Nation Song Contest
Member station 10px‎
Appearances 128
Debut NSC 55
Best result 1st (NSC 57), (NSC 96), (NSC 129), (NSC 132), (NSC 148), (NSC 165), (NSC 167)
Worst result 26th (semi) (NSC 107)


Hypjø, (formerly known as Ölanda av Söykolidsak and Serenate & Clair prior) is an island located in the continent of Highwind. Current status of Hypjø can be seen below:

Motto: Fil asm ojyx i e iinspira wei. 

Official language: Hypjøriiserekla (formerly known as Sereclarish) is widely spoken on the island, however, there is no limitation regarding languages one may prefer to use in any professional setting. 


11,407 Hypjør (Hypjø residers of human origin)

9,302 Seelhioeneks (sky elephant-cats from other eternities)

1,125 Humans and humanoids of other descent (most Natians)

There is in no way a hierarchy present on the island. Everyone is treated equally, despite not having human/Hypjør origins. 

Currency: The nation uses magical gems called Hypjøkker that work with ethereal will power in economic transactions. Money in itself does not exist in the nation.

National Code: .hyp

Demonym: Hypjør

Ethnonym: Hypjør (s, p)

The nation is not governed by humans, Natians or Hypjør. Instead it is ruled by Vavo (soul of wind and water). In Hypjø, Hypjør co-exist with Seelhioeneks that were summoned from higher eternities, as well as humans/humanoids from Natia who chose to relocate in Hypjø. Hypjø does not have an army nor promote violence. However, Seelhio magic protects the nation when necessary.  



Birth and the First Stefani Era ~1

Ancestors of Serenate & Clair, also known as Little Monsters, a life form which existed long before recorded history in an outer space for an unknown period of time, were not fertilized on earth. Having lived on G.O.A.T., located somewhere in the depths of space, Little Monsters were a race which seeked happiness and light.

Little Monsters crowned their Mother Monster, Stefani who is said to have given birth to the race, the queen after she had reincernated. The Manifesto of Mother Monster*, the manifesto which highlights the birth of the race, is regarded as the oldest remaining piece of authentic Sereclarish literature.

It is suggested that Stefani and the other monsters were immortal and had unique gifts that allowed them to exist in a higher dimension with omni-consciousness. They are to said to have landed on Highwind after a series of fatal events, including evil spirits and exposure to heavy-negativity, which led everything to demolish and thus the life they knew was no longer.

After G.O.A.T. had been destroyed, Little Monsters' traces were removed. Today, there is so little known about the particular period. However, it is thought that with the help of hope, fantasy and pure energy, monsters managed to reincarnate on earth's soil as human beings, and the country of Serenate & Clair was founded by those who stayed true to themselves the most, on an island filled with goats.

*The Manifesto of Mother Monster

On G.O.A.T, a Government Owned Alien Territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place. But the birth was not finite; it was infinite. As the wombs numbered, and the mitosis of the future began, it

Little Monsters

was perce

The birth of Sereclarish race.

ived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal; it is eternal. And thus began the beginning of the new race: a race within the race of humanity, a race which bears no prejudice, no judgment, but boundless freedom. But on that same day, as the eternal mother hovered in the multiverse, another more terrifying birth took place: the birth of evil. And as she herself split into two, rotating in agony between two ultimate forces, the pendulum of choice began its dance. It seems easy, you imagine, to gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good. But she wondered, “How can I protect something so perfect without evil?

Second Stefani Era 1 - 46

The second era started with the foundation of Serenate & Clair in Highwind, in the year 1. Along with the Little Monsters arriving in Natia, Stefani was also in charge of the country's mental growth. They were said to be living happily and equally with pure joy in this new, peaceful place they called home.

As a result, the nation did not need to form a governmental structure you would usually expect to see in a normal country. After the enigma Little Monsters had to experiment in order to restart their beings on Natia, tons of people showed interest in an emerging phase of flowing with who they truly are and accepting their truth. Consequently, the wholeness of Little Monsters' aura transformed into Sereclarity, leading the lucky ones to the journey they had to take in order to find how to keep expressing their unique persona-aspects with a boundless vision.

Even though most of them managed to be true to themselves, Stefani herself failed, and as the time passed, started to disappear. Around the year 38 her light became blurry and dim. In the year 46, as it was foreseen in The Manifesto of Mother Monster, she finally passed away, losing her spirit and true self in an explosion of her own. With the help of Highwind's strong winds, her remains are still said to be flying around the island of Serenate & Clair.

Supreme Progressive Era 46 - 59

Supreme Progessive Era (SPE, in short) is the third Sereclarish era, which started at the end of the year 46. After the removal of Stefani in the prior era, it is expressed that most of the people living on the island feel purified with their brighter shining lights forever present. It is highly perceived that the cycle nation's future holds is ever-growing and endless, regardless of all the happenings.

Öra (60 - 72)

Ö was the fourth phase of the nation. Öra happened out of self-reflection leading to discovery of this new lavish life approach called Ölanda. In the year 60, Ö was declared following the Bye Oonluh Bye Revolution. Despite bringing inner peace and giving people the time to uncover what was draining them mentally, bodily and spiritually, their collective will to become better and lighter failed. Due to not adapting to their surroundings, they left seeking for new directions. As a result, they discovered vavo.

Vavo & Seelhioeneks: Hypjør (72 - Ongoing)

Hypjø came true, representing the very true form of the existing individuals residing on the island. Being fed Vavo, (water's pure soul fermented with wind) humans became Hypjør, which given them their best self potential in addition to supplying extraordinary skills originted from the soil of the island.

With their dream-magic, residents summoned Seelhioeneks (giant sky elephant-cats) to the island permanently, resulting in acceptance of Ø as their true lorde and savior. Living with a population of magical entities, Hypjør mastered Kõivian spells, harvested forgotten gems and crystals from outer space, and studied self acceptance in order to break through the barriers their bodies constrained to them. After having made peace with their heritage and re-invented themselves, Hypjør people put themselves first and meditate with magic in their truest habitat.



a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z



1 - Euthxa

2 - Sandr

3 - Treap

4 - Fucea

5 - Femixa

6 - Zektau

7 - Sepaxe

8 - Otokha

9 - Neen

10 - Tepaeux

11 - Euthaxa ihp tepaeux

12 - Sandr ihp tepaeux

13 - Treap ihp tepaex

14 - Fucea ihp tepaex

15 - Femixa ihp tepaex

16 - Zektau ihp tepaex

17 - Spaxe ihp tepaex

18 - Otokha ihp tepaex

19 - Neen ihp tepaex

20 - Sandreakia

30 - Treapia

40 - Fuceaia

50 - Femixia

60 - Zektaia

70 - Sepaxia

80 - Otokhaia

90 - Neenia

100 - Tepaeuxepm

2011 - Sandriphrotuque ut euthaxa ihp tepaex

Subjects Pronouns:

I -> Ephx

You -> Pua

He/She/It -> Uhm

We -> Ephxia

You/They -> Puaixia

verb to be: Aasue

Ephx aasue ...

Pua aasue ...

Uhm aasue ...

Aphxia aasue...

Puaixia aasue...

Simple Sentences:

Hello - Heijja!

How are you? - Hups aasue pua?

Thank you! - Dtacnk puaixia honig!

What are you doing? - Whea aasue pua mukki?

Goodbye - Beijja!

What time is it? - Whea thii aasue uhm?

Good morning - Nikkea mouussa!

Good afternoon - Nikkea appemous!

Good evening - Nikkea evussa!

Good night - Nikkea niptak!

Sereclarish was used in the hosting of 96th edition of Nation Song Contest.


There are loads of broadcasting agencies in the nation and as people love to express themselves it is highly popular in Ölanda to create broadcasting agencies for free.

The ones listed below are/were the ones once broadcasted the Nation Song Contest.


Logo of SCTV

SCTV was once the official broadcaster of Serenate & Clair, but it is no longer in lead. SCTV offers various television and radio channels with high quality.  


Has been the member station and been broadcasting the Nation Song Contest since year 43.

ljyu.b, mini-logo.


to be edited.

Remarkable cities


is located in the East Coast of Serenate & Clair. Skvalleria was once the capital city of the nation and kept being the capital city until the nation decided to get rid of the idea of having a capital city. As they did not have a government, they thought having a priviliged city would not be something they would enjoy. So, for the sake of their happiness they got rid of this label Skvalleria had. Skvalleria still remains to be the most populated city of the nation and hosts the Crystal Palace which once used to be where Stefani resided before her spirit disappeared. The city hosted 58th edition of Nation Song Contest and 12th edition of NSC Eurovision Song Contest.


is one of the bigger cities of Serenate & Clair, located in North-West. The city hosted 96th edition of Nation Song Contest and the 13th edition of NSC Eurovision Song Contest.


is located in South. The city is known mostly for hosting the 97th edition of Nation Song Contest.


is the human rights center of the nation. Humaiienie is located in the middle of the island. The city hosted the 84th edition of Nation Song Contest.


is located in South-East. Benjul was the hosting spot for 11th edition of ESC National Finals. 


is located in west. The city hosted the 12th edition of ESC National Finals.


was the first point first Sereclarish people discovered. It is located in the middle of the island.

in National Song Contest

Logo of NSC 57 (SCL and KOS hosted)

Serenate & Clair made its aplication to become a main roster nation on 26th June 2010 and the nation debuted on 15th July 2010, in NSC 55 of Calypso.

Serenate & Clair's NSC journey is consisted of 3 main eras. They are


shaped based on the nation's expressional expansion.

Serenate & Clair changed its name into Ölanda officially during NSC 114, then to Hypjø right after NSC 126.

Most of the time, the nation chooses its entries internally, yet, there have been occassions in which the nation held a national final.

The nation won the contest 2 times, once in 57 and then in 96, however, the island hosted more than once.


ESC 2012.


NSC 84.

nsc 96, official logo.

esc 13, offy logo.

Serenate & Clair hosted NSC 58 in Skvalleria with Kostanovia. The theme was "The Ghost of Venus".

Serenate & Clair also hosted NSC NF'11 in Baidromeaux, Benjul. The theme was "Colourful Splash." The 3rd bigger hosting of Serenate & Clair was Eurovision Song Contest 12. The theme was "Laou Oiei Koleureiius ihp Sereclarity" which translates as "Feel The Colours of Sereclarity" in Sereclarish. Serenate & Clair got the chance of hosting NSC alone for the very first time in NSC 84. The theme was "Basic Human Rights - Neon Lights Shine Above Us". The contest was held in Oiei Eupharenux, Humaiienie. NSC NF 12 was also hosted by the nation, in Ci. The Circle being the theme, the artwork was rather dark and different from the older examples from the nation. Both NSC 96 & ESC 13 were also hosted in the city of Xjinasky, Serenate & Clair at the same time. The theme was revealed to be "reflection." for the NSC edition and the theme of ESC 13 spin-off was "*euphoria*". After the victory of Serenate & Clair in its own hosting, in NSC 96, nation got the hosting rights again and Serenate & Clair hosted the hosting of the following edition of nation song contest, NSC 97 in Oxifoyml, with the theme of "Did I Ever Know Where I Came From?".

The nation received the hosting priviliges once again -after 2 years of absence- in NSC 128, thanks to Lukeland and their co-hosting offer. Hypjø hosted the edition with Lukeland in Crimea as a consequence. Their motto was "Get Ready To Crimdr", which was inspired by the original app the developers of both countries collabrated to invent.

Edition Arena City Host Nation Slogan Contest Winner
NSC 58 Crystalleriarenux, Rescana Arena Skvalleria, Rescana Serenate & Clair, Kostanovia "The Ghost of Venus" Viola Per Sempre
MSNNSC Hooukiillaaoe Erilliot Serenate & Clair "Feel the Power of Hey Heys and Hoy Hoys" Serenate & Clair
NSC NF 11 Speitrainatie Benjul Serenate & Clair "Colourful Splash" Dalisska
MSNNSC Poeotix Louppei Evaiea Serenate & Clair "No H8" Rumia
MSN Effifestivalen Koi-Koi-Arenux Saranghaeyoaeux Serenate & Clair "We All Are Beautiful" Calypso
NSC ESC 12 Crystalleriarenux Skvalleria Serenate & Clair "Laou Oiei Koleureiius ihp Sereclarity" Serenate & Clair
NSC 84 Oiei Eupharenux Humaiienie Serenate & Clair "Basic Human Rights - Neon Lights Shine Above Us" Bacchus
NSC NF 12 Ci Waepusptupau-nui Serenate & Clair "The Circle" Perryfornia
NSC ESC 13 Xyaplojy Xjinasky Serenate & Clair "*euphoria*" Sunland
NSC 96 Jilasky-Arenux Xjinasky Serenate & Clair "reflection." Serenate & Clair
NSC 97 Oyj Oxifoyml Serenate & Clair "Did I Ever Know Where I Came From?" Zombira
NSC 128 Artek Horfoz, Crimea Hypjø, Lukeland "Get Ready To Crimdr" Pebbleland
NSC 130 in Blue Blue Island Hypjø, "I" Balearica Island
NSC 133 Bella Wagner's backyard Hypreich Hypjø, "sophisticated. artificial. yes." Calypso
NSC 149 ??? ??? Hypjø, "sularimi akitiyorsun"

NSC NF 11 Banner

Official 1-year-celebration Banner.

NSC 55

Serenate & Clair made its first appaerance in NSC 55 and they chose KARA for their debut.. KARA was #9 in the semi. They received 68 points, and ended 9th in the Semi Final 2. In final, they collected 108 points and they tied 14th with Calypso and


Gozitania. Ametan was the first ever nation to award Serenate & Clair a top point.

NSC 56

NSC Flag of SCL

Serenate & Clair chose Girls' Generation for NSC 56. Girls' Generation represented Serenate & Clair with their song called Run Devil Run. It was 6th in the Semi odds, It didnt qualify. Their draw was #3 and they collected only 55 points which made them end in 13th place. They were 7th in the REJU, though. NSC 56 is marked as the first DNQ of the nation.

NSC 57

Serenate & Clair used Music Bank to choose its song. It was a special edition formed for various BoA songs. Hurricane Venus won, Valenti was 2nd. Hurricane Venus came 6th in the Semi Final 2 odds, it finished Semi Final 2 in 4th place and it not only received 106 points but also won the REJU with 90 points. In Final, Hurricane Venus was 4th in the odds, however BoA won the final with 190 points. BoA received 12 points from Kostanovia, Horehronieland, Bokia, Zaprya, Greenfroze, Calypso, Nukuland and Waiting List, 10 points from Adamsburg, and 8 points from Pigeon Island, Bacchus, 10 Regions of Mobius and Lukeland. NSC 57 was marked to be the first Sereclarish victory.

Music Bank (National Final) table of Serenate & Clair

BoA (Winner of NSC 57)

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 BoA "Game" 5 26
02 BoA "Hurricane Venus" 1 115
03 BoA "Valenti" 2 100
04 BoA "I Did It For Love" 4 77
05 BoA "Energetic" 3 86

NSC 58

Serenate & Clair sent Carrie Underwood for NSC 58. She was directly in the final because of BoA's victory. She was drawn #5 in the final. In Odds, Cowboy Casanova was 5th but, they proved to be wrong after Carrie's result. She collected 103 points in the final, and did not take receive any 12. She took 4 10 points from Bacchus, Alinta, Nukuland and the Waiting List. Serenate & Clair and Kamandé finished on 17th place. This edition has been marked to be the first one in which Serenate & Clair did not receive any top point.

Carrie Underwood (NSC 58)

NSC 59

Serenate & Clair made another edition of Music Bank. Super Junior's Bonamana won and It represented Serenate & Clair in NSC 59!

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Super Junior "Sorry Sorry" 3 105
02 Super Junior "It's You" 2 120
03 Super Junior "Bonamana" 1 200

Super Junior was in semifinal 1, #11. Serenate & Clair passed to the final. They were 1st in

Results of MB2

semifinal odds with 2 points. Super Junior qualified, as expected. They later turned out to have finished 4th in the Semi with 86 points. They were #19 at final show. Bonamana was 3rd in the final odds, receiving 7 points. Bonamana had 151 points in final and it was 3rd in final, just like how odds predicted. It was the second best result of Serenate & Clair at the time being. Vedatistan awarded 12 points to Bonamana, but his votes were late, with his votes Serenate & Clair could have ended 2nd. Starogardia, Nukuland and Waiting List gave 12 to Bonamana. Adamsburg and Yaponesia gave 10 points while Zombira, Genext, Kamandé and Scorpionia gave 8.

NSC 60

Serenate & Clair made its Music Bank 3. It was the first edition that Serenate & Clair had different performers in its Music Bank. It was sort of a special occasion. Alesha, Cassie Davis, Katy Perry, Orianthi and Trynamite were in. Katy

Final votes of MB3

Perry won with the highest points ever received in a Music Bank at the time being. It received 285 points and was rewarded the highest amount by almost everyone.

Votes of MB3

Katy's Firework was prequalified already, because of Super Junior's success. She was drawn #10 and she came 2nd in the odds with 7 points. Katy finished in 3rd. She collected 153 points. Cleoreantia, Flora, Comino and the Waiting List awarded 12 to her. Nukuland, Genext and Orangualia, were the ones to award it a 10, and Angelic and Waloria gave it 8 points. It is a highlight in Sereclarish history, because Serenate & Clair managed to finish in TOP 6 two times in a row, for the first time.

NSC 61

Serenate & Clair chose Co-Ed to represent them. There was a special Music Bank 4 for Co-Ed that had 3 songs. Too Late won, beating Firework's previous record.

Table of Music Bank 4:

Table of MusicBank'4

In the NSC final Co-Ed was drawn #21. They were 6th in the odds. Too Late received 102 points. Horehronielan

MusicBank'4 Final votes

d and Nukuland awarded 12 points, while Cleoreantia liked to award their 10 points to Co-Ed, along with WL's 8. Co-Ed finished in 13th, receiving the lowest Sereclarish final amount ever, at that time.

NSC 62

NSC 62 SCL.png

Sereclarish National TV, a professional jury and Sereclarish people (using televote) chose Christina Aguilera to represent Serenate & Clair. She composed 3 songs and jury chose one of them. It was Not Myselft Tonight. She was in the Semi Final 1, #9. She was 1st in the semifinal odds with 6 points. She qualified to the final, coming 3rd in sthe emi with 88 points. In the final, she was drawn #20. Even though she came 9th in the odds, she was 11th in the end, with 118 points.

NSC 63


MB 5 / Banner

Serenate & Clair made its Music Bank 5. Sereclarish people chose T-ara to be in Music Bank. It was the first themed Music Bank edition. The theme was "Under The Same Bikini". In the end, "Bo Peep Bo Peep" won with 420 points.

Final Scoreboards / Music Bank 5

Music Bank 5 - Voting Table

In NSC, It took part in Semi 2, #19. T-ara received 69 points and came 11th. They needed one more point to qualify. On the other hand, the finished in 5th in REJU. This was the second Sereclarish DNQ.

NSC 64

In the 10th anniversary of the nation, Serenate & Clair chose Britney Spears internally.

Final Signature Pic Of NSC64

Sereclarish people voted for "Hold It Against Me" to participate them in NSC 64. Britney was in Semi 1 and she was drawn #21. She came 9th in the odds. She finished in 5th, with 101 points and two 12s. She qualified to the final and got drawn #21 again. She was revealed to be 9th in the odds, and the end, however, she came 13th with 119 points. She was awarded two 12 points and a 10 points.

NSC 65

SCL 65

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Lady Gaga was chosen to represent the nation with her Born This Way which once used to be the anthem of the nation because it was believed to display a big part of Little Monster's philosophy. Lady Gaga was drawn #24 in the SEMI 2. Born This Way was 7th in the Odds of Semi 2. It qualified through REJU. Born This Way was 2nd there with 98 points. She was #5 in in the final. She came 10th in the odds. In the end, she received 140 points and finished 8th.

NSC 66


Serenate & Clair's NSC 66 entry was chosen by Lady Gaga. She represented the nation in NSC 65, and then personally invited Ke$ha to represent Serenate & Clair the next edition. Her idea worked and Ke$h accepted, composed a song an submitted it to the contest. "Blow" which repesented Serenate & Clair in the Semi 2, performed on the draw of #18 in. She chose her draw herself because she was one of the WILDCARDs that edition. She came 3rd in the odds with the rate of 1.25. She later, finished in 8th place with 84 points. she qualified to FINAL. She was drawn #28. She came 5th in the odds with the rate 14,8. However, her odds result did not really come true. She finished 22nd in the results, being Serenate & Clair one of the worst final results at that time. Lyapunovia & QuiénDQ gave 12 to her in final.

NSC 67

Official banner of Music Bank - Congratulations

Serenate & Clair made a special event to choose its representer artist for NSC 67. A special edition of Music Bank, which was named Music Bank - Congratulations was arranged. There were all the old representive artists of Serenate &

Final votes of MBC

Clair included. Sereclarish people voted in this event, and they chose the one, to represent them. Every region voted, and finally Lady Gaga won. It was pretty expected, because Lady Gaga was really in demand in the nation, at that time. After being selected, she arranged a tour which was called The Monster Ball Tour. She visited some of the nations and had mini concerts there.


She took part in the first semi final. She was drawn #10. She was predicted 7th in the odds with 1.54 points. After the semifinal voting, she finished in 11th place with 67


points. Judas failed to qualify by only 3 points. She was 4th in the REJU with 88 points.

NSC 68

4minute Mirror Mirror 14052011084538.jpg

Sereclarish TV offered 4Minute to represent Serenate & Clair in NSC 68. They accepted. Then, they prepared 5 songs. And, Mirror Mirror won the public voting, and got the chance of representing Serenate & Clair in NSC. 4Minute was drawn 9th in its semi. They were 1st accordin to the odds with 1.15 rate, however they finished 8th with 74 points. That meant, yhey qualified to the final, obviously. They performed 10th on stage in the final. They later finished 25th with the worst final result of Serenate & Clair at that time. They collected 66 points without getting any 12s, which is one of the lowest scores Serenate & Clair has ever received.

NSC 69


In the 15th anniversary of Serenate & Clai, Kelly Rowland was chosen internally to represent Serenate & Clair. Then, she composed 3 songs, and 1 of them was chosen by a public televoting. "What A Feeling" won the elimination and was entitled to be the song the represent the nation. She performed in the SF-1, and she was drawn #19 there. Kelly Rowland came 4th in the odds with the rate of 1,36 - 74%. And, she qualified to the Big Final with the help of the REJU votes. She performed #18 in the final. She was revealed to be 18th according to the odds with 44% rate. She finished 17th in final at the end, with 102 points. Serenate & Clair got Blondania's and Perryfornia's 12 points.

NSC 70

Official NSC 70 Banner.

It's 16th NSC for Serenate & Clair. And, It's been exactly 1 year since they

Official 1st Year banner.

debuted. So, they wanted to send something special. That's why, they chose Lady Gaga to represent them in Mooseland. Lady Gaga accepted to Serenate & Clair with her latest song "The Edge Of Glory". She was drawn #7 in the first semi. She came 1st in the odds with the rate of 1,07 odds. However, unlike what was expected, she finished 3rd with total of 97 points. However, she managed to win the reju voting with one of the highest scores Serenate & Clair has ever received in a semi, 121. She performed #5 in the final. She came 2nd in the final odds, with 1.9 rate. She came 4th in the final and got 153 points with two douzes.

NSC 71

Logo of MB'6 themed "Sereclarish Tea Party"

After a very long time, Serenate & Clair arrenged a Music Bank 6 edition again.

thumb|200px|rightIt was the 6th edition of Music Bank, which was themed "Sereclarish Tea Party". There were different artists. The edition was held in the city of Saranghayeaoux. NSC countries and Sereclarish Jury + Public televoting + Lady Gaga determined the winner. Kyarypamyupamyu came first and had the chance of representing Serenate & Clair in NSC 71 / Dalisska.

Last scoreboard of MB'6.

Official Banner.

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" 7 53
02 The Saturdays "Notorious" 4 140
03 Miley Cyrus "Who Owns My Heart" 2 148
04 Pearl "Like A Video Game" 5 121
05 Jedward "Bad Behaviour" 7 53
06 Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" 3 147
07 Jessie J "Price Tag" 6 92
08 Kyarypamyupamyu "PONPONPON" 1 149

Kyarypamyupamyu who represents Serenate & Clair in NSC 71 was not in Semi-final. Because The Queen of Serenate & Clair - Lady Gaga brought 4th place and a PQ spot in final to Sereclarish people. So, Kyary directly joins to final with her son PONPONPON and draws #27 out ot 28 spots. She was 7th on odds. She came 12th and got 122 points with 5 12 points.

NSC 72

NSC 72 banner.

The nation chose Nicola Roberts to represent Serenate & Clair in Tir an Abhainn. She accepted the offer and had a song named Lucky Day. She was allocated to perform in SF1 and she was drawn #11. She came 6th in the SF odds with the rate of 1.44. She finished in 1st place in the actual semi for the first time in Sereclarish history. So that was the first Sereclarish semi victory. She qualified to the final and performed #25. She received only 1 12, but that did not stop her from coming in top 3. Lucky Day received first 2nd place of Serenate & Clair and received a very high amount of points record points, even though being predicted 4th by the odds.

NSC 73

Sereclarish Lady Gaga entries.

NSC 73 - SCL Banner.

With the amazing success of Nicola, Serenate & Clair was directly in the final as a prequalified nation. Serenate & Clair sent Lady Gaga once again as it was planned loads of editions ago. Lady Gaga represented the nation in this amazing edition with her song called "Yoü and I" and was prequalified, obviously. She hersef said “I wrote this song, out of the deepest most pure, happiest place in my heart. And I don't want nothing from you; I don't want you to buy it; I don't want you to pay me anything to listen to it; I'm not even gonna put it on iTunes. I wrote this song because I wanted to write a great record. And I wanted you to hear it, just because I love you, and I know that all you care about is music and freedom.” About its special music video, she says “I've talked about some of it before with all of you, but I've had some really intense experiences when I was younger. Some of which I have shared with all of you and some of which I haven't. And the ice cream truck is meant to be a representation of the destruction of my youth at a very young time in my life. So while I'm walking down this road to find love, the memories of the destruction of my youth get in the way. That's how I wanted to open the video, because I think it sets up the rest of the story. It allows you to imagine that you, yourself, are not just one person, you are so many. And that person inside of you has so many stories and memories and things to draw from and they all affect your journey profusely. So I'm battered quite brutally at the beginning of the video, and by the end I'm not battered, but I'm a bit strange. So it's not meant to be an answer, the video. It's meant to be a profuse number of questions.” She came 26th with 66 points, which is the worst results Serenate & Clair has ever received. She got 12 points from Orangualia and Perryfornia. She was predicted 22nd by the odds.

NSC 74

Official NSC 74 banner.

The 20th anniversary of Serenate & Clair in NSC. Rihanna got chosen by Sereclarish people. She accepted to take part and Calvin Harris wanted to produce the song. Later he produced a special song for the occasion named "We Found Love" which failed to qualify in the first semi final.

Official banner.

NSC 75

Rebecca & Fiona got chosen to represent Serenate & Clair internally. They represented Serenate & Clair with their song "Turn It Down" in SF2. They were drawn first in the SF2, so they opened the show and it was the first time that Serenate & Clair opened a show in NSC. Rebecca & Fiona managed to make it to the final and was drawn another early draw, #3, they got a total of 170 points(receiving points from loads of countries) and it is one of the highest points Serenate & Clair has ever received. They also managed to be predicted so low in both of the semi and final odds.

  • 12 Waloria, Zoidiac
  • 10 New Acadia, Sunland, Calypso, Perryfornia
  • 8 Orangualia, Arjastan, Zaprya, Angelic, QuiénDQ
  • 7 10 ROM
  • 6 Kostanovia, Bacchus
  • 5 Cydoni-Gibberia, Mooseland, Pigeon Island, Greenfroze
  • 4 Scorpionia, Balearica Island
  • 3 Rumia, Eterland, Berceniland
  • 2 Blondania, Horehronieland, Viola Per Sempre
  • 1 Dal Riata, Zombira, Cleoreantia

NSC 76

Official banner.

Serenate & Clair was represented by Lady Gaga again. It was the 5th time she represented Serenate & Clair. She represented the nation with the song "Marry The Night" and it was in the final directly because of the success of Rebecca & Fiona. She was drawn 24 in the Final and managed to come 10th (tying with Tir An Abhainn) out of 28 entries. She got 134 points in total.

NSC 77

Official 77 banner.

Serenate & Clair chose Jessie J internally. She represented Serena

Promo picture.

te & Clair with her song "Domino" in the edition hosted by Doire. She was drawn 21 in the SF1. She was 6th in the SF odds with the rate of 1.68 . She made it to the final with the help of the REJU. She came 11th in SF and 2nd in REJU, apparently. In the final, she was 14th in odds with 40. She got total of 109 points without getting any 12s which made her to get 15th place.

NSC 78

Serenate & Clair sent the magnificant adorable lovely lady Kyarypamyupamyu who represented the nation back in NSC 71 and came 12th in final. This time, she represented Serenate & Clair with such a unique and a special song. She came 14th in semi final with 55 total points even though she was 2nd in the odds of semi the semifinal 1. In REJU, she came 9th with just the same amount she got in SF, 55 points. She could not qualify at the end.

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NSC 79

Music Bank 7 - Official Logo

79th edition of NSC was also the 25th anniversary for the nation of Serenate & Clair. The nation decided to arrange a special national final. It was the 7th and the last time the Music Bank was used to determine the nation's entry in the contest. In 7th edition, Effifestivalen theme was used and loads of different nations were invited to enter their songs to the national final. At the end 70 songs were entered. The songs were listened by the special jurors and the lucky 12 were chosen to make it to the first round of the national final. The entires were entered by following nations: Llama Republic, Doire, Rumia, Perryfornia, Pigeon Island, Viola Per Sempre, Illumia, Paperland, Eterland, Bacchus, Denmark of Peace, Zaprya, Sunland, Brughtentwerp, Horehronieland, Reym-L-Dneurb. And the full entry list can be found here.

Last scoreboard of MB7.

Full voting table.

The ones listed below were in the first round and only 6 of them managed to qualify to the Super Final of Music Bank 7.


M. N. Artist Song Place Points
01 Pixie Lott "Kiss The Stars" 12th 33
02 KARA "Step" 1st 82
03 Kelly Clarkson "Stronger" 4th 77
04 Birdy "Skinny Love" 1st 82
05 OH MY! "Kicking And Screamig" 11th 38
06 Agnes Obel "Riverside" 7th 62
07 Nicki Minaj feat. David Guetta "Turn Me On" 1st 82
08 Delilah "Love You So" 8th 57
09 The Astroids Galaxy Tour "Heart Attack" 10th 50
10 Jessie and the Toy Boys "Let's Get Naughty" 9th 54
11 Anna Abreu "Stereo" 6th 63
12 Florence + the Machine "Shake It Out" 5th 74

thumb|right|172px 15 nation voted in the first round and 6 of the 12 chosen songs qualified to SUPER FINAL.

M. N. Artist Song Place Points
02 KARA "Step" 1st 51
03 Kelly Clarkson "Stronger" 5th 30
04 Birdy "Skinny Love" 3rd 48
07 Nicki Minaj feat. David Guetta "Turn Me On" 1st 51
11 Anna Abreu "Stereo" 6th 23
12 Florence + the Machine "Shake It Out" 4th 44

19 different nation voted in the Super Final of Music Bank 7. There was a tie between 2 songs at the end, that's why Sereclarish JURY decided to choose the winner on its own. Decision was made and KARA who represented Serenate & Clair back in NSC 55 was chosen. Later, the reason why they were chosen was announced and apparently the jury wanted to choose them because KARA was the first ever artist to represent Serenate & Clair in its first appearance in the contest. And it was told that they were believed to fit the theme of the whole 25th anniversary very well. Girls were in the first semi final. They drew 16, they were 7th in semi-final odds with 1.45 rate. They drew 25 in final, and came 2nd-fave-to-win in odds with the rate of 15. They ended up finishing in 15th with 112 total points. They were 13th in their semi with 66 totaly points which means they had managed to qualify due to the reju votes.

NSC 80

Official NSC 80 banner.

Lady Gaga represented her homeland in the 26th edition of Serenate & Clair in 10 Regions of Mobius once again with the amazing song of Paparazzi. She drew #20 in SF1, she was 15th in odds but she managed to qualify by REJU. In final and she drew 9, she came 12th on odds with the rate of 38 or sth. She managed to finish 15th with 112 points. She got 12 points from 2 countries in total.

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NSC 81

Kerli represented Serenate & Clair in Movalong with her song "Zero Gravity" in NSC 81. She got #25 in SF1. She was 1st on odds with 1.05 -the lowest odds a Sereclarish entry has ever got- she managed to qualify from 3rd place to Final and for the first time a Sereclarish entry got the draw of #1. So, Kerli had the honour of opening the final show. She got 199 points in total from following nations:

12 - QuiénDQ, Eterland, Mooseland, Sunland, Perryfornia, Xhanostania, WL 10 - Llama Republic, Calypso, Zombira 8 - Orangualia 7 - Berceniland, Vedatistan 6 - Balearica Island, Zaprya 5 - Prasia & Xanadu, Scorpionia, Carpatina, Pigeon Island, Horehronieland 4 - Dal Riata, Zoidiac, Bacchus 3 - Cydoni-Gibberia, 10ROM, VPS, Kostanovia 2 - Comino

NSC 82

Sereclarish banner for 82.

Jessie J was chosen the represent Serenate & Clair once again after repesenting the nation in NSC 77. She took part this time with her song "Laserlight". Jessie got a direct qualification to Final thanks to Kerli's big success in the previous edition of Nation Song Contest. Laserlight drew #9 in final.

12 - Berceniland, UEH Prasia & Xanadu, Mooseland 10 - Sunoria, Perryfornia 8 - Balearica Island, Sunland 6 - Zaprya, Orangualia 5 - Roseland, Vedatistan 3 - Kostanovia, Pigeon Island 2 - Cydoni-Gibberia, Waloria

She came 20th in odds, she finished 17th in the actual show with 104 points.

NSC 83

Queen of Hearts represented Serenate & Clair with her "Neon" in Rumia. She drew #16 in semi final 1, she managed to win her semi and she qualified to the final with total of 122 points which is also being the highest amounts of points that has ever been gotten by a Sereclarish artist in a semi. She got the draw of #8 in final. She got 181 points in total which is one of the highest amounts for Serenate & Clair in a final. 25 different nations voted for her while 6 of them gifted her their twelve points. She was placed second, and she was 12 points away from the victory.

NSC 84

This was the 30th anniversary of Serenate & Clair in NSC. After the success of Queen of Hearts, Serenate & Clair got the chane of hosting the contest due to Paperland's refusal. There were two chosen themes for the hosting. One of them was inspired by Human Rights and the other one was inspired by the song of Neon. So, they were combined and used as "Human Rights / Neon Lights Shine Above Us" in the hosting city of Humaiienie, Oiei Eupharenux.

Official poster of Marina, 84.

Serenate & Clair wanted to have a very special song to celebrate their hosting and the anniversary of 30 years. So, Marina & The Diamonds was chosen internally. She represented Serenate & Clair with her song "Power & Control" in the edition with the draw of #20. Due to Neon' success, Marina was in final directly. She got points from 28 different nations and 5 of them awarded their twelves. She collected 187 points in total and finished in 3rd which is being one of the best placements for Serenate & Clair in the history.

NSC 85

In the 31st edition of Serenate & Clair, the young and talented artist Lana Del Rey was chosen internally to represent Serenate & Clair in Bacchus. She represented the nation with her song "National Anthem" directly in final, due to Marina's sucess in the previous edition. Lana had the draw of #7 and she was placed 24th with totaly of 81 points, 14 voters and 1 twelve, after a very successful couple of editions for Serenate & Clair.

NSC 86

For the 32nd edition, Serenate & Clair chose Kyla La Grange internally to represent Serenate & Clair in Doire. She represented the nation with her song "Walk Through Walls" both in semi final and final. Serenate & Clair had to take part in a semi final after a very long time again. Kyla managed to qualify, she came 7th with 77 points in her own semi and she won the rest jury voting with 100 points. She got the draw of #5 in final just like Carrie and Gaga. She was placed 6th with 129 points in total, she got no twelves but she had 25 different voters.

Official poster for 86.

10 - Sunland, Waloria, Xhanostania, Zoidiac, Perryfornia 8 - Tohru 7 - Horehronieland, Orangualia 6 - Pigeon Island, Noizeland, VPS 5 - Arjastan, 10ROM, Zaprya, UEOHPX 4 - Vedatistan 3 - Calypso 2 - Dal Riata, Zechonia, Blondania, Sunoria 1 - Carpatina, Bokia, Fervorosia, QuiénDQ

NSC 87

BURNS represented Serenate & Clair in 87th edition of NSC that was held in Anselmsmumonia. 33rd entry of Serenate & Clair was chosen by one of the former NSC participants of the nation, Marina & The Diamonds. She showed how she supports BURNS in one of her scletties -I ♡ this. Burns "Lies"- on Scletter. BURNS will directly be in final due to Kyla's success. BURNS performed #3 in the finale. Lies was expected to be the 10th favourite to the win with 30 rate. BURNS finished 14th and collected 109 points.

12 - Sunland, Orangualia / 8 - Cydoni-Gibberia, Perryfornia / 7 - Pigeon Island, Kostanovia, Blondania, Waloria / 6 - Arjastan, Prasia & Xanadu / 5 - Carpatina, Zaprya / 4 - Eterland / 3 - Llama Republic / 2 - Roseland, Xhanostania, VPS / 1 - Adamsburg, Calypso

NSC 88


Natalia Kills represented Serenate & Clair with her Controversy in Semi Final 2, #23 during NSC 88. She came 5th in semi and qualified to the final. She drew #4, she was 7th favourite to win in odds and she finished 7th with total of 137 points at the end. The votes she received can be seen below.

12 - 10ROM, Ugaly / 10 - Sunland, Orangualia, QuiénDQ / 8 - Adamsburg, Perryfornia, Horehronieland / 7 - Reym-L-Dneurb, Eterland, Yaponesia / 6 - Cydoni-Gibberia, Prasia, Berceniland / 5 - Zechonia, VPS / 3 - Illumia, New Acadia / 2 - Pigeon Island / 1 - Waloria, Zaprya

NSC 89

bfl 89

In the 35th anniversary of Serenate & Clair, Bat For Lashes was honoured to represent the nation, in Rumia, 89. Bat For Lashes took part in the edition with her song "All Your Gold" and qualified through reju, finishing 19th.

NSC 90

After representing Serenate & Clair and Zumkotzen in Doubles 3, Soso represented the nation with her song "The Girl And You". She rejuqualified and finished 9th in final with 3 top points.

NSC 91


Kerli represented the nation again especially for the 37th anniversary of the nation with a special song ,which has a very deep background, called The Lucky Ones. She won the semi and finished 12th in the actual final.

NSC 92

Serenate & Clair was represented by Sky Ferreira and her song Lost In My Bedroom in the 92th edition of Nation Song Contest. Being the 6th DNQ of the nation and the 1st DNQ of the Era II, the song ended up achieving 12th place in its semi final after a very long period of Sereclarish semi final success.

NSC 93


Vanbot represented the nation with her song Hold This Moment in Doire for the 39th anniversary of Serenate & Clair. She finished 5th in the semi and qualified to the final, ending the DNQ streak the nation was about to have. She afterwards made it to the top 10 and finished in 8th place, collecting a total of 141 points. These are the nations who voted for the entry.

12 - Sunland, Perryfornia
10 - Cydoni-Gibberia, Illumia
8 - Roseland, Waloria, Brughentwerp, Zoidiac, Denmark of Peace
7 - Pigeon Island, Moisantia, Eterland, Ugaly
6 - Zaprya, VPS
5 - Orangualia
4 - Greenfroze, Berceniland
1 - Doire, Carpatina, Zombira, QuiénDQ

In NSC 94, Xhanostania, despite awarding it nothing back in the 93rd edition, tried to enter the song to the contest. After finding out it was not eligible, however, they claimed it was a joke. It's still not clear whether their intention was real or if it indeed was Fools Week in the middle of February in Xhanostania.

The iconic song years later became the original theme and the theme song in Illumia's hosting for the 120th edition titled #holdthismoment.

NSC 94


94th edition was the 40th anniversary of the nation. Being one of the most remarkable artists of the nation, MØ was the one to celebrate the anniversary of this special occasion with her master art piece Glass. In the edition held in Rumia, she made it to the grand final and ended up achieving 17th place.

NSC 95

Florrie represented Serenate & Clair in the 95th edition, held in Paperland with her song Live A Little. She qualified to the final by not only winning the semi final but also receiving the highest total of points ever received by Serenate & Clair in a semi final. In the grand final, however she finished in 2nd and in addition to the prequalification for the next edition, she also managed to bring the hosting rights of NSC 96 to Serenate & Clair.

12 Berceniland, Perryfornia, Llama Republic
10 Rumia, Denmark of Peace, Öösingimaed
8 Sunland, Flora
7 Dal Riata, Pigeon Island, QuiénDQ, Moisantia
6 Horehronieland, Zaprya
5 Tohru, Yaponesia
4 Halito
3 Fervorosia, Doire
2 Akkaville, Aspirinia, Balearica Island, Carpatina, Calypso, Greenfroze
1 Roseland, Waloria

NSC 96

After the success of Live A Little, the hosting rights were brough back to Serenate & Clair and the nation accepted to host the edition, in addition to hosting the spin-off edition of Eurovision Song Contest 13. Florrie was given the opportunity to represent the nation once again in the edition that was held in the homeland which made her the first ever artist to be sent two times in a row by Serenate & Clair. Because of her previous success, she managed to be a prequalified entrant. She was drawn #22 in the final that was held in Xjinasky. Her being the first ever artist to be sent two times in a row by Serenate & Clair was not the only success she achieved, she also ended up winning -2nd Sereclarish win- the edition, which made her the first ever Sereclarish artist to win after participating two times, in a row, managing to PQ in both cases. 

NSC 97

Serenate & Clair has got the hosting rights for the edition again as Florrie and Shot You Down ended up winning the previous edition that was held in Serenate & Clair. This time, MØ (NSC 94) represented Serenate & Clair again, at home. MØ and her MS MR remix Pilgrim took part directly in final due to Florrie's victory. The song was awarded exactly 97 points and ended in 12th place. Only Aspirinia awarded it a twelve points.

NSC 98

Kate Boy was chosen to represent Serenate & Clair in the 98th edition of Nation Song Contest. So, the nation celebrated its 44th anniversary with Kate Boy's The Way We Are. After being prequalified for the past two editions, Serenate & Clair had to take part in the semi-finals again. The band was set to take part 3rd on the first semi final which was held in TSZMBOD, Zombira. Kate Boy failed to qualify and managed to collect 55 points. The song The Way We Are occupied the 18th place in the semi-final voting, which is the worst Sereclarish result ever. The band also gained the honour of having Serenate & Clair's 7th DNQ in its 44-year-old history.

NSC 99

In its 45th anniversary, Serenate & Clair was represented by Emika with her song "Centuries". Emika was ranked 5th in its semi final, and she ended 2nd in the rest jury vote. The song Centuries performed #25 in the final that was held in Horehronieland. Emika finished in 9th and received 129 total of points. Nations listed below were the ones voting for her.

12 - Carpatina, Perryfornia, Ugaly, HHL // 10 - Sunland, Yaponesia, RLD // 7 - DOP, Orangualia
6 - Roseland, Illumia // 5 - Eterland, Zumkotzen // 4 - Zaprya, Noizeland
3 - VPS // 2 - Adelland // 1 - Chessland, Pigeon Island

NSC 100

Serenate & Clair took part in the 100th edition with Lissie and her song "Further Away (Romance Police)". She qualified to the final and ranked 2nd in her semi-final. In final, however she finished in 12th with the same amount of points Emika finished the edition before. Aspirinia and Fervorosia awarded 12 points to her. 

NSC 101

The inspiring Kyla La Grange, once again represented Serenate & Clair with her art piece, Been Better, for the second time after representing the island back in NSC 86 with a Sereclarish classic, Walk Through Walls. She finished in 8th, in both semi-final and the rest jury. Then, she collected 111 points in the great final and finished 16th. This made her lose her NSC record. Before NSC 101, she was famous for collecting around 130 points and finishing in top 10 everytime she entered. Been Better was awarded 12 points by two different nations.

NSC 102

Serenate & Clair submitted an entry called Sergels torg for its 48th anniversary. It is marked as not only the first non-English entry the nation has submitted in its current era, is also the first Swedish song Serenate & Clair has ever entered in its NSC journey. Receiving a rather poor appreciation from the rest jury, Veronica finished in 7th and qualified to the final. Receiving 12 points from ChessLand, the song then ended 16th, just like Been Better's of Kyla La Grange in the previous edition.

NSC 103

Ida Redig's Shout was internally chosen to represent the island in the 103th edition of the contest, in Pigeon Island. Ida had to go through the semis, as the nation was not prequalified. As well as qualifying to the final with a borderline result again, for the third time, the nation also ended on the right side of the scoreboard. Shout collected 122 points, receiving 12 points from, Eterland, Sunland and Ugaly.

NSC 104


50th entry of the nation has been celebrated under the title #sclvfjyarresulting in a so called Sereclarish entry leak by the Danish television. Nevertheless, the official broadcaster, lyju.b did not take any actions against the broadcaster from Peace, Denmark of, nor deny the speculations. Later on, complex revealations were made unexpectadly, under the title of #everythingisovernow, by the official broadcasting agency of the nation, lyju.b. It was acknowledged, when the semi finals were put online, that lyju.b was hinting to their 50th entry, posting lyrics and pieces quoted from their Breathe Out.

At the end of the day, it was FAYE representing the nation, in this special occasion, with Breathe Out.

NSC History

Being currently an active nation with no missed editions, the nation's NSC journey has 5 main eras developed around their emotional progress.

5: Ø j p y h 










NSC 190 SOPHIE Whole New World/Pretend World X X X 9 SF2 18th 54
NSC 191 Elio Jackie Onassis 17 7th 158 13 SF1 4th 94

4: Skinny Legend










NSC 157 Rina Sawayama Alterlife X X X 11 SF1 11th 64
NSC 158 Ina Wroldsen Sea 21 9th 132 1 SF2 1st 98
NSC 159 Kim Petras Heart to Break X X X 25 SF1 13th 64
NSC 160 Charli XCX 5 In The Morning X X X 3 SF2 24th 34
NSC 161 SOPHIE Immateral X X X 7 SF1 15th 57
NSC 162 King Princess Upper West Side X X X 21 SF2 15th 56
NSC 163 Ava Max Sweet but Psycho 10 8th 138 22 SF1 11th 72
NSC 164 Blair St. Clair Irresistible X X X 18 SF1 23rd 35
NSC 165 Grimes We Appreciate Power (ft. Hana) 10 1st 189 19 SF2 2nd 98
NSC 166 Astrid S Emotion 17 26th 73 X X X
NSC 167 Rein Electric 3 1st 191 3 SF2 2nd 125
NSC 168 AURORA Animal 19 19th 85 X X X
NSC 169 ionnalee Some Body X X X 11 SF1 23rd 29
NSC 170 Kim Petras Do Me X X X 16 SF2 14th 48
NSC 171 Ashley O On A Roll X X X 6 SF2 18th 53
NSC 172 Charli XCX  Gone (ft. Chris) 21 10th 127 7 SF1 4th 98
NSC 173 Sigrid  Plot Twist X X X 10 SF2 19th 52
NSC 174 Grimes Violence (ft. i_o) X X X 18 SF2 15th 56
NSC 175 Hatari Klámstrákur 27 9th 130 21 SF2 4th 83
NSC 176 Caroline Polachek Ocean of Tears X X X 10 SF1  14th 62
NSC 177 Molly Sandén Det bästa kanske inte hänt an X X X 22 SF2  13th 69
NSC 178 Dua Lipa Physical 13 4th 160 10 SF1  2nd 101
NSC 179 The Pussycat Dolls React 27 13th 121 X X X
NSC 180 The Weeknd In Your Eyes X X X 6 SF2 22nd 48
NSC 181 Little Mix Break Up Song X X X 7 SF1 22nd 34
NSC 182* Lady Gaga  Rain On Me (ft. Ariana Grande) 4 5th 148 14 SF2 6th 86
NSC 183 BLACKPINK How You Like That 5 26th 88 X X X
NSC 184 Röyksopp Never Ever (ft. Susanne Sundfør) 5 2nd 166 14 SF1 3rd 94
NSC 185 Tei Shi Die 4 Ur Love 4 26th 75 X X X
NSC 186 Madonna Sorry 17 5th 132 7 SF1 5th 88
NSC 187 Hurricane Avantura 11 24th 89 X X X
NSC 188 Studio Killers Dirty Car X X X 17 SF1 13th 63
NSC 189 Sky Ferreira You're Not The One X X X 23 SF2 24th 34
  • took part as Hypjø by SCL, in order to pay homage to Serenate & Clair on the 10th (human) year anniversary of the nation. 

Era III, i












NSC 106 iamamiwhoami fountain 11 7th 139 24 S2 5th 92 9th 46
NSC 107 iamamiwhoami hunting for pearls X X X 5 S2 26th 24 18th 29
NSC 108 BANKS Brain 6 21st 83 24 S2 9th 78 10th 62
NSC 109 Say Lou Lou Everything We Touch 9 16th 99 22 S2 3rd 91 21st 36
NSC 110 Lykke Li Gunshot 29 12th 112 11 S1 9th 76 5th 54
NSC 111 Miami Horror Echoplex 13 19th 91 14 S2 9th 70 22nd 33
NSC 112 Mmm Dark Motion X X X 19 S2 12th 65 12th 48
NSC 113 iamamiwhoami tap your glass 24 18th 108 24 S2 5th 85 9th 42
NSC 114 Team Me Blind As Night 27 11th 141 26 S2 5th 89 10th 38
NSC 115 iamamiwhoami chasing kites 16 7th 153 17 S1 2nd 93 14th 27
NSC 116 Niki & The Dove Tomorrow 5 19th 107 12 S1 8th 77 11th 38
NSC 117 VV Brown The Apple X X X 25 S1 12th 60 5th 52
NSC 118 White Sea Prague 9 7th 143 17 S1 2nd 112 7th 55
NSC 119 Karin Park Look What You've Done 20 8th 124 6 S1 3rd 88 6th 59
NSC 120 Eliot Sumner Information 2 22nd 96 11 S2 10th 70 18th 25
NSC 121 Grimes REALiTi X X X 2 S2 11th 71 6th 51
NSC 122 merely scandinavia 24 14th 114 9 S2 9th 73 13th 31
NSC 123 ნინა სუბლატი I've Got an Idea X X X 6 S1 18th 46 9th 44
NSC 124 iamamiwhoami shadowshow 20 3rd 161 10 S1 1st 119 7th 43
NSC 125 Perfume Genius Grid 25 16th 114 X X X X X
NSC 126 FKA twigs Glass & Patron X X X 4 S2 14th 59 24th 16
NSC 127 Fallulah Social Club 22 5th 156 8 S1 3rd 86 22nd 21
NSC 128 Chairlift Ch-Ching 25 17th 92 X X X X X
NSC 129 Susanne Sundfør Accelerate 4 1st 226 22 SF1 1st 127 2nd 67
NSC 130 iamamiwhoami the deadlock 21 23rd 98 X X X X X
NSC 131 Jennie Abrahamson Wolf X X X 12 SF1 17th 50 18th 41
NSC 132 Purity Ring begin again 3 1st 237 17 SF2 1st 134 7th 53
NSC 133 Kerli Feral Hearts 19 13th 125 X X X X X
NSC 134 El Perro Del Mar Breadandbutter 5 11th 137 6 SF2 6th 88 2nd 62
NSC 135 Marika Hackman Ophelia 18 22nd 95 7 SF1 6th 81 13th 34
NSC 136 Bat For Lashes In God's House X X X 20 SF1


52 8th 47
NSC 137 White Sea Bloodline 20 3rd 163 20 SF2 1st 109 3rd 61
NSC 138 Soleima Wasted 4 26th 62 X X X X X
NSC 139 Kate Boy In Your Eyes 23 14th 110 19 SF1 2nd 108 17th 22
NSC 140 Allie X All The Rage 3 2nd 181 25 SF1 7th 83 12th 36
NSC 141 Austra Utopia 10 13th 125 X X X X X
NSC 142 Lykke Li I Never Learn 19 8th 139 7 SF1 5th 96 10th 47
NSC 143 iamamiwhoami play 6 18th 104 10 SF2 1st 117 23rd 12
NSC 144 BANKS Trainwreck 13 5th 155  20 SF1 3rd 87
NSC 145 ionnalee SAMARITAN 26 10th 142 X X X X X
NSC 146 Vök Waiting 20 25th 86 16 SF2 8th 86 21st 15
NSC 147 5K HD What If I X X X 19 SF1 18th 48 13th 35
NSC 148 ionnalee NOT HUMAN 13 1st 172 17 SF1 1st 122 10th 32
NSC 149 HAIM Want You Back 3 14th 113 X X X X X
NSC 150 Son Lux Dangerous 22 8th 146 10 SF2 6th 74 5th 53
NSC 151 Aly & AJ Take Me X X X 25 SF1 20th 53 17th 15
NSC 152 Fever Ray To the Moon and Back X X X 9 SF2 14th 58 19th 16
NSC 153 ionnalee GONE 7 7th 137 5 SF2 2nd 87 7th 42
NSC 154 Troye Sivan My My My! 14 11th 120 X X X X X
NSC 155 ionnalee JOY X X X 1 SF1 20th 47 4th 49
NSC 156 ionnalee TEMPLE X X X 19 SF2 15th 60 23rd 9

Era II, spiritual inspiration












NSC 83 Queen of Hearts "Neon" 8 2nd 181 16 SF1 1st 122 3rd 66
NSC 84 Marina & The Diamonds "Power & Control" 20 3rd 187 X X X X X
NSC 85 Lana Del Rey "National Anthem" 7 24th 81 X X X X X
NSC 86 Kyla La Grange "Walk Through Walls" 5 6th 129 14 SF2 7th 77 1st 100
NSC 87 BURNS "Lies" 3 14th 109 X X X X X
NSC 88 Natalia Kills "Controversy" 4 7th 137 23 SF2 5th 94 6th 66
NSC 89 Bat For Lashes "All Your Gold" 1 19th 104 24 SF1 13th 66 4th 73
NSC 90 Soso "The Girl And You" 11 9th 148 2 SF2 17th 53 2nd 73
NSC 91 Kerli "The Lucky Ones" 27 12th 118 20 SF2 1st 125 17th 11
NSC 92 Sky Ferreira "Lost In My Bedroom" X X X 15 SF1 12th 65 11th 44
NSC 93 Vanbot "Hold This Moment" 20 8th 141 2 SF2 5th 79 9th 49
NSC 94 "Glass" 17 17th 110 19 SF1 7th 79 20th 20
NSC 95 Florrie "Live A Little" 21 2nd 156 15 SF2 1st 132 4th 62
NSC 96 Florrie "Shot You Down" 22 1st 162 X X X X X
NSC 97 "Pilgrim (MS MR Remix)" 23 12th 97 X X X X X
NSC 98 Kate Boy "The Way We Are" X X X 3 SF1 18th 55 10th 34
NSC 99 Emika "Centuries" 25 9th 129 11 SF1 5th 70 2nd 75
NSC 100 Lissie "Further Away (Romance Police)" 10 12th 129 6 SF1 2nd 118 14th 38
NSC 101 Kyla La Grange "Been Better" 9 16th 111 17 SF2 8th 76 8th 43
NSC 102 Veronica Maggio "Sergels torg" 11 16th 107 16 SF2 7th 77 18th 30
NSC 103 Ida Redig "Shout" 21 18th 112 21 SF2 7th 79 13th 24
NSC 104 FAYE "Breathe Out" 16 14th 126 22 SF1 4th 80 11th 38
NSC 105 Sky Ferreira "Night Time, My Time" X X X 24 SF1 16th 33 24th 17

Era I, baptism of the eternal light












NSC 55






9 SF2



12th 39

NSC 56


"Run Devil Run"




2 SF1



7th 48

NSC 57


"Hurricane Venus"




17 SF2



1st 90

NSC 58

Carrie Underwood

"Cowboy Casanova"








NSC 59






11 SF1



2nd 88

NSC 60

Katy Perry









NSC 61


"Too Late"








NSC 62

Christina Aguilera

"Not Myself Tonight"




9 SF1




NSC 63


"Bo Peep Bo Peep"




19 SF2



5th 65

NSC 64

Britney Spears

"Hold It Against Me"




21 SF1



8th 56

NSC 65

Lady Gaga

"Born This Way"




24 SF2



2nd 98

NSC 66






18 SF2



4th 55

NSC 67

Lady Gaga





10 SF1



4th 78

NSC 68


"Mirror Mirror"




19 SF2



7th 49

NSC 69

Kelly Rowland

"What A Feeling"




19 SF1



4th 85

NSC 70

Lady Gaga

"The Edge Of Glory"




7 SF1



1st 121

NSC 71










NSC 72

Nicola Roberts

"Lucky Day"




11 SF1



1st 99

NSC 73

Lady Gaga

"Yoü And I"








NSC 74


"We Found Love"




10 SF1



5th 60

NSC 75

Rebecca & Fiona "Turn It Down" 3 4th 170 1 SF2 6th 91 2nd 74

NSC 76

Lady Gaga

"Marry The Night"








NSC 77

Jessie J





21 SF1



2nd 72

NSC 78






14 SF1



9th 55
NSC 79 카라 "Step" 25 15th 112

16 SF1

13th 66 2nd 105
NSC 80 Lady Gaga "Paparazzi" 9 15th 112

20 SF1

12th 61 2nd 93
NSC 81 Kerli "Zero Gravity" 1 3rd 199 25 SF1 3rd 84 1st 117
NSC 82 Jessie J "Laserlight" 9 17th 104 X X X X X

Colour Dictionary:

  • Gold: Won
  • Silver: Runner-Up
  • Bronze: 3rd
  • Lime Green: TOP 6 - PQ
  • Orange: TOP 10
  • Violet: Bottom 5
  • Red: Last
  • Navajo White: Reju Qualifier
  • Pink: DNQ
  • Black: Withdraw


Serenate & Clair used to keep track of its odds in ERA 1 but it's no longer recorded.

Edition Semi Rate Predicted S. Place Gotten S. Place Difference Final Rate Predicted F. Place Gotten F. Place Difference
55 52 15th 9th -6 45 15th 14th -1
56 20 6th 13th +7 X X X X
57 15 6th 4th -2 10 3rd 1st -2
58 X X X X 10 3rd 17th +14
59 2 1st 3rd +2 8 3rd 3rd 0
60 X X X X 7 2nd 3rd -1
61 X X X X 15 6th 13th +7
62 6 1st 3rd +2 24 9th 11th +2
63 1.15 1st 11th +10 X X X X
64 1.85 9th 5th -4 18 9th 13th +4
65 1.70 7th 13th +6 18 10th 8th -2
66 1.25 3rd 8th +5 14.08 5th 22nd +17
67 1.56 7th 11th +4 X X X X
68 1.15 1st 8th +7 42 13th 25th +12
69 1.36 4th 16th +12 44 18th 17th -1
70 1.07 1st 3rd +2 9.4 2nd 4th +2
71 X X X X 17 7th 12th +5
72 1.44 6th 1st -5 11.5 4th 2nd -2
73 X X X X 90 22nd 26th +4
74 1.16 2nd 15th +13 X X X X
75 1.40 4th 6th +2 7.5 1st 4th +3
76 X X X X 120 27th 10th -17
77 1.68 6th 11th +5 40 14th 15th +1
78 1.27 2nd 14th +12 X X X X
79 1.45 7th 13th +5 15 2nd 15th +13
80 2.48 15th 12th -3 34 13th 15th +2
81 1.05 1st 3rd -2 9 2nd 3rd +1


Includes finals only.

Edition Nation Entry Place Points
NSC 54 Canedonia "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga 6th 139
NSC 55 Scorpionia "Victorious" by Linda Bengtzing & Velvet 2nd 149
NSC 56 Lukeland "Magic Girl" by Orange Caramel 18th 86
NSC 57 Calypso "Alle Mine Veninder" by Sys Bjerre 10th 131
NSC 58 Viola Per Sempre "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri 1st 248
NSC 59 Prasia "Take It Off" by Ke$ha 6th 141
NSC 60 Horehronieland "V Sieti T'a Mam" by Kristina 12th 110
NSC 61 Zaprya "Poison" by Nicole Scherzinger 1st 199
NSC 62 Lukeland "We R Who We R" by Ke$ha 4th* 145*
NSC 63 Zaprya "Can't Get Over" by September 7th 140
NSC 64 Cleoreantia "S&M" by Rihanna 4th 159
NSC 65 Perryfornia "New Day" by Tamar Kaprelian 4th 160
NSC 66 Celinas "E.T." by Katy Perry 7th 139
NSC 67 Kostanovia "Lovesick" by Emily Osment 6th 151
NSC 68 Kostanovia "We Run The Night" by Havana Brown 12th 133
NSC 69 Perryfornia "Het" by Timoteij 4th 155
NSC 70 Perryfornia "I Wanna Go" by Britney Spears 20th 89
NSC 71 Orangualia "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato 6th 135
NSC 72 Adamsburg "Get Away With Murder" by Jeffree Star 6th 134
NSC 73 Viola Per Sempre "Radioactive" by Marina & the Diamonds 18th 113
NSC 74 Kostanovia "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Anges 4th 165
NSC 75 Pigeon Island "Love U More" by Sunday Girl 8th 155
NSC 76 Perryfornia "Call My Name" by Tove Styrke 3rd 177
NSC 77 Zombira "Melyse" by Iiris 4th 196
NSC 78 Perryfornia "Home" by Gabrielle Aplin 2nd 196
NSC 79 Waloria "Speak Out Now" by Oh Land 13th 113
NSC 80 Sunland "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift 16th 109
NSC 81 Sunland "Primadonna" by Marina & the Diamonds 4th 184
NSC 82 Perryfornia "Girl Gone Wild" by Madonna 18th 97
NSC 83 Perryfornia "Let It Go" by Dragonette 3rd 175
NSC 84 Alinta "Naughty Naughty" by Porcelain Black 10th 125
NSC 85 Sunland "I Love It" by Icona Pop 8th 132
NSC 86 Perryfornia "Laura" by Bat For Lashes 24th 78
NSC 87 Sunland "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding 9th 134
NSC 88 Viola Per Sempre "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Rey 12th 123
NSC 89 Perryfornia "Please Don't Say You Love Me" by Gabrielle Aplin 22th 98
NSC 90 Perryfornia "The Power of Love" by Gabrielle Aplin 2nd 182
NSC 91 Sunland "Alive" by Krewella 1st 184
NSC 92 Sunland "A Wall" by Bat For Lashes 28th 57
NSC 93 Perryfornia "Heart of Blue" by Shannon Saunders 14th 112
NSC 94 Eterland "Oh Sailor" by Mr. Little Jeans 25th 73
NSC 95 Sunland "Home" by Frida Sundemo 22nd 80
NSC 96 Prasia "Lies" by Marina & The Diamonds 14th 104
NSC 97 Sunland "Leave The World Behind" by Lune 12th 97
NSC 98 Carpatina "Closure" by Owl Eyes 6th 146
NSC 99 10 Regions of Mobius "goods" by iamamiwhoami 14th 118
NSC 100 Waloria "Renaissance Girls" by Oh Land 14th 128
NSC 101 Zumkotzen "Strong" by London Grammar 1st 206
NSC 102 Pigeon Island "Colors" by Laleh 1st 215
NSC 103 Trash Canyon "Blue Blood" by Laurel 16th 114
NSC 104 Cydoni-Gibberia "Recollection" by Keep Shelly in Athens 12th 130
NSC 105 Perryfornia "The Mark of Our Hearts" by Ginger & The Ghost 20th 94
NSC 106 Sunland "Cut Your Teeth"  by Kyla La Grange 27th 68
NSC 107 Aspirinia "We Should Be Swimming" by Zulu Winter 25th 77
NSC 108 Öösingimaed "Solo Dancing" by Indiana 7th 133
NSC 109 Llama Republic "Glitter and Gold" by Little Daylight 14th 105
NSC 110 Oussouland "Lions, Tigers, Bears" by Heathers 5th 140
NSC 111 Paperland "Oya" by Ibeyi 1st 198
NSC 112 Perryfornia "Malachite" by Lydia Ainsworth 16th 111
NSC 113 Waloria "World on Fire" by The Royal Concept feat. Rebecca & Fiona 16th 112
NSC 114 Eterland "Lifespan" by Vaults 20th 100
NSC 115 Horehronieland "Vagabond" by MisterWives 17th 103
NSC 116 Comino "Beggin' For Thread" by BANKS 5th 160
NSC 117 Orangualia "Anti-Pioneer" by Feist 26th 60
NSC 118 Denmark of Peace "Happy" by Marina & The Diamonds 13th 118
NSC 119 Trollheimr "Breaking and Shaking" by Linnea Olson 12th 116
NSC 120 Waiting Iist of Shelley & Nici "Homeostasis" by Nostalghia 8th 126
NSC 121 Perryfornia "Polly" by Gem Club 11th 129
NSC 122 Reym-L-Dneurb "You Are Unstoppable" by Conchita Wurst 7th 140
NSC 123 Perryfornia "Careless" by Alex Winston 9th 142
NSC 124 Lukeland "Lush Life" by Zara Larsson 10th 143
NSC 125 Zumkotzen "Cry No More" by Vaults 13th 119
NSC 126 Reym-L-Dneurb "Air" by Kids N Cats 6th 143
NSC 127 Denmark of Peace "Til It Happens To You" by Lady Gaga 7th 137
NSC 128 Perryfornia "Let The Night Fall" by Dragonette 11th 108
NSC 129 Cherniya "Petti Fyri Petti" by Eivør 6th 144
NSC 130 Denmark of Peace "Verden i HD" by Sys Bjerre 18th 118
NSC 131 Perryfornia "The Way You Say It" by Vanbot 13th 131
NSC 132 Lukeland "Despair, Hangover and Ecstasy" by The Dø 7th 143
NSC 133 Denmark of Peace "Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki" by Gwenno 24th 90
NSC 134 Zumkotzen Ankathie Koi - Kate, It's Hunting Season 23rd 82
NSC 135 Perryfornia Lena Fayre - Cry 17th 104
NSC 136 Waiting Iist Onuka - 1986 1st 229
NSC 137 Cydoni-Gibberia Glass Animals - Life Itself 9th 143
NSC 138 Perryfornia Eivør - Í Tokuni 1st 224
NSC 139 Luxona That Poppy - Money 2nd 191
NSC 140 Aimūlli Agnes Obel - Familiar 9th 150
NSC 141 Denmark of Peace Lady Gaga - Angel Down 21st 101
NSC 142 Perryfornia CHVRCHES - Bury It 1st 192
NSC 143 Halito Xeno & Oaklander - Sheen 9th 136
NSC 144 Orangualia Phantogram - Fall In Love 11th 132
NSC 145 Pigeon Island Lorde - Green Light 1st 218
NSC 146 Perryfornia 5th 142
NSC 147 Calypso CHAMPS - Vamala 7th 153
NSC 148 Perryfornia Chelsea Jade - Life of the Party 14th 120
NSC 149 Perryfornia 23rd 88
NSC 150 Blackmere 23rd 86
NSC 151 Perryfornia Joan Thiele - Armenia 2nd 196
NSC 152
NSC 153
NSC 154
NSC 155
NSC 156
NSC 157
NSC 158
NSC 159
NSC 160
NSC 161
NSC 162
NSC 163
NSC 164
NSC 165
NSC 166
NSC 167
NSC 168
NSC 169
NSC 170
NSC 171
NSC 172
NSC 173
NSC 174
NSC 175
NSC 176
NSC 177 Comino Julie Bergan - Kiss Somebody 15th 104
NSC 178 Kimmystan Moyka - Bones 15th 101
NSC 179 Kimmystan Lady Gaga - Stupid Love 7th 139
NSC 180 Insomnea Tennis - Runner 19th 108
NSC 181 Sundfør Susanne Sundfør - Undercover 15th 128
NSC 182 Perryfornia Elisabeth Elektra - My Sisters 22nd 98
NSC 183 Kadis Aly & AJ - Joan Arc on the Dancefloor 1st 225
NSC 184 Perryfornia Ava Max - Who's Laughing Now 22nd 99
NSC 185 Oussou Empire Annie - Anthonio 8th 131
NSC 186 QuiénDQ Kylie Minogue - Magic 21st 85
NSC 187 QuiénDQ Kesha - Raising Hell 25th 79
NSC 188 Tamausia & Deltannor Dagny - Somebody 21st 109
NSC 189 Solentoya Kesha - Praying 21st 103
NSC 190 Trollheimr Altamullan Road - Underwater 4th 164
NSC 191 Fervorosia Mistmorn - Zglasi Vogni 25th 64

Spin-off History

Serenate & Clair has taken and will take part in many various spin-offs.

Spin-off Nation Artist Song Draw Place Points
ESC Covers and Remixes Serenate & Clair/Ukraine Ani Lorak Shady Lady 10 18th 40
NSC NF 10 Serenate & Clair/Sweden Eric Saade Manboy 18 2nd 115
Congratulations 6 Serenate & Clair Super Junior Bonamana 6 9th 183
Xmas 2010 Serenate & Clair AFTERSCHOOL Love Love Love 17 2nd 95
Music Video Serenate & Clair P!nk F*ckin' Perfect 21 3rd 126
Absolutely Everybody Serenate & Clair BoA Hurricane Venus 141 N/A N/A
NSC 2010 Winners Show Serenate & Clair BoA Hurricane Venus 10 2nd 115
NSC Covers/Remixes 2 Serenate & Clair Cheryl Cole Fight For This Love (Cahill Radio Edit) 12 2nd 100
NSC ESC 2011 Serenate & Clair/Estonia Getter Jaani Rockefeller Street 14 1st 162
NSC Doubles Sereym-L-Dnair Robyn Dancing On My Own 14 7th 59
ATTW Denmark Serenate & Clair/Denmark Cami L Hvad Jeg Kan Ta' 17 7th 78
NSC NF 11 Serenate & Clair/Sweden Sanna Nielsen I'm In Love 25 3rd 101
Congratulations 7 Serenate & Clair Lady Gaga Judas 7 15th 216
NSC CEC 2 Serenate & Clair きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ PONPONPON - 5th -
Melodic Picture Spinoff Serenate & Clair Lady Gaga Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) 9 13th 66
Würst Dong Contest Seren Serengil & The Choir Nega Muddy Cult 11 13th 55
Big Brother Song Contest Serenate & Clair Kerli Tea Party 4 2nd 62
Effifestivalen Serenate & Clair - - - 23rd 4
Congratulations 8 Serenate & Clair Kaskede, Rebecca & Fiona Turn It Down 8 2nd 227
NSC ESC 2012 Serenate & Clair/Sweden Loreen Euphoria 30 1st 183
NSC Doubles Insomnéa, TruLazare & Zeteck Soso Happy People 9 9th 61
AATW Finland Serenate & Clair/Finland Anna Abreu Stereo 29 9th 75
NSC NF 12 Serenate & Clair/Sweden Charlotte Perrelli The Girl 27 3rd 82
Congratulations 9 Serenate & Clair Natalia Kills Controversy 26 13th 155
CEC 3 Serenate & Clair Lisa Mitchell Spiritus - out out
Melodic Picture 2 Serenate & Clair Lady Gaga Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 14 5th 73
NSC ESC 2013 Serenate & Clair/Norway Margaret Berger I Feed You My Love 26 2nd 189
AATW Japan Serenate & Clair/Japan きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Fashion Monster 20 6th 86
Congratulations 10 Serenate & Clair Vanbot¹ Hold This Moment¹ - - -
Absolutely Everybody 2 Serenate & Clair Kaskede, Rebecca & Fiona¹ Turn It Down¹ - - -
Spinoff Congratulations 2 Serenate & Clair/Reym-L-Dneurb Robyn Dancing On My Own 13 5th² 87²
Short but sweet Serenate & Clair きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Mi 23 25th 19
AATW Albania Serenate & Clair/Albania Besa Tatuazh Ne Zemer 15 8th 59
Gay Serenate & Clair Milk He Went To Jared 18 25th²
<5000 Serenate & Clair Alaska Thunderfuck Future Sex Robot Daddy Land 5000 20 19th 34
NSC ESC 2014 Serenate & Clair/Austria Conchita Wurst Rise Like A Phoenix 2 5th 85
Congratulations 11 Serenate & Clair Lykke Li Gunshot 6 8th 195
Country Randomizer 2 Serenate & Clair/Malawi Malia Turners Ship 7th 62
Doubles 4 Eöla Plastiscines Bitch 14th 31
Boogenre Ölanda 100% Orange Juice Aru's theme 12th 49
NSC NF 13/14 Ölanda/Sweden Linda Bengtzing Ta Mig 9 6th 56
Unfair Host Ölanda Momoiro Clover Z MOON PRIDE 15th -5
Congratulations 12 Ölanda iamamiwhoami tap your glass 34 17th 135
Eurovision 15 Ölanda/Belgium Loïc Nottet Rhythm Inside 17 2nd 157
NSC 123 B-Final Ölanda Nina Sublatti I've Got An Idea 17 6th 59
CEC III Ölanda Alcazar Young Guns (Go For It) out out
AATW Uzbekhstan Ölanda/Uzbekhstan Shadisha Hopeless Tears 11 4th 77
NSC 126 B-Final Ölanda Fka twigs Glass & Patron 13 12th 44
NSC Covers&Remixes 4 Hypjø/Lukeland Inga & Anush Menq Enq Mer Sarere 10 1st 102
Congratulations 13 Hypjø Fallulah Social Club 28 5th 185
NSC 131 B-Final Hypjø Jennie Abrahamson Wolf 21 18th 34
AATW Turkey Hypjø Atiye Abrakadabra 15 1st 123
NSC ESC 2016 Hypjø/Ukraine Jamala 1944 12 1st 150
Hate is the way Hypjø Say Lou Lou Blue on Blue 4th -22
Looking TMW 2 Hypjø x x x 5th 4
Congratulations 14 Hypjø El Perro del Mar Breadandbutter 3rd 190
NSC ESC 2017 Hypjø/Belgium Blanche City Lights 26 1st 158
Congratulations 15 Hypjø BANKS Trainwreck 25 3rd 202
NSC ESC 2018 Hypjø/Belgium Sennek A Mater of Time 3 5th 73
Congratulations 16 Hypjø Rina Sawayama Alterlife 3 1st 192
NSC ESC 2019 Hypjø/Iceland Hatari  Hatrið mun sigra 13 6th 89
Congratulations 17 Hypjø Ava Max Sweet but Psycho 34 1st 220
NSC ESC 2020 Hypjø/Greece Stefania SUPERG!RL 26 17th 42
Congratulations 18 Hypjø Dua Lipa Physical 1st 236
Melodic Picture 3 Hypjø Charli XCX 2099 8 10th 56
Spinoff Congratulations 3 Hypjø Plastiscines Bitch 4 6th 64
Congratulations 19 Hypjø by SCL Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande Rain on Me 3 1st 222
NSC ESC 2021 Hypjø/Cyprus Elena Tsagrinou El Diablo 24 ?? ??

¹ Serenate & Clair intended to take part in the spinoff, however did not end up confirming later on.

² Serenate & Clair failed to vote and received a deduction.

FiC History

Edition Draw Artist Song Place Points
FiC 75 03 Courtney Act, Alaska 5000 & Willam American Apparel Ad Girls 4 38
FiC 76 01 Dinah Nah I Am 12 47
FiC 79 02 きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ KFC「krusherss」 6 34
FiC 82 08 Molly Nilsson 1995 4 39
FiC 83 01 きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Pumpkins Strike Back 3 36

MSNNSC History

Serenate & Clair doesn't take part in any MSNNSC edition anymore.

Edition Artist Song Place Points
MSNNSC in Adamsburg No Angels One Life 5th 24
MSNNSC in Rumia Girls' Generation Genie 5th 44
MSNNSC in Rumia 2 Brown Eyed Girls Sign 8th 20
MSNNSC in Serenate & Clair Soju Boy & Ghetto FOBulus Bulgogicious 1st 41
MSNNSC in Rumia 3 KARA Jumping 2nd 46
MSNNSC in Adamsburg 2 Orianthi According To You 3rd 34
MSNNSC in Cydoni-Gibberia Lady Gaga Scheiße (Mugler Remix) 5th 35
MSNNSC in Horehronieland Rebecca Black Friday 5th 36
MSNNSC in Calypso Jessie J Price Tag 4th 30
MSNNSC in Horehronieland 2 Medina Velkommen Til Medina 5th 32
MSNNSC in Calypso 2 Britney Spears 3 7th 28
MSNNSC in Mooseland September Mikrofonkåt 3rd 24
MSNNSC in Ugaly (ESC EDITION) Hadise Superman 3rd 28
MSNNSC in Bacchus Emii Mr. Romeo 2nd 48
MSNSC 11.11.11 in Anselmsmumonia Katy Perry The One That Got Away 7th 40
MSNNSC in 10 Regions of Mobius Natalie Bassingthwaighte All We Have 5th 45
MSNNSC in New Acadia Avicii Levels 2nd 68
MSNNSC in Bacchus 2 Jedward WOW OH WOW 9th 34
MSNNSC in Calypso 3 Beyoncé Halo 2nd 45
MSNNSC in Rumia 3 Nicole Scherzinger Try With Me 5th 33
MSNNSC in Pigeon Island G.NA Banana 7th 33
MSNNSC in Doire Girl's Day Twinkle Twinkle 8th 54
MSNNSC in Serenate & Clair 2 Kazaky Dance And Change 7th 43
MSNNSC in Reym-L-Dneurb きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Kyary Anan 3rd 67
MSNNSC in Reym-L-Dneurb 2 Delilah Love You So 3rd 67
MSNNSC Easter in Bacchus 3 SHINee Sherlock DSQ DSQ
MSNNSC in Bacchus 4 Demi Lovato Give Your Heart A Break 4th 1324
MSNNSC in Prasia Rebecca Stella Give Me That O 1st 38
MSNNSC in Anselmsmumonia Perfume Spring of Life 4th 34
MSNNSC in Doire Getter Jaani NYC Taxi 5th 18
MSNNSC in Reym-L-Dneurb 3 Little Boots Earthquake 2nd 68
MSNNSC in Doire Chris Crocker Love You Better N/A N/A


Year Award Nominated Work Result Winner
2010 Best Song By A Female Artist BoA - Hurricane Venus Runner-Up Christina Perri - Jar Of Hearts
2010 Best Song By A Female Artist Katy Perry - Firework Runner-Up Christina Perri - Jar Of Hearts
2010 Best Song By A Group Super Junior - Bonamana Runner-Up SomBy - Ii Idit Vel
2010 Best Video Katy Perry - Firework Nominated Madcon - Glow
2010 Best Pop Song BoA - Hurricane Venus Nominated Le Kid - We Should Go Home Together
2010 Best Pop Song Katy Perry - Firework Nominated Le Kid - We Should Go Home Together
2010 Best Electronic Song BoA - Hurricane Venus Nominated Madcon - Glow
2010 Best Unclassified/Other Group Song BoA - Hurricane Venus Runner-Up nipplepeople - Sutra
2010 Best Non-English Song BoA - Hurricane Venus Nominated nipplepeople - Sutra
2010 Best Non-English Song Super Junior - Bonamana Runner-Up nipplepeople - Sutra
2010 Most Underrated Song Girls' Generation - Run Devil Run Nominated N/A
2010 Best Lyrics Katy Perry - Firework Runner-Up Christina Perri - Jar Of Hearts
2010 Best NSC NSC 58 (held in S&C) Nominated NSC 54
2010 Best National Finals/Promos Serenate & Clair Won Serenate & Clair
2010 Best New Nation Serenate & Clair Won Serenate & Clair
2010 Best Graphics Maker Lenalite Nominated Twister
2011 Best Non-English Song Kyarypamyupamyu - PONPONPON Nominated (3rd) La Goutte
2011 Best Solo Female Song Kyarypamyupamyu - PONPONPON Runner-Up Nathalie - Vivo Sospesa
2011 Best Solo Female Song Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day Nominated (3rd) Nathalie - Vivo Sospesa
2011 Best Electronic Song Kaskade feat. Rebecca & Fiona - Turn It Down Won Kaskade feat. Rebecca & Fiona - Turn It Down
2011 Best Pop Song Kyarypamyupamyu - PONPONPON Nominated (3rd) Sebastian Lind - Keep Me Near
2011 Friendliest Person Lenalite Runner-Up Strajker
2011 Best Graphics Maker Lenalite Nominated Twister
2011 Best Spinoff Host Lenalite Won Serenate & Clair
2011 Best National Finals/Promos Serenate & Clair Runner-Up Zoidiac
2011 Best Nation Name Serenate & Clair Runner-Up Anselmsmumonia
2011 Best Nation Serenate & Clair Won Serenate & Clair
2011 NSC Person of The Year Lenalite Won Lenalite
2012 Best NSC NSC 84 (held in S&C) Won NSC 84
2012 Best Spin-off Eurovision 12 (held in S&C) Nominated Anything
2012 Best Host Lenalite Nominated Sean
2012 Best Nation Serenate & Clair Nominated Zoidiac
2012 Best Pop KARA - Step Nominated Noizeland
2012 Best Non-English Kyarypamuypamyu - Tsukematsukeru Won Tsukematsukeru
2012 Best Spinoff Entry Soso - Happy People  Nominated Pigeon Island Finland
2012 Best Lyrics Natalia Kills - Controversy Nominated All the Rowboats
2014 Best Natian Lore Ölanda Awaiting
2014 Person of The Year Lenalite Awaiting


In addition to the games listed below, Lenalite played loads of Balderdash, The Story Game and some other NSC games without rankings and their records are not kept in here.

Year Game Player Position Prize
2011 The Amazing Race in Adamsburg Lenalite Won

90.000 EUR

2011 The Mole in Tir an Abhainn Lenalite Won

30.000 EUR

2011 The Mole in Pigeon Island Lenalite Won 13.000 EUR
2011 The Dilemma in Tir an Abhainn Lenalite N/A N/A
2011 The Mole in Rumia Lenalite Runner-Up 11 Bottles
2011 The Amazing Race in Reym-L-Dneurb Lenalite Last Nothing
2011 Trading Game in Zombira Lenalite Runner-Up Nothing
2011 Accountancy Game 1 Lenalite Last Nothing
2011 Accountancy Game 2 Lenalite Last Nothing
2011 The Average Game in Calypso Lenalite 4th Nothing
2011 The Mole in Mooseland Lenalite Won $1400
2011 The Mole in Doire Lenalite Won €3000
2011 The Mole in Mooseland 2 Lenalite Won £5600
2011 The Accountancy Game in Mooseland Lenalite Runner-Up 24 pts
2011 The Artist Guessing Game in Reym-L-Dneurb Lenalite Won 26 pts
2011 The Confessions in Reym-L-Dneurb Lenalite Won 98 pts
2011 NSC Big Brother in Pigeon Island Clarisse Dubois Runner-Up
2011 Effifestivalen 1 in Calypso Lenalite Last 24 pts
2011 Effifestivalen 2 in Pigeon Island Lenalite Runner-Up 15 pts
2011 Effifestivalen 3 in 10 Regions of Mobius Lenalite Won 12 pts
2011 Effifestivalen 4 in Rumia Lenalite 3rd 21 pts
2011 NSC 74 - Prediction Game Lenalite Won 210 pts
2011 Effifestivalen 5 in Calypso Lenalite Last 26 pts
2011 Effifestivalen 6 in Rumia Lenalite 4th 22 pts
2011 Effifestivalen 7 in Rumia Lenalite 5th 33 pts
2011 NSC 75 - Prediction Game Lenalite Won 195 pts
2011 The Amazing Race in Kostanovia Lenalite Won -

The Amazing Race in Reym-L-Dneurb (Xmas Edition)

Lenalite & Simon 3rd -
2012 Effifestivalen ? in Bacchus Lenalite 4th 18 pts
2012 Effifestivalen ? in Serenate & Clair Lenalite 7th 26 pts
2012 The Confessions in Sunland Lenalite 2nd 3 pts
2012 NSC 76 - Prediction Game Lenalite 4th 190
2012 NSC 77 - Prediction Game Lenalite Won 305
2012 NSC 78 - Prediction Game Lenalite TBA TBA
2012 The Amazing Race in Rumia - Find The Exit Edition Lenalite Last 0
2012 The Amazing Race in Cherniya Lenalite 2nd N/A
2012 Effifestivalen ? in Cherniya Lenalite Won 34
2012 The Amazing Race in Cherniya Lenalite 4th¹ N/A
2012 NSC 79 - Prediction Game Lenalite 2nd 190
2012 Effifestivalen ? in Rumia Lenalite Last 28
2012 The Average Game in Calypso 2 Lenalite 4th ---
2012 Effifestivalen in Pigeon Island Lenalite 6th 39
2012 The Trading Game in Calypso Lenalite Won 100
2015 The Weakest Link in Prasia Lenalite 2nd X
2015 The Weakest Link in Illumia Lenalite Last X
2015 The Weakest Link in Prasia 2 Lenalite 2nd X

¹ Lenalite withdrew due to the unfair circumstances.


Official Sereclarish/Ölandan/Hypjør recaps can be found in the official forum thread. The nation tends to update recap packs annually.

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