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Maccha-Brugia is a nation on the northern continent. It is ruled by Tyten and R_sPeEd, and has participated 6 times under the flag of Brugia, and is currently participating a tenth time under the flag of Maccha-Brugia.


Maccha-Brugia is a fusion between Brugia and Maccha-Bently, on the territory of Brugia. These two nations fused after that leader Tyten had fled Maccha-Bently because the nation was on the merge of a civil war after a non-qualification for the final. Directly after that, Brugia's leader, R_sPeEd, put Maccha-Bently under Brugian protection and tried to convince Tyten to come back. When he wouldn't come back as a single nation, the two nations decided to reform Brugia in to Maccha-Brugia.


Together with Tomstria, Arjastan, Reym-L-Dneurb and Gabriel, Brugia is one of the 5 still active founding nations.


Maccha-Bently was a nation who joined the NSC in the forth edition. They never had a big success in the NSC, and when they failed to qualify, Tyten decided to leave Maccha-Bently for the following reasons: 1. He didn't approve of the 12 qualifying nations-system, 2. It is very dissappointing is he can't even win from a not so good song, 3. It is unfair that better-known songs have an advantage, 4. (quote:) "I am a bad loser.". Nevertheless, Tyten is back thanks to Brugia.


The new Maccha-Brugian President, as of 21 December 2007

Maccha-Brugia is a nation on the territory of Brugia. Actually, it is still Brugia, but whole of Maccha-Bently has 'moved in'. M-B has two provinces now: Maccha-Bently and Brugia. Maccha-Brugia has participated for the first time in NSC7. In December 2007, Maccha-Brugia declared war on Arjastan. The war was soon over and Maccha-Brugia lost, but after that war Maccha-Brugia underwent some changes: they elected a new president, selected a new flag, and selected a new anthem.

From that day on, Maccha-Brugia is known as 'The Land of the Light'. The new anthem was selected because of the positiveness that flows from it. Maccha-Brugia decided to be a positive nation with positive influences all around the NSC World, so the anthem is chosen because it reflects the Maccha-Brugian positiveness. You can see the anthem here YT.

Maccha-Brugia was the first nation to win the Nation Song Contest two times in a row: they won NSC 22 with 'The City Is At War', and they won NSC 23 with 'Mm Ma Ma'.

Maccha-Brugia in the NSC

As Brugia

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Edition Song Performer Final Rank
NSC 1 Girl Anouk 6th of 9 with 24 points (winner: 40 points)
NSC 2 Take my hand Shawn McDonald 14th of 15, 34 points (winner: 108 points)
NSC 3 Te dejo Madrid Shakira 11th of 18, 54 points (winner 83 points)
NSC 4 Les fleur 4hero 16th of 22, 52 points (winner: 84 points)
NSC 5 Magi Nicolai 12th of 24, 53 points (winner: 181 points)
NSC 6 't Smidje Laïs 5th of 22, 120 points (winner: 135 points)

As Maccha-Bently

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Edition Song Performer Final Rank
NSC 4 Ahava Ktana Shiri Maimon 12th of 22, 59 points (winner: 84 points)
NSC 5 Top Of The World The Carpenters 20th of 24, 30 points (winner: 181 points)
NSC 6 Dhoom Again Dhoom 2 14th th of 26 in semi-final, DNQ

As Maccha-Brugia

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Edition Song Performer Final Rank
NSC 7 Leave Me To Love Imogen Heap 25th of 26, 46 points (winner: 149 points)
NSC 8 Scatman Scatman John 11th of 26, 87 points (winner: 157 points)
NSC 9 Insane In Vain Vanilla Ninja 22nd of 24, 52 points (winner: 151 points)
NSC 10 Freefall Jeckyll & Hyde 20th of 24, 65 points (DNQ, came 22 points short)
NSC 11 Sans Garde-Fou Urban Trad 6th of 24, 108 points (winner: 145 points)
NSC 12 On My Own Reina 25th of 28, 42 points (winner: 183 points)
NSC 13 Alegría Cirque du Soleil 15th of 28, 74 points (DNQ, came 6 points short)
NSC 14 Van je joebadoebadoe Samson & Gert 17th of 28, 78 points (DNQ, came 4 points short)
NSC 15 Inside To Outside Lady Violet 3rd of 28, 151 points (winner: 170 points)
NSC 16 Electro Livin' Akala 28th of 28, 48 points (winner: 179 points)
NSC 17 I Write Sins, Not Tragedies The String Quartet 22nd of 28, 66 points (DNQ, came 22 points short))
NSC 18 Henna Cheb Khaled ft Cameron Cartio 2nd of 28, 174 points (winner: 182 points)
NSC 19 I Am What I Am Karen Mulder 9t of 28, 100 points (winner: 155 points)
NSC 20 Don't Cry Out Shiny Toy Guns 22nd of 28, 78 points (winner: 170 points)
NSC 21 Run The Show Kat De Luna ft. Busta Rhymes 20th of 25, 43 points (DNQ, came 28 points short)
NSC 22 The City Is At War Cobra Starship 1st of 28, 180 points
NSC 23 Mm Ma Ma Crazy Loop 1st of 28, 208 points
NSC 24 Set The Fire To The Third Bar Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright 28th of 29, 48 points (DNQ, came 85 points short)
NSC 25 Shake That Thing Bearforce1 22nd of 24, 31 points (DNQ, came 38 points short))
NSC 26 Sommaren Tobbe & Gabbe 25th of 25, 25 points (DNQ, came 46 points short)
NSC 27 Scared Of Yourself Zornik 13th of 25, 52 points (DNQ, came 11 points short)
NSC 28 Stoned In Love Chicane ft. Tom Jones 17th of 25, 61 points (DNQ, came 10 points short)
NSC 29 Bailando Paradisio 23th of 26, 39 points (DNQ, came 23 points short)
NSC 30 Gotta Get Thru This Tyler 16th of 27, 47 points (DNQ, came 37 points short)
NSC 31 257 Weeks Nine Days 13th of 28, 65 points (DNQ, came 10 points short)
NSC 32 Gasoline Porcelain And The Tramps 19th of 22, 44 points (DNQ, came 30 points short)
NSC 33 Mad About You Hooverphonic 6th of 28, 153 points (winner: 203 points)
NSC 34 DVNO Justice 26th of 28, 60 points (winner: 183 points)
NSC 35 Sénégal Fast Food Amadou & Mariam 28th of 28, 40 points (winner: 202 points)
NSC 36 No Tomorrow Orson 18th of 27, 54 points (DNQ, came 28 points short)
NSC 38 Sponsored By Destiny Slagmalsklubben 17th of 28, 92 points (winner: 213 points)
NSC 39 Sympathique Pink Martini TBA