Emblem of SJRAF

Saint Joean Royal Air Force (SJRAF) is the biggest military organisation in the NSC world. Aviaton is very trditionally in Saint Joe, therefore most of the Saint Joean military is for aviaton.

Founding Edit

After the civil war in Southgulfia, General Andrew Hoffer refoundet the St. Joean military. General Hoffer lived also in Sunoma in exile, so it wasn't possible to recruit a army in a strange land. So they recruted pilots on flattop in the international sea.

Fleets Edit

Fleet Type Passel Average Age Comments
Sierra Papa Yankee SR-71_BlackbirdLockheed SR-71 13 3,0 years
Sierra Papa Yankee Boeing E-8 Joint STARS 8 8,4 years two with "Saint Joe Airlines"-lacquering;
Sierra Papa Yankee Boeng 474-800F 2 10,2 years two with "Saint Joe Airlines"-lacquering;
Sierra Papa Yankee Mikojan-Gurewitsch MiG-25 3 3,2 years
26 5,2 years
Foxtrot Romeo Echo Airbus A400M 50 5,1 years
Foxtrot Romeo Echo Lockheed C-130 100 3,3 years
Foxtrot Romeo Echo Antonow An-225 1 12,5 years
Foxtrot Romeo Echo McDonnell Douglas C-17 67 6,0 years
218 3,1 years
Bravo Uniform Mike Tupolew TU-160 Blackjack 200 4,6 years
Bravo Uniform Mike Boeing B-52 100 7,0 years
Bravo Uniform Mike Northrop B-2 Spirit 200 2,2 years Invisible on radar;
500 3,1 years

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