The country of Cydoni-Gibberia is separated into 5 regions. These 5 regions are listed below in alphabetical order.

Bazdmeg-iFrickin-C'Moon-al-Hamililandia Edit

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Bruixijan Edit

Bruixijan is the largest region of Cydoni-Gibberia. It has a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and clear blue skies, and is known on the island for being the cleanest region, with only 1% pollution in the air and very little space of landfill. A 2008 estimate has placed the population of Bruixijan at 3,500,000, making it one of the smallest region in terms of population, yet is still mpre populous than some of the nations in NSC world. Bruixijan's largest city is Danishri, and the region neighbours Gibberia, Cydu and Formata.

Cydu Edit

Cydu is the main administrative region and handles a lot of businesses and industries on the island. 60% of all income for Cydoni-Gibberia comes from Cydu. The name of Cydu is also the official demonym of something to comes from Cydoni-Gibberia, whereas Cydoni-Gibberian is used in some places unofficially. The name is also the origin of the Cydoni prt of the name Cydoni-Gibberia. Part of the region is separated from the rest by the River Cydu-Gib, which runs from the south downwards to the north. Cydu's largest city is Laskivé, which also happens to be the headquarters of CyGiTV, the national broadcaster of NSC in Cydoni-Gibberia, but is yet to host an NSC event. Cydu borders the regions Sabato, Bruixijan and Formata.

Formata Edit

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Gibberia Edit

Gibberia is the 2nd largest region of Cydoni-Gibberia and is where the seats of government are situated. Gibberia's largest city is Vardychinov, the capital city of Cydoni-Gibberia and the host city of the NSC Countries Spinoff and the upcoming 80s Coming Back spinoff. Gibberia borders Bruixijan and Formata.

Låpøtré Edit

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Sabato Edit

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