Member station GT2
Appearances 6 (+ 7 spinoffs)
Debut NSC 41
Best result 14th (NSC 44)
Worst result 23rd (semi) (NSC 42)

Gematria has been founded by survivors of the Atlantide island that was submerged in the sea. The three main founders of the nation are Miss Paulette Tressemmé, Mister Stitch Canon and Miss Evian Graham. Miss Tressemmé, who was French, made French one of the main language of the country. Mister Canon gzve his name to the capital. And finally, Miss Graham brought the water by making the "Irish dance of rain".

Gematria's name comes from the gem mine that brings to the country most of its profit. The flag reprensents the three founders: The violet is for Miss Tressemmé that was always wearing an ugly violet hat. The yellow is for Mister Stitch who was blond and finally, the musical note symbolises the Irish dance of Miss Graham.


Criquette Rockwell

Criquette Rockwell, Queen of Gematria

  • Capital: Stitch (Pop. 77 777)
  • Queen: Criquette Rockwell
  • Population: 7 777 777
  • Official languages: French (30%), Gematrian (30%), Hawaiian (20%)
  • Other languages: English (10%), Estonian (10%)
  • Regions:
Mushroom Kingdom
  • Currency: Ruppee
  • National Day: May 32nd
  • Motto: No Day But Today
  • Broadcaster: Gematria Television 2 (GT2)
  • National arena: Rouxia Colosseum (7 777 seats)

Gematria in the Nation Song ContestEdit

Nation Song Contest EditionsEdit

Edition Artist Song YT Video Final Points Semi Points
NSC 41 Pierre Lapointe Deux par deux rassemblés Link 18 90 16 * 50
NSC 42 The Servant Cells Link XX XX 23 20
NSC 43 Lama Ne Mama Link XX  XX  12 58
NSC 44 Paramore Ignorance Link 14 107 4 81
NSC 45 Coeur de Pirate Comme des Enfants Link 18 101 5 95
NSC 46 Cinema Bizarre feat Space Cowboy I Came 2 Party Link XX XX 15 45

  • * = Rest jury qualifier

Spinoff EditionsEdit

Edition Artist Song YT Video Place Points
Doubles Skillet Rebirthing Link 05 63
Oldies 4: 90's Britney Spears Baby One More Time Link 10 69
Spinoff Congratulations Skillet Rebirthing Link 08 144
AATW 8: Hungary The Moog You Raised a Vampire Link 08 65
Halloween Spinoff The Nightmare Before Christmas This is Halloween Link 02 99
Mystery 2 Kerli Love is Dead Link 01 116
ESC NF 09 Vanilla Ninja Club Kung Fu Link ?? ??

Pictures from GematriaEdit

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