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Map of Indipendia

Indipendia is one of the 6 states of Spila.


Indipendia is situated on the East of Spila. It borders the Spilian states: Continentia, Former Escotian Republic of Bedingfieldia, New Cicvara and Capitalia.

The capital is Townston. It lays on the southwest side, on the border between Continentia and Indipendia. The city belongs to the Monteverde - Townston urban area. Other important cities are:

  • Serbra: situated on Serbra Island in the Gulf of Indipendia
  • Badua: lays on the coast of the gulf, on the left side of the Bijana delta.

The biggest mountain range are the Norg Mountains on the west, there is also a small part of Hejg Mt. in the southwest. The highest peak is Hergel (2756 m) on Mt. Norg.

The central and eastern parts are usually flat, with no peaks higher than 500 m. In the center of the valley is a heart-shaped lake called Herzing. Rivers Knutsor and Norasol flow into it, and river Bijana originates in the lake and flows into the Gulf of Indipendia making a huge delta.

The biggest river is Vasser. It originates on Mt. Norg and flows into The Ocean close to the capital of Spila, Carine City, in Capitalia.


Indipendia, together with the state of Capitalia, is the so-called "heart of Spila". Those two states united in the 11th century and adopted the name Spila for the new country. As the centuries passed by, it became the economically strongest country in the region. That's why Continentia decided to unite with them in 1843. Soon, the Former Escotian Republic of Bedingfieldia decided also to do that. Those united countries attacked Eastern Escotia and put them under Spilian control, thus making the territory of Spila 2.5 times larger than it originaly was.

Today, Indipendia, with its beaches, rivers and the lake, is the biggest touristic attraction in Spila. Recently, the state started to seek for some kind of autonomy within the country. According to the Spilian Government, it seems that it will be rejected.