NSC Spinoff - National Finals 12
Host Serenate & Clair Serenate & Clair
Winner Perryfornia Perryfornia - Reidun Sæther - High on Love
Entries 27
Dates 21 Oct - 5 Nov 2012
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Nation Song Contest - National Finals 12 was hosted by Serenate & Clair. Nations had to enter songs that were in national finals of countries participating in Eurovision at the time of the spinoff. Sweden was the most represented nation, with 7 entries in this spinoff hailing from there. Perryfornia won this spinoff with Reidun Sæther from Norway.


Draw Nation Artist Song ESC Nation Link Place Points
1 Horehronieland The UPS! Kiss Russia Link
2 Cherniya Izulirband Melodi Israel Link
3 Oussouland Molly Sandén Why Am I Crying Sweden Link 12
4 Rumia Syostry Syo Une marionette Russia Link
5 Bacchus Electric Fence Sun-ta Romania Link
6 Paperland Suicide DJs ft. Jurga Final Shot Lithuania Link 29
7 Fervorosia Sara Aalto Blessed with Love Finland Link 10 63
8 Moisantia Dynazty Land of Broken Dreams Sweden Link 7
9 10 Regions of Mobius Pay TV Refrain Refrain Sweden Link
10 Randomia 4FUN Don't you know? Lithuania Link 20
11 Pigeon Island Anne Noa Sleepless Denmark Link 4
12 Tasrailia David Lindgren Shout It Out Sweden Link
13 Reignland Flaka Krelani & Doruntina Disha Jeta kërkon dashuri Albania Link
14 Reym-L-Dneurb Triānas Parks Stars Are My Family Latvia Link
15 Llama Republic Merie Serneholt Salt and Pepper Sweden Link
16 QuiénDQ Eva & Nika Prusnik Konichiwa Slovenia Link 17
17 Canedonia Blár Ópal Stattu Upp Iceland Link
18 Chessland Distinto, Ianna Novac & Anthony Icuagu Open Your Eyes Romania Link 42
19 Dal Riata Donna McCaul Mercy Ireland Link
20 Denmark of Peace Lena Bee Germany Link
21 Roseland Nora Foss Al-Jabri Somewhere Beautiful Norway Link
22 Viola Per Sempre Krautschädl Einsturzgefohr Austria Link
23 Balearica Island Elin Torset Brighter than Light Norway Link 18 39
24 Öösingimaed Amadeus Anastacia Finland Link
25 Perryfornia Reidun Sæther High on Love Norway Link 1
26 Sunland Lisa Miskovsky Why Start a Fire Sweden Link
27 Serenate & Clair Charlotte Perrelli The Girl Sweden Link
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