Feeder are a Crnovac-based 3-man rock group from Arjastan who participated in the national finals for both NSC 10 and [[NSC 11]. Feeder first gained popularity in Arjastan in early 1999 when "Day In Day Out" reached the Arjan Top 40 Singles chart, followed by songs such as "Insomnia" and "Lost And Found", culminating in a #5 peak for "Buck Rogers" in 2001. Since then, only one further single was released, "Just The Way I'm Feeling", which also reached #5, before disappearing off the scene almost completely until the national finals for NSC 10 started up, where the band entered the song "Just A Day", which won the first round of the Arjan finals, before ending 4th in the second round, despite winning the Arjan televote both times. Feeder then entered the Arjan national finals for NSC 11 with "Come Back Around", which finished 2nd. Feeder do however plan to return to the contest soon and don't want to rest until they make it all the way to the international finals!

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