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Saint joe map


Saint Joe is a autonomic province of Saint Joe & Southgulfia and is leaded by King Vincent II., therefore the St. Joeans call their province a "monarchy". The languague in Saint Joe is latin.

Geography Edit

Saint Joe is a rather small island in the Southgulf. On the main island of Saint Joe there are only 5 cities, the rest of the island is not habitable.

Santa Madonna Edit

Santa Madonna is the capital and the biggest city of Saint Joe. It's at the end of the river Lagattu and the north top of the main island. Only one hood is built on a island in the northwest of the city.

King's Edit

King's is a small island group in the north of Saint Joe. It's the most noble and expensive region in Saint Joe & Southgulfia. On each island there's one villa and on the Joe's Island there's the King's Palace.


Southwest Edit

The southwest of Saint Joe is a very popular region for tourists, because of the beautiful beaches. There are four cities, which Los Santos is the biggest and most famous.


Lake Berwang

Berwang and Lake Berwang Edit

Many Saint Joeans say, that Berwang is the smallest, but also the most beautiful City in Saint Joe & Southgulfia. Berwang is the only city in the St.Joe-Moutains and the Lake Berwang. The lake berwang is also the source of the Logattu-River

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