The NSC Congratulations 10 was a Spinoff contest which was made to celebrate jubilee 10th edition of NSC. Honour to be a host got Xorientia. Show was made in second largest Xorientian city - Terezon. Right to perform had all the nations which ever appeared from NSC1 to NSC10. It was nice to remember some ex-countries. The best thing came at the end - the winning song was from NSC1.


The logo was completely made by fabolous noizelander graphic design studio.

Congratulations 10 logo

The StageEdit

The stage was also made by noizelander design studio which realized the ideas od xorientian designing team, who made original idea of the stage. The stage has shape of connected circle and triangle, which are the motives from xorientian flag. Noizelander studio did fantastic job finalizing xorientian ideas.

Congratulations 10 stage

The RecapEdit

The recap was made by first class recap making studio from Ugaly.

Recap for NSC Congratulations 10


Draw Nation Edition Artist Song YouTube video Place Points
01 Calypso NSC7 Cascada Everytime We Touch YT Link 6 71
02 Ugaly NSC4 Rammstein Morgenstern YT Link 31 23
03 Halito NSC10 Die Prinzen Heute Habe Ich Geburtstag YT Link 20 52
04 Gabriel NSC3 Jesse McCartney Beatiful Soul YT Link 28 34
05 Giggshood NSC3 Danny Tokio YT Link 11 68
06 Saint Joe & Southgulfia NSC7 Maroon 5 This Love YT Link 17 55
07 Tomstria NSC1 Femminem Klasika YT Link 1 99
08 Mooseland NSC9 Junior Senior Move Your Feet YT Link 16 57
09 Xorientia NSC2 Toni Cetinski feat. Erato Sigurni YT Link 5 84
10 Adamsburg NSC4 BWO Chariots Of Fire YT Link 10 68
11 Begonia NSC6 Saša Lendero Ne Grem Na Kolena YT Link 22 47
12 Belvist NSC8 Lordi Devil Is A Looser YT Link 21 50
13 Spila NSC8 Terra Naomi Say It's Possible YT Link 14 63
14 Maccha-Brugia NSC8 Scatman Scatman John YT Link 13 65
15 Alinta NSC6 Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats YT Link 3 88
16 Maccha-Bently NSC4 Shiri Maimon Ahava Ktana YT Link 12 67
17 Saksjaowie NSC6 Yuna Ito Precious YT Link 9 68
18 Noizeland NSC7 Mustafa Sandal Araba YT Link 27 34
19 Reym-L-Dneurb NSC2 SheSays Rosegardens YT Link 24 43
20 Hibernia NSC2 Six Whole Lot Of Loving YT Link 29 25
21 Instir NSC6 Nox Szeretem YT Link 4 86
22 Comino NSC8 Avril Lavigne When You're Gone YT Link 7 71
23 Yaponesia NSC6 Taiwanese Allstars Shon Qian Shon YT Link 30 24
24 Brugia NSC6 Laïs 't Smidje YT Link 8 69
25 Arjastan NSC4 Marie Serneholt I Need A House YT Link 2 94
26 Cicvara NSC6 Enrique Iglesias Do You Know YT Link 15 59
27 Rotterdamus NSC7 Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson All The People In The World YT Link 26 36
28 Altharia NSC6 Sonata Arctica My Selene YT Link 19 55
29 Effiland NSC10 Infernal Self Control YT Link 23 47
30 Swelatie NSC10 Sugababes Too Lost In You YT Link 25 41
31 Shamitri NSC9 Kate Ryan Desenchantée YT Link 18 55

Special RecapsEdit

In celebration of the ten year anniversary of NSC, several of the NSC recap makers teamed up to create special recaps to be shown in the intervals of the results show, commemorating all the nations and the most notable songs in the first ten years of the Nation Song Contest.

Recap commemorating nations which were no longer participating for the 10th anniversary (YETI)

Winning entries in the spinoff contests between NSC 1 and 10 (RLDTV)

Last placing entries from NSC 1 to 10 (RLDTV)

All the winners of NSC (updated every edition) (VRT)

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