Nation Song Contest
Flag of Kimmystan.png
Member station KimmiTV
Appearances 2
Debut WLSC 102
Best result 1st: WLSC 103, WLSC 104, WLSC 107, WLSC 114, WLSC 116, WLSC 120
Worst result 5th WLSC 102

Kimmystan is a lovely country located somewhere to be decided.

It has a population of around 14.1 million people and it has an area spanning 26,1625 kilometres squared.

Kimmystan consists of 6 regions; Fjorden, Gokk, Vestlig, Gropa, Goma, and Kjerringdalen. It's capital city Nordfjord is located in Fjorden and is one of the most urbanised cities in this part of Outernatia. Nordfjord is an important global city and financial centre with an urban population of 2.1 million. Most of the country's embassies can be found in this city.

Kimmystan is a Kingdom and the current Kimmystanian King is Kim A. F. Karlsen, and he has ruled the country since the age of 15, when his mother (the former Queen of Kimmystan) Tove died tragically in September 2006. Kim was chosen as the king by the people due to his charm and kindness and he wields immense political power. Although he controls most of what is happening in the country, the people are very happy and look up to their leader.

Edition Song Artist Place Points
WLSC 103 Faded Alan Walker