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The NSC Awards 2007 was a show hosted in Adamsburg were for the first time in the history of NSC, all users, nations, songs and all aspects of this contest were eligible for nominations and lately also for the winning of an award. The voting started in the 14th of December 2007 while the final show was hosted in the 27th of December 2007. There was a total of 30 categories of awards.


Best MicrostateEdit

Best Microstate SongEdit

  • Awarded by: Bart and Lisa Simpson
  • Nominations: "To nem ai" (Luka), "Memory" (Sugarcult), "Shokolaad" (Agent M), "Amaranth" (Nightwish), "Hiv a vegtelen" (Crystal)
  • Winner: "Hiv a vegtelen" (Crystal)

Best National FinalEdit

Best ThreadEdit

  • Awarded by: Elena Risteska
  • Nominations: NSC Wiki, NSC News, Reveal yourself, Let's discuss the rules, NSC Chat box
  • Winner: Reveal yourself

Most Original SongEdit

  • Awarded by: Weird Al Yankovic
  • Nominations: "Miorita" (Zdub si Zdob), "Super Crosby Bros. Brawl" (darthwolf42), "Puttin' on the ritz" (Fearnavigtr), "Starship Edelweiss" (Edelweiss), "The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny" (Lemon Demon)
  • Winner: "Puttin' on the ritz" (Fearnavigtr)

Most Original CountryEdit

Best Graphic MakerEdit

  • Awarded by: Karolina Goceva
  • Nominations: Soundnoize, Nut, Thunderhammer, CM-MK, Kifferjoe
  • Winner: CM-MK

Best Pop SongEdit

  • Awarded by: Mylene Farmer
  • Nominations: "Tsvetok I Nozh" (Via Gra), "Milly" (Tina Karol), "Absolutely Everybody" (Vanessa Amorisi), "Before he cheats" (Carrie Underwood), "Laura non c'e" (Nek)
  • Winner: "Absolutely Everybody" (Vanessa Amorisi)

Best NSCEdit

Best HostEdit

Best Rock SongEdit

  • Awarded by: Tarje Turunen
  • Nominations: "Devil is a loser" (Lordi), "In the shadows" (The Rasmus), "What have you done" (Within Temptation), "Amaranth" (Nightwish), "Guardian Angel" (Lovex)
  • Winner: "Amaranth" (Nightwish)

Craziest Person (in a positive way)Edit

  • Awarded by: Silvia Night
  • Nominations: emreign, Nut, Rasho, Fearnavigatr, Marais
  • Winner: emreign

Funniest SongEdit

  • Awarded by: Stewie Griffin
  • Nominations: "Starship Edelweiss" (Edelweiss), "Ebay" (Weird Al Yankovic), "Puttin' on the ritz" (Fearnavigatr), "Trapped in the drive-thru" (Weird Al Yankovic), "Heute Ha-Ha-habe ich geburstag" (Die Prinzen)
  • Winner: "Ebay" (Weird Al Yankovic)

Recap MakerEdit

  • Awarded by: Danny Saucedo
  • Nominations: Maomania, Wampire, Pjelacki, Balizeg, Fearnavigatr
  • Winner: Fearnavigatr

Best NSC/Spinoff RecapEdit

Best Song Before NSC 3Edit

  • Awarded by: Sertab Erener
  • Nominations: "Girl" (Anouk), "Rosegardens" (Shesays), "Temps pour nous" (Axelle Red), "Klasika" (Femminem), "Unwritten" (Natasha Bedingfield)
  • Winner: "Klasika" (Femminem)

Best English Speaking Non-native SpeakerEdit

  • Awarded by: Ruslana
  • Nominations: Fearnavigtr, Schlagerman1, Nut, Shiri, R-sPeEd
  • Winner: R-sPeEd

Best BalladEdit

  • Awarded by: Marija Serifovic
  • Nominations: "Temps pour nous" (Axelle Red), "My heart will go on" (Celine Dion), "Prava ljubav" (Lana & Luka), "Var minut" (Emilia), "Bleeding love" (Leona Lewis)
  • Winner: "Prava ljubav" (Lana & Luka)

Best FlagEdit

Cheesy SongEdit

  • Awarded by: Mr. Lordi
  • Nominations: "Fast food song" (Fast food rockers), "Chariots of fire" (BWO), "Macarena" (Los del rio), "Move your feet" (Junior Senior), "5, 6, 7, 8" (Steps)
  • Winner: "Fast food song" (Fast food rockers)

Best StagemakerEdit

  • Awarded by: Emilia
  • Nominations: Thunderhammer, Nut, Soundnoize, Theodoris14koutros, CM-MK
  • Winner: Soundnoize

Best StageEdit

Best Song - Male SingerEdit

  • Awarded by: Avril Lavigne
  • Nominations: "Rood" (Marco Borsato), "L'ombra del gigante" (Eros Ramazotti),

"7milakliv" (Martin Stenmarck), "Tokyo" (Danny Saucedo), "Puttin' on the ritz" (Fearnavigtr)

  • Winner: "Puttin' on the ritz" (Fearnavigtr)

Best Spin-offEdit

Best Song - GroupEdit

  • Awarded by: Amy Lee
  • Nominations: "Come to me" (Koop), "Amaranth" (Nightwish), "The reason" (Hoobastank), "High" (Lighthouse Family), "Hiv a vegtelen" (Crystal)
  • Winner: "Hiv a vegtelen" (Crystal)

Funniest PersonEdit

  • Awarded by: Amy Lee
  • Nominations: Berlyda, Rasho, Nut, Emreign, Fearnavigatr
  • Winner: Berlyda

Best Song - FemaleEdit

  • Awarded by: Sara
  • Nominations: "Light in our soul" (Elena Paparizou), "To nem ai" (Luka), "C'est une belle journee" (Mylene Farmer), "Gabriel" (Najoua Belyzel), "Behind these hazel eyes" (Kelly Clarkson)
  • Winner: "Behind these hazel eyes" (Kelly Clarkson)

Most Optimistic PersonEdit

  • Awarded by: Davina McCall
  • Nominations: Nut, Bugs Bunny, Maomania, Spiluke, Thunderhammer
  • Winner: Bugs Bunny

Best SongEdit

  • Awarded by: Carola
  • Nominations: "Rood" (Marco Borsato), "Shokolaad" (Agent M), "High" (Lighthouse Family), "C'est une belle journee" (Mylene Farmer), "Guardian Angel" (Lovex)
  • Winner: "C'est une belle journee" (Mylene Farmer)

NSC PersonEdit

  • Awarded by: Alexander Bald (President of Adamsburg)
  • Nominations: Wampire, Nut, TF100, Rasho, Maomania
  • Winner: Nut
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