Nation Song Contest



Mysticland is a new NSC nation joined in NSC39, but we were waiting for some months to enter and in the meantime we took part in some spinoffs and MSN NSC. This nation is located in the northern continent and it is bordered to Spila and Sillycone Valley to the North, Adamsburg and a lake to the east, Blondania to the south-east, the sea to the south, Doklea to the south-west and Magna Grecia and Reignland to the west. Mysticland used to have a dictatorship, but some months ago a revolution by an enigmatic leader called Pablo finished with that and the country started the anarchy system, though the leader is still considered as the most important person in all the country. Music is the main hobbie in Mysticland, along with some sport like football and beach-volley.

And these are Mystic results so far:

Artist Song Final Semifinal
NSC 39 Celina Ree Når du rør ved mig 10th (122 points) 7th (81 points)
NSC 40 Ich troje We play in team 10th (137 points)

4th (90 points)

NSC 41


No vuelvas - 12th (62 points)
NSC 42 We are the fallen You bury me alive - 22nd (41 points)
NSC 43 Despina Vandi Ypofero 10th (135 points) 3rd (94 points)
NSC 44 Chambao Papeles mojados - 13th (57 points)

Artist Song Place
NSC ESC 2009 Andrea Demirovic (Montenegro) Get out of my life 12th (61 points)
90's spinoff Michael Jackson They don't care about us 2nd (107 points)
Congrats NSC 31-40 Celina Ree Når du rør ved mig 15th (142 points)
Spinoff congrats Michael Jackson They don't care about us 7th (147 points)
AATW Hungary Sugarloaf Hajnalig még van idöm 10th (60 points)