Smiley Contest is a monthly held and MSN-based contest to determine the best smiley of the month.

Winners Edit

Year Month Winter Nominated by
2009 January Jogrin Fearnavigatr
2009 February Lach Fearnavigatr
2009 March Fulflin Fearnavigatr
2009 April Lurk Fearnavigatr
2009 May -A Fearnavigatr
2009 June 8D renzo

Trivia Edit

  • In Smiley Contest April ;_; was originally elected as the winner, however, it has been disqualified afterwards because of the fact it's not a proper smiley.
  • In Smiley Contest May (duck), the smiley ranked 3rd, was said to have been robbed.
  • Until Smiley Contest May every winner was nominated by Fearnavigatr whereas the smiley nominated by him came only second in the June edition.
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