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Romeria officially the Republic of Romeria was a country on the Northern continent. It bordered  Ugaly and Astoria to the west, Maccha-Brugia and Medina to the north, Instir to the east, and Andromeda and Reym-L-Dneurb to the south. It took part in the contest a total of 7 times from NSC 4 to NSC 10. The best place the nation was able to achieve was 4th.

Nation Song Contest Edit

Edition Artist Song Draw Rank Points SF Draw SF Rank SF Points
NSC 4 Maja Grozdanovska Pančeva Slusni Go Srceto #13 18th 38 NS NS NS
NSC 5 Bijelo Dugme Lipe Cvatu #16 23rd 25 NS NS NS
NSC 6 The Weather Girls It's Raining Men #5 13th 88 #23 7th 103
NSC 7 Massari Real Love X X X #20 27th 35
NSC 8 Mr President Coco Jambo #2 4th 114 #1 9th 103
NSC 9 Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero #22 16th 68 X X X
NSC 10 Yves Larock Rise Up X X X #20 17th 79
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