Nation Song Contest

The Melodic Picture Contest was hosted in Siolnegnal, Reym-L-Dneurb. This super crappy wiki page (which will hopefully be changed soon) was made to a) please Andrea and b) make it possible for people to still find the entries of this spinoff because the banners in the actual threads were deleted and right now I'm too lazy to re-upload them.


Nation Artist Song
1 10 Regions of Mobius T-ara Apple is A
2 Marrakechia Steve Porter & Vincent Broccoli Wad
3 Illumia Kate Nash Pumpkin Soup
4 Dal Riata D.Willz Watermelon
5 Noizeland Ostrowski & Wallisch Das Lied vom Contact High
6 Dalisska Tomato Jaws Feel Me
7 Tír an Abhainn Smola a Hrušky Hypermarket
8 Zoidiac Reptar Rainbounce
9 Serenate & Clair Lady Gaga Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
10 Reym-L-Dneurb The Vegetable Orchestra Vegetable Orchestra Medley
11 Gringotts The Hush Sound Sweet Tangerine
12 Prasia Miss Platnum Give Me The Food
13 Paperland Crazy Banana Girls Crazy Banana
14 Angelic Gunther and The Sunshine Girls Tutti Frutti Summer Love
15 Horehronieland My Little Pony At the Gala
16 Doire The White Stripes Apple Blossom
17 Virgohronie Cookie Monster Healthy Food
18 Cydoni-Gibberia Röyksopp Eple
19 Mooseland Genius Baby Players Oranges & Lemons
20 Aspirinia Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole Somewhere Over The Rainbow
21 Llama Republic Owl City Strawberry Avalanche
22 QuiénDQ Malina Leden Svyat
23 Kamandé Koji Kondo Market
24 Waloria Moa Lignell When I Held Ya
25 Balearica Island Cygnus X The Orange Theme (Moonman's Orange Juice Edit)
26 Africasia T-ara 過敏 Allergy
27 Pigeon Island Queensberry No Smoke
28 Eterland Miku Hatsune Po Pi Po
29 New Acadia Jenna Marbles Orange Song
30 Zechonia Queen Tutti Frutti
31 Yaponesia Aya Matsuura Momoiro Kataomoi
32 Bacchus Luna Tequila, Limun i So

Voting Table[]

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