Nation Song Contest - Doubles Spinoff was a themed spinoff where nations were drawn together in pairs to decide on a song together and send in combined votes. Lukeland hosted for the first time. Scorpalito, a union between Scorpionia and Halito won, the first time that Halito had ever won a contest.

Pairings Edit

Show Edit

Draw Nation Artist Song YouTube Place Points
01 Uqelely Telepathe So Fine YT Link 9 47
02 Belkia Hari Mata Hari Ne Mogu Ti Reci Ta Je Tuga YT Link 14 14
03 Prasmatria Skillet Rebirthing YT Link 5 63
04 Swela Deep Zone Lesno Se Vuzbujdam YT Link 13 33
05 Moosia Alesha Dixon Let's Get Excited YT Link 15 11
06 Arjeignland Sylver Forgiven YT Link 11 42
07 Magna Noizia Helmut Fritzl Ca M'enerve YT Link 4 65
08 Comovoda Nightwish Over The Hills And Far Away YT Link 8 56
09 L'yaponovia Dragonette Fixin' To Thrill YT Link 6 62
10 Luke-L-Dneurb MGMT Kids YT Link 7 58
11 Zaprytzenauge Vaya Con Dios Nah Neh Nah YT Link 10 43
12 Scorpalito Delain April Rain YT Link 1 114
13 Calysburg Therese Andersson If You Can YT Link 2 68
14 Zombwishia Angtoria God Has A Plan For Us All YT Link 3 67
15 Cygír an Gibhainn Klaxons Atlantis To Interzone YT Link 12 36
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