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Flag of Phinechendza

Phinechendza was a country on the Northern Continent . Its capital city was Ilionis. It borderd with Spila on the west, Instir on the south, and Adamsburg on the east. The national broadcaster was PHTV.

Entries Edit

Edition Artist Song SF pl. SF p. F pl. F p.
NSC 5 Shaft Mambo Italiano No Semi No Semi 2nd 108
NSC 6 Ricky Martin Livin' La Vita Loca - - 20th 71
NSC 7 Bob Sinclar Rock This Party 7th 105 11th 98
NSC 8 Arash ft. Rebecca Temptation - - 22nd 50
NSC 9 Sarah Brightman feat. Andrea Bocelli Time To Say Goodbye 2nd 145 3rd 126
NSC 10 Enrique Iglesias Bailamos - - 5th 116

PHN grb pl

Coat of arms of Phinechendza

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