Nation Song Contest
Griffiniskaja Laul
Host GTV
Winner 8
Entries 7 each edition
Dates WLSC 196 - today
NSC Spinoffs
GE        01

Griffiniskaja Laul (English: Griffin Song') is a semi-regular music competition organised by Griffin public broadcaster Griffiniskaja Televisioon (GTV). It also determines the country's representative for the Waiting List Song Contest and Nation Song Contest. The contest was introduced for the 196 edition of the WLSC. Since its introduction, the competition has been one of the most popular television programmes in Griffin Empire; it is also broadcast on radio and the Internet. Latest contest averaged 20 million viewers, and almost 90% share.

Greyson Chance, first winner of Griffiniskaja Laul performing the winning number at the first edition.

Principalities of the Griffin Empire


Following a successful return to the WLSC , the Griffin public broadcaster decided to introduce a competition modeled on the WLSC and NSC that would be the Griffin national music festival in which the historical regions of the empire would compete for the title of best song. Griffiniskaja Laul was conceived from the beginning as a festival that would not be held every year, but every few years with its winner representing the Griffin Empire in the current competition, be it WLSC or NSC. This rule was deviated from only once – the second edition was held a year after the first. The festival is extremely successful in terms of music charts, viewership and media coverage. The contestants are usually well-known Griffin music stars, and the songs are signed by some of the best songwriters and composers.


Many songs and performers have entered the festival since its debut. Although songwriters living outside Griffin Empire were at first not allowed to enter, fifth contest marked the first time foreign songwriters could submit entries, provided that they collaborated with a Griffin songwriter. To be eligible, songwriters and performers must be at least sixteen years of age on the day of the first WLSC or NSC.

Miriam Bryant, winner of the fourth edition of the festival during her live performance in Rizsit.

The festival is limited to a single night hosted in a large music or sport venue in a bigger city in a hosting principality. The number of contestants is always seven – one for each principality that is competing. The contest is a music event of popular local acts, but the competition has played host to performers from outside the country as well. Its participants have also represented and unsuccessfully tried to represent, other countries at WLSC and NSC. The impact that the competition makes on the Griffin charts means an artist need not win the competition to earn significant domestic record sales. The songs from the first festival made up the entire top seven on the domestic singles chart.

Selection of contestants[]

Griffiniskaja Television headquarters at 7, Henrik ot Griffin Wölca, Lozjuudisit District, Kralingslæting

Each regional branch of GTV is in charge of selecting the representatives and songs for their principalities. Internal selection is the most common, but some mini-festivals and regional finals are not foreign phenomena such as the VSF in Pzyerüyölkeä. Usually about 3000 songs are entered in the first phase of the competition, usually the most in Foreõsvdetrre and the least in Färzas - Lætingmaa.

The deadline for submission is in September and songs can be in any language. In the pre-selection, song length is limited to three minutes and twenty seconds; songs must be shortened to three minutes if they reach the final seven and qualifying songs may also be remixed.


Bitniska Tere Square in Pyetsit, host city of the third edition.

Preparations for the next contest typically begin following the conclusion of the previous contest. At the winner's press conference following the grand final. A host city is chosen by both the national and local broadcasters, which should meet certain criteria set out in the contest's rules. The host venue must be able to accommodate at least 10,000 spectators, space for a press centre for 1,500 journalists, and location must also have hotel accommodation available for at least 2,000 delegates, journalists and spectators. For these reasons, the contest is typically, but not always, held in a major city. In recent years, bid processes have become a common occurrence, with a number of cities in the host principality applying to host the contest.

Kralarrenaa in Kralingslæting hosted the debut edition of the festival.

The contest has been hosted in a variety of different venues, from medium music arenas to large stadiums. The largest venue to host the contest is NÝTarrenaa in Nýtdainsk, which held the second contest and was attended by almost 50,000 spectators. The smallest contest host is Arkea-arrenaa in Pyetsit, Eestimadnait with a capacity of 11,300 seats.

The hotel and press facilities in the vicinity of the venue, and in particular the accommodation costs for the visiting delegations, journalists and fans, are typically an important consideration when choosing a host city. The contest organizers and city officials have in the past had to negotiate rates with hotel owners ahead of the contest.

The contest is considered to be a huge honour and a unique opportunity for promoting the host principality and the country as a whole as a tourist destination.

Edition Principality City Venue Capacity Contest
01 FOR.png Foreõsvdetrre Kralingslæting Kralarrenaa 40,000 WLSC 196
02 LÄÄ.png Sletterimaa Nýtdainsk NÝTarrenaa 50,186 WLSC 197
03 EEM.png Eestimadnait Pyetsit Arkea-arrenaa 11,300 WLSC 204
04 EEM.png Eestimadnait Rizsit Oceoonistadijümi 25,181 WLSC 208
05 FOR.png Foreõsvdetrre Kralingslæting Graisplaits Arrenaa 20,300 WLSC 211
06 EEM.png Eestimadnait Filipolis Bözjoaarr Stadijümi 35,322 WLSC 215
07 EEM.png Eestimadnait Pyetsit Noueveliska Stadijümi Pyetsitiskaja 42,115 WLSC 220
08 PZY.png Pzyerüyölkeä Göldtsit Stadijümi Göldtsitiskaja 33,150 WLSC 225
09 MAR.png Meremaa WLSC TBD


Photos of the first four hosts from their official photoshoots.

The contest is invariably compered by one or more presenters, who welcome viewers to the show and guide the voting process. It is common for the main host to be from the host country, but it is not a rule. Notable examples are Foreosvdetrish musicians Jüri Pootsmann and Alfie Templeman that hosted the contests in Sletterimaa and Eestimadnait respectively. During the Griffiniskaja Laul year, it is common for Griffin broadcaster to reveal the hosts with a glamorous photoshoots that are posted on social media as well throughout the major cities in the countries as part of the contest promotion. Other performances are usually featured alongside the competing songs, with one or more interval acts typically performing following the last competing song and before the presentation of the votes.

Edition Contest Principality Presenter(s) Notes
01 WLSC 196 FOR.png Foreõsvdetrre Jüri Pootsmann
02 WLSC 197 LÄÄ.png Sletterimaa Jüri Pootsmann
03 WLSC 204 EEM.png Eestimadnait Benjamin Ingrosso
Alfie Templeman
04 WLSC 208 EEM.png Eestimadnait Iiris Vesik Winner of the previous edition
05 WLSC 211 FOR.png Foreõsvdetrre Alfie Templeman
06 WLSC 215 EEM.png Eestimadnait Ester Expósito
07 WLSC 220 EEM.png Eestimadnait Charlie Puth
08 WLSC 225 PZY.png Pzyerüyölkeä Skylar Astin
09 WLSC TBD MAR.png Meremaa

The festival itself was quite covered by foreign media, especially media related to WLSC and NSC. There are a large number of countries that broadcast the competition live, and being a member of the jury is a large part of those who are expected to do the same. All neighboring countries broadcast the competition live on their state broadcasters, and "brotherly countries" - Solentoya, Effiland and Utopolis, which are themselves frequent members of the jury, do the same. Solentoya holds the membership record of five consecutive releases.


Scoreboard at the third edition during the Solentoyan points reveal.

Each principality gives 1,5,8 10 and 12 points to their favorite songs via televoting. It is forbidden to vote to ones own principality.

A number og Natian countries are invited to join the show as international juries. These nations gave points in the same way as Griffin televoting.

International juries' votes determine Griffin representative at the Waiting List Song Contest or Nation Song Contest. Both juries and televoting combined determine the overall winner of the festival.

It is common to hear different dialects of the Griffin language as well as its older versions during the presentation of the votes.

International broadcast[]

The festival itself is very well covered by foreign media, especially media related to WLSC and NSC. There are a large number of countries that broadcast the competition live, and being a member of the jury is a huge honour. All neighboring countries, as well as members of the jury, broadcast the competition live on their state broadcasters. Solentoya holds the jury membership record of five consecutive editions.

Countries that broadcasted the show
Edition Jury countries Non jury countries
01 ÜÜCS flag.png ÜÜCS, Final flag of Neajlovia.png Neajlovia, Flag-0.png Solentoya, Arkodre.png Arkodrë,
Tanoiro-flag.png Tanoiro, Bigiciaflag.png Bigicia, Tybaltevan flag.png Tybalteva
02 Utopolis flag.png Utopolis, Flag-0.png Solentoya, Svobodnia Flag.png Svobodnia, Pyreica flag.png Pyreica,
Arkodre.png Arkodrë, Moisantialarge.png Moisantia, Tanoiro-flag.png Tanoiro
Final flag of Neajlovia.png Neajlovia, Tybaltevan flag.png Tybalteva,
ÜÜCS flag.png ÜÜCS
03 Flag-0.png Solentoya, 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82.png Effiland, Utopolis flag.png Utopolis, Svobodnia Flag.png Svobodnia,
Bigiciaflag.png Bigicia, Tanoiro-flag.png Tanoiro, Pyreica flag.png Pyreica, Moisantialarge.png Moisantia,
Emsfront.jpg Emsfrynt
Arkodre.png Arkodrë, Tybaltevan flag.png Tybalteva
04 Svobodnia Flag.png Svobodnia, 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82.png Effiland, Flag of Il-Bidu.png Il-Bidu,
Nbs.png New Bander State, Tamausia&Deltanor flag.png Tamausia & Deltannor,
Flag-0.png Solentoya, Szimbaya small flag.png Szimbaya Kingdom, Moisantialarge.png Moisantia,
Endórë flag.jpg Endórë, 78888AB6-E077-45AC-B2FC-22BE5677509B.jpeg Kadis, Bigiciaflag.png Bigicia
Emsfront.jpg Emsfrynt, Pyreica flag.png Pyreica,
Tanoiro-flag.png Tanoiro, Tybaltevan flag.png Tybalteva,
Utopolis flag.png Utopolis
05 Flag-0.png Solentoya, Balearica Island flag.jpg Balearica Island, Kamandeflag.jpg Kamandé,
Utopolis flag.png Utopolis, Tanoiro-flag.png Tanoiro, Tybaltevan flag.png Tybalteva, 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82.png Effiland,
Arkodre.png Arkodrë, 78888AB6-E077-45AC-B2FC-22BE5677509B.jpeg Kadis, Oosingimaed flag.jpg Öösingimaed, Pyreica flag.png Pyreica
Tir An Abhainn.png Tír an Abhainn, Trollheimrblackred225.pngTrollheimr,
Tuziflag.png Tuzi, Ugalyflag.PNG Ugaly,
V6kxdw.jpg Ujedinjeni Gvozd, ÜÜCS flag.png ÜÜCS
06 Joseyeon-s-flag.png Joseyeon, Ugalyflag.PNG Ugaly, Svobodnia Flag.png Svobodnia, 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82.png Effiland,
Endórë flag.jpg Endórë, Bagrovor flag.jpg Bagrovor, Tanoiro-flag.png Tanoiro, Biflovatia.jpg Biflovatia,
Moisantialarge.png Moisantia, Oosingimaed flag.jpg Öösingimäed, Emsfront.jpg Emsfrynt, Tybaltevan flag.png Tybalteva
Grinc.png Gringotts, Balearica Island flag.jpg Balearica Island, Arkodre.png Arkodrë, Pyreica flag.png Pyreica,
Flag-0.png Solentoya
Tamausia&Deltanor flag.png Tamausia & Deltannor, ÜÜCS flag.png ÜÜCS,
Tuziflag.png Tuzi
07 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82.png Effiland, Bigiciaflag.png Bigicia, Flag-0.png Solentoya, Svobodnia Flag.png Svobodnia,
Bagrovor flag.jpg Bagrovor, Ugalyflag.PNG Ugaly, Joseyeon-s-flag.png Joseyeon, Moisantialarge.png Moisantia
Tybaltevan flag.png Tybalteva, Pyreica flag.png Pyreica,
Utopolis flag.png Utopolis
08 Grinc.png Gringotts, 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82.png Effiland, Rumia flag.jpg Rumia, Oosingimaed flag.jpg Öösingimäed
Bigiciaflag.png Bigicia, Svobodnia Flag.png Svobodnia, Tamausia&Deltanor flag.png Tamausia & Deltannor
Moisantialarge.png Moisantia, Flag-0.png Solentoya, Utopolis flag.png Utopolis
Tybaltevan flag.png Tybalteva, Pyreica flag.png Pyreica


There have been 5 winners up to now with the most successful one being the last one – Eestimadnaitish band O-Zone. The first winner came from Sletterimaa, and collected 100 points.

Contest Edition Principality Artist Song PTS
196 01 LÄÄ.png Sletterimaa Greyson Chance Dancing Next to Me 100
197 02 EEM.png Eestimadnait MIKA Dear Jealousy 105
204 03 EEM.png Eestimadnait IIRIS Stranger 126
208 04 FOR.png Foreõsvdetrre Miriam Bryant Nån av oss 139
211 05 EEM.png Eestimadnait O-Zone Dragostea Din Tei 144
215 06 EEM.png Eestimadnait Liis Lemsalu Halb või hea 154
220 07 PZY.png Pzyerüyölkeä Ashe & Finneas Till Forever Falls Apart 121
225 08 MAR.png Meremaa Christopher Fall So Hard 134

Principalities by number of hostings and victories[]

No Principality Editions No Principality Editions
4 EEM.png Eestimadnait 02, 03, 05, 06 4 EEM.png Eestimadnait 03, 04, 06, 07
1 FOR.png Foreõsvdetrre 04 2 FOR.png Foreõsvdetrre 01, 05
1 LÄÄ.png Sletterimaa 01 1 LÄÄ.png Sletterimaa 02
1 PZY.png Pzyerüyölkeä 07 1 PZY.png Pzyerüyölkeä 08
1 MAR.png Meremaa 08 1 MAR.png Meremaa 09

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