Nation Song Contest

Isaria took part in the NSC just once, in the first edition. Unfortunately they did not vote, meaning that 75% of their score was reduced, leaving them in last place. The nation has since dissolved, with the region today being the location of Bokia. Isaria made a surprise comeback in NSC 19, only to disappear after failing to vote in the final, and reappeared once again in NSC 21, where they made the final for the first time since their comeback.

Logo of Isaria in NSC

Edition Draw Artist Song Place Score
01 8 Shayne Ward Stand By Me 9 6
19s2 12 Trabant The One 19 34
21s2 23 Versló Stanslaust Stuð 8 82
21f 24 Versló Stanslaust Stuð 25 73