Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

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Appearances 14
Debut NSC 26
Best result 1st (NSC 46)
Worst result 19th (semi) (NSC 50)

Lady Gaga (also known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is one of NSC's most prolific artists who has taken part a total of 14 times. She came second at her debut for Swelatie and, after two third places, managed to win the whole contest for Spila in NSC 46. Six of her participations have been under the flag of Serenate & Clair, a nation of which she is also queen regnant.


Edition Nation Song Place Points
NSC 26 Swelatie "Just Dance" 2nd 172
NSC 30 Daffodilia "Poker Face" 3rd 176
NSC 40 Comino "Love Game" 3rd 161
NSC 46 Spila "Bad Romance" 1st 190
NSC 48 Somborian Republic "Video Phone" feat. Beyoncé 18th (sf) 43
NSC 50 Disqualified "Telephone" feat. Beyoncé 19th (sf) 44
NSC 54 Canedonia "Alejandro" 6th 139
NSC 65 Serenate & Clair "Born This Way" 8th 140
NSC 67 Serenate & Clair "Judas" 11th (sf) 67
NSC 70 Serenate & Clair "The Edge Of Glory" 4th 153
NSC 73 Serenate & Clair "Yoü And I" 26th 66
NSC 74 Carpatina "Teeth" 15th (sf) 54
NSC 76 Serenate & Clair "Marry The Night" 10th 134
NSC 80 Serenate & Clair "Paparazzi" 15th 112
NSC 101 Perryfornia "Applause" 3rd 178
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