi Final 11 Cascada What Hurts The Most 179 1st
17 Final 3 Cascada What Hurts The Most 154 1st
18 Final 1 Ricki-Lee Can't Touch It 121 6th
19 Final 22 Emma Bunton Crickets Sing For Ana-Maria 82 12th
20 Semi Final 19 Adam Rickett I Breathe Again 18 49

Nationality of Representatives

  • American - 1
  • Swedish - 1
  • Australian - 2
  • British - 3
  • German - 1


Edition Draw Artist Song Score Place
AATW Norway 5 Tine Vile Ha Deg 51 16th
Christmas Spin-Off 11 Georgina Verbaan This Christmas 24 26th
NSC1 Revote 9 Katrina Leskanich Make Us One 71 7th
ESC 6 15 Edsilia Rombley Hemel En Aarde 45 16th
AATW Montenegro 8 Sergej Ćetković Pogledi u tami 82 5th
Mystery 21 Mr Blobby Mr Blobby 34 23rd
National Final 1 Ainhoa Viva La Noche 85 5th
AATW Italy 22 Elisa Heaven out of Hell 36 23rd
National Final 13 Beauty Queens Zavet 105 2nd
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