Nation Song Contest

Sophie Ellis Bextor (born 10th April 1979) is an British singer who represented Astique in Nation Song Contest 11 with song Murder On The Dancefloor. Sophie was the first singer who qualified Astique to the finals where she reached 16th place. Murder On The Dancefloor placed #1 on Astiquian Radioplay chart and #5 on Astiquian dance chart where it stayed for a week.

Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie also participated in Astiquian nation finals for Nation Song Contest 14 where she came 2nd with song Get Over You right behind Kelly Clarkson. 'Get Over You' placed #1 on Astiquian radioplay chart and also #1 on Astiquian dance chart where it stayed for 2 weeks unlike Kelly Clarkson who won NF, but on the chart she only placed #24. Sophie Ellis Bextor decided to participate in Astiquian NF for NSC 17 with song Me And My Imagination where she ended 4th.

Sophie took part in Congratulations NF for Nation Song Contest 20 with Get Over You and won. She went through semis and ended 5th in final and finally Astique got top 10 position after some editions. Sophie said that she might try to take part again.

Sophie returned with Lyapunovia in Nation Song Contest 27 with song If I Can't Dance. She ended on 9th place with 121 points.

Sophie didn't stop there. In Nation Song Contest 38 Bokia decided to send Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer by Freemasons feat. Sophie.  Bokia was victorious as song ended up winning the edition with 213 points.