Nation Song Contest
Luxona Flag.png
Member station LUX
Appearances 8
Debut NSC 110
Best result NSC 117
Worst result NSC 116

Luxona is a nation that succeeded Sunland. Its debut was in NSC 110. Luxonan national broadcaster PriTV first applied for a place in the contest on January 22nd, 2013. The nation made its debut in the 110th edition of the contest, after 16 months of waiting as an associate member on the Waiting List.

General Information

Capital: Demacia
Regions: Urtistan, Noxus, Kaladonn, Ionia, Bilgewater and Shadow Isles
Leaders: King Jarvan IV and Queen Lux
Language: Demacian, Noxian and Kaladonnian
Population: 17.514.489 inhabitants
Currency: Funkeln
National Anthem: Oratio
Broadcaster: Prisma Television (PriTV)
National Motto: Light, bright and luminous!


For a long time, there were many wars between Demacia and Noxus. Demacia ruled Luxona for more than thousand years, but then Noxus wanted to rule this beautiful and large kingdom. Demacia is known for being a peaceful and bright city with many inhabitants. It is the capital of Luxona and the resident of our king and queen is situated here.

Noxus, known for being a sinister, dark city started the war. They attacked Demacia for a long time. With their magic powers and strengths, the armies of both regions fought each other. Finally, the war came to an end when the people of Kaladonn and Ionia were meddling in. These people are known for being smart and very open minded. Thanks to them, Luxona is now a peaceful country with many legends and myths and -most important of all- that can finally try to join the Nation Song Contest!

Luxona in NSC

Edition Artist Song Place (F) Points (F) Place (SF) Points (SF)
110 Dexter Britain Conquering Time 30 66 15 49
111 Mike Oldfield In Dulci Jubilo XX XX 15 50
112 Jenny May Es Gribu Vel Milet 5 150 2 99
113 Coumba Gawlo Pata Pata 26 64 PQ PQ
114 Mika Boum Boum Boum XX XX 16 55
115 Marina and the Diamonds Froot XX XX 11 69
116 Mree The Well XX XX 17 55
117 AronChupa Albatraoz 1 181 1 125
118 Free Souffriau Bla Bla Bla 27 48 PQ PQ
120 Jennifer Lopez Let's Get Loud XX XX 24 37
121 Ivan Torrent The Bounds of the Universe XX XX 21 45
122 Me & My Dub-I-Dub XX XX 15 57
123 Mozart Opera Rock Le Bien Qui Fait Mal XX XX 23 36
124 Billie Leyers I Will Never (igidigidaga) XX XX 11 59
126 Emma Bale Run XX XX 11 70
127 Tungevaag & Raaban Parade 4 162 6 79
128 K3 Alle Kleuren 24 66 PQ PQ
129 Lal Yeni Hayat XX XX 21 36
130 Maisey Rika Tangaroa Whakamautai XX XX 23 41
131 Twarres De Júste Snaar XX XX 17 57
132 Jerry Martin & Marc Russo The Sims: Buy Mode 1 11 131 9 67

Luxona in WLSC

WLSC Artist Song YT-Link Place Points
35 Stacie Orrico Stuck YT 10th 59
36 Gaute Ormåsen Hei Sommer! YT 10th 52
37 Marina and The Diamonds How To Be A Heartbreaker YT 12th 67
38 Meja All' Bout The Money YT 06th 77
39 Noisettes Never Forget You YT 05th 88
40 Loreen McKennitt The Mummer's Dance YT 02nd 86
41 Alexander Rybak Europe's Skies YT 01st 94
42 Terence Trent D'Arby ft. Des'Ree Delicate YT 13th 48
43 Yann Tiersen La Valse d'Amélie YT 08th 70
44 Ziyoda Hali Hali YT 16th 22
45 Lisa Hannigan What'll I Do YT 09th 81
46 No Participation No Participation XX XX XX
47 No Participation No Participation XX XX XX
48 The Baseballs Umbrella YT 09th 76
49 Rihanna Phresh Out The Runway YT 10th 19
50 Aretha Franklin I Say A Little Prayer YT 04th 80
51 Juanes A Dios Le Pido YT 11th 63
52 Toploader Dancing In The Moonlight YT 15th 38
53 Zaz On Ira YT 03rd 104
54 R. Kelly I Believe I Can Fly YT 10th 60
55 Belinda Carlisle La Luna YT 03rd 86
56 Jennifer Saunders Holding Out For A Hero YT 11th 70
57 Malena Ernman Tragedy YT 08th 74
58 Tropical Family Maldon YT 07th 65
59 Kato Suits You Well YT 14th 49
60 Lauren Aquilina King YT 02nd 103
61 Florence and The Machine Over The Love YT 02nd 101
62 Jason Walker Echo YT 09th 67
63 Charlotte Qvale ft. Thomas Eriksen The Fire YT 12th 48
64 R.E.M. Losing My Religion YT 01st 101
65 Caramell Caramelldansen YT 05th 79