Nation Song Contest - Randomizer Spinoff was a special spinoff edition of the Nation Song Contest, in which the nations sent an artist that somebody else would be randomly assigned to choose a song for. The nations were represented by the songs they had chosen for their assigned artists. The contest was held in Dalisska, and was also won by the host.

A full summary of who got what artist (the original submitter of the artist is in brackets):

Halito - C:Real (Saksjaowie)
Yaponesia - Justice (Zoidiac)
Zombira - Lepa Brena (Canedonia)
Saksjaowie - Unklejam (Cydoni-Gibberia)
Dalisska - Those Dancing Days (Qele)
Ugaly - Marit Bergman (Adamsburg)
Scorpionia - Antonio Vivaldi (Yaponesia)
QuiénDQ - Elizabeth & the Catapult (Dalisska)
Gematria - Sebu (Lukeland)
Reignland - Anselm (Reym-L-Dneurb)
Zechonia - Avenged Sevenfold (Zechonia)
Canedonia - My Passion (Halito)
Adamsburg - David Wise (Ugaly)
Zoidiac - Alfa Rococo (Gematria)
Cydoni-Gibberia - Mosaro & Astrid Kuby (Noizeland)
United Islands - Amanda Lear (United Islands)
10 Regions of Mobius - Hossam Habib (Reignland)
Comino - Esil Dyuran/Esil Duran/Есил Дюран (QuiénDQ)
Reym-l-Dneurb - P!nk (Comino)
Noizeland - Utada Hikaru (Bokia)
Lukeland - Diego Torres (Scorpionia)
Bokia - Winny Puhh (Zombira)
Qele - Erin McCarley (10 Regions of Mobius)

After some unhappy players, it was decided that the nation won't be able to get its entry back under no circumstances, in order to have more fun, so it became:

Zechonia - Amanda Lear (United Islands)
United Islands - Avenged Sevenfold (Zechonia)

Participants Edit

Draw Nation Artist Song YouTube Place Points
01 Zoidiac Alfa Rocco Lever L'ancre YT Link 5 64
02 Cydoni-Gibberia Mosaro & Astrid Kuby Jede Zelle Meines Körpers Ist Glücklich YT Link 16 32
03 Qele Erin McCarley Love, Save The Empty YT Link 14 41
04 Zechonia Amanda Lear Méthamorphose YT Link 17 28
05 Gematria Sebu Safe And Sound Link 21 15, 5*
06 QuiénDQ Elizabeth & The Catapult Perfectly Perfect YT Link 9 55
07 Dalisska Those Dancing Days Run Run YT Link 1 93
08 Lukeland Diego Torres La Ultima Noche YT Link 23 9, 25*
09 Saksjaowie Unklejam What Am I Fighting For YT Link 13 43
10 Canedonia My Passion Hot In The Dolls House YT Link 13 43
11 Reym-L-Dneurb P!nk Dear Mr. President YT Link 6 63
12 Halito C:Real An Eisai Esi YT Link 9 55
13 Yaponesia Justice Let There Be Light YT Link 4 67
14 10 Regions of Mobius Hossam Habib Shoft B'einaya YT Link 15 36
15 Bokia Winny Puhh Peegelpõrand YT Link 8 59
16 Noizeland Utada Hikaru Devil Inside YT Link 2 74
17 Reignland Anselm Juki YT Link 11 53
18 Comino Esil Duran Trygvash Si I Ti YT Link 19 23
19 Scorpionia Antonio Vivaldi Storm YT Link 3 68
20 Zombira Lepa Brena ft. Microsoft Sam Pazi Kome Zavidiš (Heiki remix) YT Link 7 60
21 United Islands Avenged Sevenfold Beast And The Harloy YT Link 22 13*
22 Adamsburg David Wise Forest Interlude YT Link 19 23
23 Ugaly Marit Bergman Out On The Piers YT Link 12 44
*-failed to vote
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