Flag of Orovoda
Member station NSC - OAC logo (OAC)
Appearances 19 (+ 21 spinoffs)
Debut NSC 26
Best result 9th (NSC 30)
Worst result 20th (semi) (NSC 32)

Orovoda is an island nation that lies on the Western continent and is the second Northest country of the NSC World. The territory is made of two islands: Île Fixe and Île Kazé, which are linked by the Quidam Bridge. Orovoda is neighbored by Fervorosia, Vedatistan and Scorpionia at the South and Noizeland at the East.

The country's name is a combination between Oro (Gold in Spanish) and Voda (Water in many slavic languages), thus showing the great diversity of languages and ethnicities of its population. The name also describes the look of the Havi River, largest river of Orovoda, when the Sun shines through the water at sunset and dawn.

Orovoda's flag shares similarities with the one from Québec, the French-speaking province of Canada. Its national emblem is the Fleur-de-Lys (which is also the emblem of Québec), shown in the middle of the flag. On the sides, two water drops symbolizing the great importance of water in Orovoda.

It began in the Nation Song Contest during the 26th edition, after being freed from the waiting list on August 5th. Their first entry was Baila from Ima. The song did not make it to the final, only managing to obtain a 14th place with 60 points in semifinal.

On October 8th 2009, Orovoda announced its full withdrawal from the Nation Song Contest after the 44th edition.


Orovoda territory

Map of Orovoda

Image - Vedrai

Vedrai, capital of Orovoda

NSC - OAC logo

Orovoda Art & Communication logo

  • Full name:
Republic of Orovoda (English)
République d'Orovoda (French)
Ridulia du Orovodan (Orovodan)
  • Capital: Vedrai
  • President: Malena Ernman
  • Population: 2 129 000
  • Official languages: French (43%), Orovodan (31%)
  • Other languages: Spanish (8%), Turkish (7%), Ukrainian (7%), Hungarian (3%), Swedish (1%)
  • Important cities: Irna, O Kalan, Mirko, Boléro, Errans, Vahlia, Sima-Noire
  • Regions:
Hiréyo (938 800) (Capital: Vedrai)
Kamandé (372 200)
Liama (255 600)
Gamelan (194 300)
Ramsani (157 800)
Latora-Volare (93 500)
Misha (60 700)
Ephra dan Carev (56 900)
  • Currency: Orovodan ravendhi (RVD) (Sign: OR)
  • National Day: June 3rd
  • Motto: La vida es un carnaval! (Life Is a Carnival!)
  • Broadcaster: Orovoda Art & Communication (OAC)
  • National arena: Zydeko Arena (14 300 seats)


The islands of Orovoda have a young history, due to their late discovery from being located in the North. In 1917, a navigator named Ervigi Höt, sent by the King of Scorpionia to search for new lands to the West of the country, got lost and crashed in the Fixe Island. Unable to go back to his country, he decided to stay on land and build the new country’s capital: Vedrai.

Indigenous people were already living on the island, and participated in the construction of houses’ structures and architectures. Upon inventing new communication technologies, people from around the world got to know about the islands and their attractions. Ninety years later, more than two million people are now citizens of Orovoda.


Orovoda is a small country with approximately 2 129 000 people. Most of them live in the region of Hiréyo, which hosts the capital, Vedrai. (Pop.: 710 000) The country's capital means You will see in Italian.

Other smaller regions include Kamandé (known for its numerous dance and folkloric festivals) and Latora-Volare (which hosts the biggest cheese factory of Orovoda).

Orovodan people are known for their open-mind and outspokenness, according to many tourists.

Politics and GovernmentEdit

Malena Ernman

Ms. Malena Ernman, President of Orovoda

Orovoda is a democratic nation ruled by the new Orovodan Voice Party, with Ms. Malena Ernman at its head. The Party won their first elections on June 6th, beating the Tiger Party once again with 92 seats against 8. Ms. Carola Häggkvist, who was the previous president of Orovoda, and the head of the now defunct Blue Party, withdrawed from this election, causing the party to dismantle. Ms. Häggkvist was suspected of causing violent storms and earthquakes within the country.

Orovoda is an economically challenging country, with many exportations and local products. The country is specialized in arts (more precisely music and cinema) and is well-known for hosting and producing the greatest number of artistic shows and festivals in the world.

The country's only accepted religion is Erviginism, which is also the only religion in Scorpionia. Anyone seen not practicing the religion (consisting in having sex all the time, eating chocolate and being sexy) will be instantly punished to death by having a deadly device known as The Chiara being shoved up their ass.


Orovoda is surrounded by water, thus its temperature is a little colder than normal. Temperature varies between 18 and 25 Celcius in Summer and between -22 and -5 in Winter.


The country doesn't have any military or armed forces. The only conflict known to Orovoda is the War with Scorpionia, which has been resolved without using any weapons.

War with ScorpioniaEdit

On September 23rd 2008, Scorpionia officially declared war to Orovoda. Here are the causes of this announcement:

  • Scorpionia accused Orovoda of stealing its pop-corn prior to the NSC 27 semifinal result show.
  • Orovoda is defending by saying that Scorpionia is egoist and did not want to give some pop-corn.
  • Scorpionia declared that Orovoda did not ask before and stole the pop-corn.
  • Orovoda says they don't need to ask before taking something as insignificant as pop-corn.

On October 30th 2008, Orovoda and Scorpionia came up with an agreement after a pleasurable pillow fight, thus ending the war. Everybody is now happy again and can safely eat candies for Halloween that will not be contaminated with uranium radiations caused by the previous war.

Orovoda in the Nation Song ContestEdit

NSC - Orovoda NSC Logo

Orovoda in Nation Song Contest

Orovoda entered the Nation Song Contest during the 26th edition, beginning on August 5th.

The nation's music style is very diversified: while the country clearly has a particular taste for ethnic-sounding songs and rock/metal music, some entries have elements that range from traditional pop to more bizarre and unique styles.   

For a quick view of all the entries from Orovoda, please look at the following recaps:

Nation Song Contest EditionsEdit

Edition Artist Song YT Video Final Points Semi Points
NSC 26 Ima Baila Link XX XX 14 60
NSC 27 High and Mighty Color Run Run Run Link 18 103 12 * 62
NSC 28 Verka Serduchka Hop hop Link XX XX 14 52
NSC 29 Dana International Love Boy Link 23 90 05 88
NSC 30 Within Temptation The Howling Link 09 130 08 88
NSC 31 Lordi Blood Red Sandman Link 20 96 10 75
NSC 32 Cherry Filter Orinalda Link XX XX 20 36
NSC 33 Ruslana Drum 'n' Dance Link 26 50 17 * 39
NSC 34 Sistem (Ft. Stella Anita) Never Link XX XX 20 44
NSC 35 EMF Unbelievable Link XX XX 13 62
NSC 36 The Lonely Island Jizz in My Pants Link XX XX 13 63
NSC 37 Alena Visotskaya Snegu rada Link XX XX 15 51
NSC 38 Stephy Tang Gleaming Glamours Link XX XX 15 55
NSC 39 Eluveitie Omnos Link 17 105 09 73
NSC 40 La Quinta Estación Que te quería Link 11 135 02 107
NSC 41 Malena Ernman Tragedy Link 10 116 02 109
NSC 42 Camille Le festin Link 20 101 07 78
NSC 43 Dolores O'Riordan The Journey Link 18 95 10 62
NSC 44 Kashtin E uassiuian Link XX XX 19 43
  • * = Rest jury qualifier

Spinoff EditionsEdit

Edition Artist Song YT Video Place Points
Movies 2 Charlie Clouser Hello Zepp Link 09 59
AATW 5: Spain Azúcar Moreno Bésame Link 07 73
Instrumental Riverdance Reel Around the Sun Link 15 57
Eurovision 8 Carol Rich Moitié, moitié Link 23 24
Languages 2 Tarkan Dilli Düdük Link 32 29
AATW 6: Serbia Ceca Lepi grome moj Link 27 27
National Idol 2 Hasna Shofo shofo Link 24 33
Congratulations 3 Within Temptation The Howling Link 15 156
Christmas Theme 2 Roland Hi! Ha! Tremblay Le temps d'une dinde Link 16 56
Oldies 3: 80's Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Link 27 38
NSC Covers/Remixes Mylène Farmer Désenchantée Link 15 63
National Finals 8 ABBA Ring Ring Link 11 69
Robbery Yelle Je veux te voir Link 20 40
AATW 7: Egypt Sherine Ahmed Sabri Aleel Link 07 63
Eurovision 2009 Anastasiya Prykhodko Mamo Link 25 36
Video Games Zelda: The Wind Waker Dragon Roost Island Link -- --
Doubles Nightwish Over the Hills and Far Away Link 08 56
Oldies 4: 90's Le Cirque du Soleil Kamandé Link 26 35
Congratulations 4 Eluveitie Omnos Link 22 121
Spinoff Congratulations Sherine Ahmed Sabri Aleel Link 27 51
AATW 8: Hungary Dalriada Égi madár Link 12 55


  • ====Portugal Nation Song Contest====

The second-largest region of Orovoda, Kamandé, is participating in a different Nation Song Contest: the Portuguese version. 20 participants are competing in each final. Due to time constraints, Kamandé has withdrawn after four editions.

Edition Artist Song YT Video Final Points Semi Points
NSC-Portugal 23 Mitsou Dis-moi, dis-moi Link XX XX 16 50
NSC-Portugal 24 Witches There She Is!! Link XX XX 16 52
NSC-Portugal 25 Jorane Ineffable Link XX XX 19 55
NSC-Portugal 26 Martine Chevrier Danser pour danser Link XX XX 18 10

  • ====Starmania Nation Song Contest====

Another region of Orovoda, Latora-Volare, has participated in the Austrian version of the Nation Song Contest on the Starmania-Forum. The number of participants in each edition is about 15. Latora-Volare decided to withdraw from this contest after three editions.

Edition Artist Song YT Video Place Points
NSC-Austria 37 Charlie Clouser Hello Zepp Link 09 50
NSC-Austria 38 Lordi Would You Love a Monsterman? Link 13 31
NSC-Austria 39 The Lonely Island Jizz in My Pants Link 05 60

  • ====MSN NSC New Generation====

Orovoda periodically participated in MSN NSC (Nation Song Contest on a reduced scale and presented in a MSN group convo format). The country has won the 10th edition with Réverbère from Ariane Moffatt with a grand total of 48 points.

Voting HistoryEdit

Orovoda has given the most points to:

Place Country Points
01 Scorpionia 96
02 Belvist 45
03 Zombira 44
04 Reignland 41
05= Swelatie, Xanadu 37

Orovoda has received the most points from:

Place Country Points
01 Effiland 45
02 Scorpionia 41
03 Yaponesia 37
04 Kuki-Q 32
05= Fervorosia, Adamsburg 31

Official BannersEdit

Here are the official banners used as signatures for every NSC entries on the ESCtoday forum.

Pictures from OrovodaEdit

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