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Pyreica (pronounced Pee-ray-ka), or in its complete form Republicxi Mudernè Pyreicsè (Pyreican Modern Republic) is a small country located in the Southern part of Galea, between Rumia, Kamandé and Ujedinjeni Gvozd.

Being a land of mountains, Pyreica was for a long time quite isolated from the rest of the world. Agriculture was the only economical forte until the middle of the XIXth century when sport and spa tourism took over.

Since 2014, the country has been governed by President Aslaís Peira.


The name of the country comes from the Latin root of the word fire : pyr. When the first settlers came to the land, they were taken aback by the colors of the sky when the rays of sunset reached the snow-covered peaks. The red and orange hues gave Pyreica its title of the Land on Fire (Tierth ò Pyr).



A major part of the country was founded on a plateau, surrounded by high mountain ranges in the East (Massís ed Neth) and South (Montanha d'Aur). The highest point is Píco Nethoù, which culminates at 4306m, while the average altitude of the country is more than 1700m. A few decades ago snow could be found under 1000m from November to May. Nowadays, due to global warming, winter season is shorter and glaciers are melting. The biggest one, Blau Glacier, lost 25% of its surface in the last twenty years and now spreads over 16.42 km².

Many mountain lakes can be found in Pyreica. Small in size but big in numbers, Pyreica owns the record for the highest lacustrine density with 3254 lakes !

Among these

Pyreica shares a small part of Cassèl Lake with Kamandé while the dense forest in the West forms a natural barrier with Ujedinjeni Gvozd. This peculiar topography keeps the land quite isolated from the rest of the world and prevents enemies from breaking into the country.


Pyreica is subjected to an alpine climate, in winter the average temperature doesn't rise above 3.4°C while it's only 19.3° in the summer. The pluviometry is one of the highest in the world of Natia with 1041mm per year.


Pyreica is the home of 2,345,689 inhabitants (2019 estimation), spread over an area of 45 468 km². The highest density can be found near Esthaní Cassèl (Cassel Lake), making Esthanè and its suburb area the most populated city of the country with 354 478 inhabitants.


At the establishment of the country, Begorran and Pyrohóc were the official languages of Pyreica, both originating from Latin, with Begorran being mainly spoken in the eastern part of the country. Over the years, Pyrohóc spread its influence and assimilated Begorran, thus forming the current Pyreican language. We can still find vestiges of Begorran in the local dialects. Due to the arrival of many French and Spanish speakers in the XIXth century, the government took a measure to protect Pyreican and insure it stayed the major language of the country. A recent Japanese diaspora brought more diversity to the country's population and language.


Thanks to its vast fields and topography, Pyreica’s economy revolves around two main points : agriculture and tourism. For centuries now, the country has welcomed people from all over the world, eager to tackle the highest mountains or chill in winter resorts. Simultaneously, Pyreica is the home of many hot water sources, which propelled the country as a world’s leader in balneology. Ansèth, the capital, hosts the largest balneo center of the continent.

The currency is the Sòun (SON).



Nature has always been one of the most important aspect of Pyreican culture and can be illustrated in the flag chosen by the people at the establishment of the new republic in 1912. Black, lime green and white embody three fundamentals : rock (mountains), life (agriculture), and light. The representation of the sun in the middle is accompanied by the symbols of Air and Earth, two of the four elements that are essential to the balance of the land.


The national motto Esclísei eth aùsarei (litt. "We’ll glide and rise”) was written during the building of the Revolution at the end of the XIXth that would dispose of the Monarchy and would implement the current Modern Republic. It is a direct reference to the Pyreican's way of living which consists of withstanding adversity by putting things into perspective and moving on easily to overcome all obstacles.


The national anthem Ailisi ed Tierth ò Pyr (litt. "The Wings from the Land on Fire") was written in February 1912 at the start of the Modern Republic in honor of the new era.

Ahantz, sèkulei nai (Forget, we will never)

Cèu tènhaí gorri (The sky tainted red)

Banhaí nel odol ed nòu frèxis (Basked in the blood of our brothers)

Hegani, pitchoùn (Fly, little one)

Sùbre lèrmis eth lehertzà (Above the tears and the rumbling)

Sùs nò maiestàt tierth (Over our majestic homeland)

O se pàurnai eth grazicsè O so fearless and gracious,

Hegani, pitchoùn (Fly, little one)

Dia tieu ailisi obreiu liberthsè (May your wings spread free)

Eth aduíreiu nò arma (And carry our soul)

Ó Viatgji infinitsè (On a never-ending journey)



Pyreica excels in winter sports, especially in alpine skiing and snowboarding. In the 2018 Winter Olympics Games, they brought home 14 medals, earning them a place in the Top 10 and the highest ratio of medals per inhabitant. Since the eighties, Ice Hokey is the most popular sport in the country. The Men’s team won two World Cup in the last decade and never left the semi-final lineup in international championships since 2003.

Bare rugby sevens, summer sports aren’t as successful, unfortunately. In the last three editions of the Olympics they only won medals in swimming, cycling and judo, but with the inclusion of climbing in the 2020 Olympics they hope to break this poor streak.

This lack of results on the biggest stage doesn't prevent Pyreican from performing in less conventional sports. DH, trail running, canyoning, paragliding, mountaineering, and all outdoor activities are extremely popular.


Since December 2019, the Pyreican delegation represented by the national media company, PyrTV, joined the Nation Song Contest. Pyreica spent 14 months in the Waiting List before joining NSC for the 190th edition

Pyreica in the Nation Song Contest

Edition Artist Song Place Pts
190 Hoàng Thuỳ Linh Tứ Phủ 21 (SF) 50
191 Mrs Yéyé Mars 23 (GF) 82
192 Cascadeur Ghost Surfer 12 (SF) 65
193 Taeyeon Spark 20 (GF) 103
194 TroyBoi Africa 20 (SF) 48
195 Les Cowboys Fringants Bye Bye Lou 17 (SF) 59
196 SOFI TUKKER Swing 20 (GF) 106
197 Pabllo Vittar ZAP ZUM

Pyreica in the Waiting List Song Contest

Edition Artist Song Place Pts
188 Bakermat ft. Alex Clare Learn to Lose 6 64
189 Sheryl Crow Real Gone 13 38
190 Feli Omule, deschide occhii 6 47
191 Kyo Contact 13 41
192 Vanessa Hudgens Sneakernight 14 38
193 Sawano ft. Laco Nexus 7 60
194 Grimes Delete Forever 11 42
195 Folder 5 Believe 16 36
196 The Black Eyes Peas Let's Get It Started 6 77
197 Rhapsody of Fire Emerald Sword 4 73
198 Droog ft. Sirotkin Oblaka 1 83
199 (Host) Pokemon French OP Attrapez les Tous 19 41
200 TWRP ft. Dan Avidan Starlight Brigade 16 48
201 Suzane SUZANE 4 80
202 Mrs Yéyé ft. Lou Howard Prendre les Armes 11 56
203 LELLE Hibana 18 44
204 Raiven Kralj Babilona 15 44
205 Mako Coyote 10 54
206 Christine and the Queens 5 dollars 15 52
207 THÉA Pourtant 13 57
208 Dreamcatcher BANG BANG BANG (cover) 12 56
209 Wednesday Campanella Aladdin 5 68
210 MamaRika Ya Polyum' Ya 8 65
211 Therapie TAXI Eté 90 2 102
212 Pabllo Vittar Buzina 7 66
213 Rolling Quartz Blaze 15 49
214 Barbara Pravi Chair 11 56
215 Vivir Quintana ft. El Palomar Canción sin miedo 17 54
216 Bomba Estéreo ft. Nidia Góngora Sonic Forest (Déjame Respirar) 6 71
217 Rezz ft. PVRIS Sacrificial 5 74
218 PLS&TY Run Wild 14 51
219 Zventa Sventana Sukhotushka 6 71
220 W&W x AXMO ft. Sonja Rave Love 2 98
221 An'Om x Vayn Tu rêves 18 45
222 4s4ki FAIRYTALE 21 28
223 RETRIEVER Purple 14 49
224 Monetochka Kazhdyi raz 24 35
225 Gringe On aboie en silence 15 45
226 STEREOPONY Smilife
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