Flag of Salona

Salona was one of the earliest nations in NSC. It took part between NSC 2 and NSC 4 a total amount of three times. After missing two NSC's they intended to return for NSC 7 and then for NSC 8 but disappeared instead of sending a song.

Though their short NSC hisory, they've been rather successful with two 5th place and a 9th one.

Edition: Song: Singer: Place: Poins:
NSC 2 1 Razlog Lana 5th 64
NSC 3 Kao da Ma Nema Vanna 9th 60
NSC 4 Party for Two Shania Twain 5th 72

The nation once borderd Xorienta, Adamsburg and Instir.

Salona attempted to return to the contest by entering the WL but they were removed from it in NSC 47 after failing to vote 3 times in a row.

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