Nation Song Contest

Nation Song Contest - Mystery Spinoff 2 was a special spinoff edition of the Nation Song Contest and the sequel to the first Mystery Spinoff. The hosting venue was unknown throughout the contest, and eventually revealed to be Cydoni-Gibberia. The concept of the spinoff was for nations to send a song without announcing it in public. After the contest started, the nations would vote in regular style for the entries they liked the most, as well as sending their guesses for which song belongs to which nation. The nation's entry was awarded an extra two points for every correct guess, and the entry that the fewest nations guessed correctly received an additional two points. Adamsburg received the final bonus points, having been correctly surveyed by no other nation.


Draw Nation Artist Song YouTube Place Points
01 Tír an Abhainn Tleskač Nafoukanej chlapeček YT Link 17 40
02 Gematria Kerli Love Is Dead YT Link 1 116
03 Comino Povia Kuca Era Gay YT Link 19 26
04 Reym-L-Dneurb Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Gaçma Gözal YT Link 7 70 
05 Ugaly Hirose Kohmi Promise YT Link 15 42
06 Hibernia Kate Miller-Heidke The Last Day On Earth YT Link 20 13*
07 Bokia Jason Derulo Whatcha Say YT Link 12 55
08 10 Regions of Mobius Au Revoir Simone Sad Song DM Link 10 59 
09 Adamsburg SNSD Genie YT Link 8 65
10 Belvist Vanessa Amorosi This Is Who I Am YT Link 16 41
11 Halito Lumsk Nøkken YT Link 2 88
12 Mooseland Michael Bublé Haven't Met You Yet YT Link 6 72
13 Lukeland Britney Spears Womanizer YT Link 18 33
14 Fervorosia E-Type ft. Na Na Life YT Link 8 65
15 Yaponesia Talking Heads Road To Nowhere DM Link 11 56
16 Scorpionia P!nk U + Ur Hand YT Link 3 85
17 QuiénDQ Lady GaGa Paparazzi YT Link 5 83
18 Zechonia Placebo Ashtray Heart YT Link 13  50
19 Reignland Carole Samaha Esma'ny YT Link 14 44
20 Qele Kill Hannah Lips Like Morphine MTV Link 3 85
*-failed to vote