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Map of New Cicvara

New Cicvara is one of the 6 states of Spila.


It is situated on the southeastern part of Spila. It borders the Spilian states of Continentia and Indipendia and the independent countries: Streets ET, Medina, Instir and Giggshood.

The state is divided into two main geographical parts:

  • The Heights and
  • The Valley.

The Heigths is the name for the part covered by Hregden Mountains (with the highest point of New Cicvara: Snjež peak (2367 m)) and the surrounding hills.

The Valley is the name of the region consisting of Loch Njess lake with the surrounding swamps, the valleys below Hregden Mts. and Sa'ara Sands.


New Cicvara is a state found on the territory of a now defunct country called Maccha-Bently. The state is populated with Cicvarans, people originating from an also now defunct country: Cicvara.

Since Maccha-Bently declared their withdrawal, their territory was peacefully annexed with the Spilian territory to help Spila solve the high population density problem, that occurred when every single inhabitant of Cicvara moved to their "sister-country" Spila.