Nation Song Contest

Rotterdamus was a nation on the southern continent which made its debut in NSC6 with the song "Rood" by Marco Borsato.


Rotterdamus is a country on the Southern Continent with it's neighbours being Prasia, Effiland, Galataland and Vorhota. The country has 3 regions: Kuip at the Maas (which lies next to the big Lake) which is the biggest region with it's capital being Feijenoord, the 2nd region is IJselmonde with Farel being it's capital and the 3rd and smallest region is Veranda with it's capital being Rubensstad. The main capital of Rotterdamus is Rotterdam and atm 8.800.000 people live in Rotterdamus. Most of the inhabitants are Rotterdamians from origin but 8% is made up of Mountbattenians, Galata's, Vorhotians and Effilanders.


Rotterdamus made it's debut in NSC6, as a new nation they had to start in the semi final where they entered national music icon Marco Borsato and his pop song 'Rood', in the semi final they just made it ending only a few points ahead of Alinta who didn't make it. In the final things went better as we achieved a 10th place. At NSC7 Safri Duo had to ensure a high placing, the people had high hopes and another 10th place was achieved. RTV then spend alot of money on a national final which John Legend won...but in the final he ended 2nd to last, only leaving Manoma behind and so it will probably take a few editions before RTV will open its purse for another big NF. Because of this dissapointment the American band, American Hi Fi, would perform at NSC9 which would be held in Astoria and unlike previous years Rotterdamus wiould have to start in the semi final just like in their debut year. However the came up short in a very close NF and Rotterdamus has therefore decided to not participate in the 10th NSC to think about the future. For NSC11 they held a big NF to make sure Rotterdamus would get back to the finals, in the NF Weird Al Yankovic took a shocking win as Rotterdamus was looking to shock the NSC world by making it to the finals with Weird Al, however they just failed and a year later, U2 and Greenday had to restore the honour with The Saints Are Coming, the result? Dissapointing as Rotterdamus ended 24th with 41 and was by far chanceless to make it to the finals. NSC13 was suppose to be a turning point for Rotterdamus and it was indeed a turning point. First of all Rotterdamus got to the final and in the final The Fray with How To Save A Life ended 9th with 106 points which means that Rotterdamus will be back in the final for NSC14. In NSC14 Rotterdamus chose David Bisbal with the song Silencio as their entry and yet again Rotterdamus posted a good result, ending 9th again with 100 points. In NSC15 it was Natalia Imbruglia's turn to represent Rotterdamus and she did a fine job, originally she ended 12th but after a counting mistake was fixed it turned out Rotterdamus ended 10th for the 3rd time in its short history. In NSC16 Basement Jaxx will represent Rotterdamus with Good Luck in Prasia.

NSC History[]

Here you can see Rotterdamus' achievements in the NSC World:

Contest Artist Song Place Semi Points Semi Place Final Points Final
NSC 6 Marco Borsato Rood 12 87 10 104
NSC 7 Safri Duo feat. C. Anderson All the People in the World XX XX 10 108
NSC 8 John Legend When I Used to Love You XX XX 25 24
NSC 9 American Hi-Fi All the Geeks get the Girls 17 72 XX XX
NSC 11 Weird Al Yankovic Ebay 16 71 XX XX
NSC 12 U2 & Greenday The Saints Are Coming 24 41 XX XX
NSC 13 The Fray How To Save A Life 9 110 9 106
NSC 14 David Bisbal Silencio XX XX 9 100
NSC 15 Natalia Imbruglia Torn XX XX 10 108
NSC 16 Basement Jaxx Good Luck XX XX 25 52
NSC 17 Leaf Wonderwoman 14 88 22 65
NSC 18 Khadja Nin Mama 7 73 19 84
NSC 19 Yellowcard Fighting 10 67 22 69
NSC 20 Ella Welcome to the Club 2 110 16 101
NSC 21 Teddybears STHLM Cobrastyle 23 27 XX XX
NSC 22 Hilary McRae Everyday 22 20 XX XX
NSC 23 The Sounds Seven Days a Week 6 89 16 84
NSC 24 Hermes House Band Country Roads 9 74 16 98
NSC 25 Leaf Motherf***er 11 66 XX XX
NSC 27 Das Pop Underground 23 9 XX XX
NSC 28 David Guetta Delirious 10 71 10 136
NSC 29 Junior Senior Rhythym Bandits 19 43 XX XX
NSC 30 Kabouter Plop Kabouterdans 23 30 XX XX
NSC 31 Gouache Simple 17 40 XX XX
NSC 32 Smitten Todas Esas Cosas 9 75 21 82
NSC 33 Alex Gaudino Watch Out 12 70 XX XX
NSC 34 Oleg Kvasha Zelenoglazoe Taxi 22 39 XX XX
NSC 35 Valerius She Doesn't Know 11 63 XX XX
NSC 36 The Opposites ft. Dio & Wartaal Dom, Lomp & Famous 13 63 XX XX
NSC 37 George Baker Una Paloma Blanca 20 32 XX XX
NSC 38 Karma's Kitchen L.O.V.E. 7 79 16 94
NSC 39 Jackson 5 ABC 24 18 XX XX
NSC 40 One Night Only Just For Tonight 10 70 25 56
NSC 41 The Rapture No Sex For Ben 21 26 XX XX
NSC 42 Briskeby Miss You Like Crazy 25 17 XX XX
NSC 44 Panic! At The Disco Nine In The Afternoon 22 36 XX XX

NSC Spinoffs[]

Here you can find info on how Rotterdamus did in the so called spinoff contests


This is the same as NSC but here you have to participate with NSC songs, Rollo & King were the first to represent Rotterdamus at this event and got a 13th place in Spila. For the 2nd edition RTV chose Wig Wam to represent them, this was for sure a risky entry but they were counting on the rockfans for points and it worked as they ended 7th in a strong field with 82 points. The 3rd edition was being held in Rotterdamus, since that was already a huge achievement to get the event to their country they took a risk by sending the eastern musicians Alexandra & Konstantin with 'My Galileo' but they did a good job ending 10th. 1 edition later Rotterdamus surprised everyone as they almost won, ending 2nd. However the year after that Mickey Joe Harte dissapointed ending only 20th with 39 points. Here you can see Rotterdamus' history:

Contest Artist Song Place Points
NSC-ESC Rollo & King I'l Never Ever Let You Go 13 44
NSC-ESC2 Wig Wam In My Dreams 7 82
NSC-ESC3 Alexandra & Konstantin My Galileo 10 60
NSC-ESC4 Birgitta Haukdal Open Your Heart 2 96
NSC-ESC5 Mickey Joe Harte We've Got The World 20 39
NSC-ESC6 Locomondo Liubi, Liubi I Love You 22 30


This is a spinoff between songs that didn't went to the ESC because they didnt win in their Nation's national final. Rotterdamus' first entry was the Danish Song '2 Are Stronger Than One' by Me and My which ended in the middle of the table ending 14th with 54 points. Their 2nd entry was On and On by the French band Medi-t which ended 2nd in the French NF of 2007. Medi-t ended higher, 1 place to be exactly but they did get 2 points less than Me and My. During the 3rd edition we ended in the middle of the table again, getting 52 points just like in the previous edition. However we did end 2 places lower this time but still on the leftside of the scoreboard as we ended 15th in a field of 29. In the 4th edition it was the same old story again, Ines ended 12 with Iseendale and this has been our best nf result thus far.

Contest Artist Song Place Points
NSC-NF 1 Me & My 2 Are Stronger Than One 14 54
NSC-NF 2 Medi-T On and On 13 52
NSC-NF 3 Atomik Harmonik Polkaholik 15 52
NSC-NF 4 Ines Iseendale 12 49

Random Spinoffs[]

Here you can see our results in the random spinoffs:

Spinoff Type Artist Song Place Points
Idol Spinoff X6 Without You 6 61
Movie Spinoff Survivor Eye of the Tiger 5 80
Language Spinoff Romano Hiphop 22 40
Anthem Spinoff Colombia Himno De Colombia 22 32
Nonsense Spinoff Team America America, Fuck Yeah! 22 21
Christmas Spinoff De Tokkies Verre Kerst 18 37
Mistery Spinoff Paul Stanley Live to Win 20 44

All Around the World[]

The first All Around the World spinoff was held in Arjastan with the country being Norway, Rotterdamus sended Briskeby with Miss You Like Crazy but the only good thing about that night was that they got 12 points from the host country which made up one 3rd of their total amount, they ended 23rd with 36 points as Rotterdamus vows to get revenge in Spila when Montenegro is the country.

Country Artist Song Place Points
Norway Briskeby Miss You Like Crazy 23 36