Flag of Låpøtré

Låpøtré is the northernmost land mass in Natia, and is a tiny island currently under the governmental control of the nation of Cydoni-Gibberia. Though only recently discovered, studies of Låpøtré's geology has shown that it is one of the oldest land masses in the world. Due to its unusual geographical location, there appears to be a division of ecosystems on Låpøtré, with a chilly, frozen eastern coastline contradicting the more tropical western seaboard of the island. As the island is relatively small and far away from any other land masses (the nearest Angelic island is several hundred miles away), there is very little pollution there, and as such the areas of the Reunal Ocean surrounding the island are very clean, and make the island a popular fishing location.

There is only one airport on Låpøtré, called the Aîrpørtré, which is situated in the island's capital city, Šppóplä (meaning Special Potato Plantation). The airport is relatively small and as such only offers flights to and from Cydoni-Gibberia, Angelic, Bacchus and New Acadia. Most flights travel to and from Cydoni-Gibberia, and it is through the airport in Cydoni-Gibberia that Låpøtréiáns are able to travel elsewhere. There are a few shipping ports on the island, with marine transport to the neighbouring countries. Låpøtré is comparable in size to Lost Isle, although slightly smaller, and the enclave formerly occupied by Starogardia.

Låpøtre does not have its own broadcaster, and instead recieves CyGiTV, the national broadcasted of Cydoni-Gibberia. Despite this, they do recieve a special "LTV" version of CyGiTV, with some of its programming tailored to suit the demands of the island. As Låpøtré is not an independent nation and does not have its own national broadcaster, it is ineligible to apply to participate in the Nation Song Contest, though since it is considered a part of Cydoni-Gibberia, Låpoøtréiáns may vote in the contest, and their artists may represent Cydoni-Gibberia at the contest if they wish to.

History Edit


Topographical map of Låpotré, showing the growth of Langenlois Potato Trees and the extent of the frozen expanses to the east of the island.

Låpøtré was formed many millions of years ago by volcanic activity from underneath Natia's crust. As the crust was at its thinnest at the northermost point of Natia, Låpøtré was one of the first land masses to form.

The island was discovered in early May 2009, by scientists from Cydoni-Gibberia. However, a land dispute, with Reym-L-Dneurb claiming it as their sovereign territory, despite Cydoni-Gibberia claiming to have discovered it, led to a war over the island's nation. The war was fought over three battles and Cydu forces eventually won out over those from Reym-L-Dneurb, and so the island became the territory of Cydoni-Gibberia. As a sign of goodwill to their opponents, an area of Låpøtré was granted to Reym-L-Dneurbian residents, and has since become known as RëšeLå, a portmanteau of "Reym-L-Dneurbian settlement on Låpøtré". Låpøtre's name itself is a portmanteau of the words "Langenlois Potato Tree", the island's most prominent form of exclusive wildlife.

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