Sunce is one of the most popular magazines in Xorientia. It begane as little daily newspaper, but soon it became popular because of open and direct stories. The only newspaper in Xorientia that is more popular is XN, the daily chronicle. In the beginning, Sunce was typical yellow daily newspaper, but when it has reached high popularity, it became a little more serious. Anyway, it still has a part that looks as old, original Sunce, so the yellow part. Journalists of Sunce are famous and known because they are allways at the right place in the right time. There are many speculations that they have some moles in high institutions, but it has never been prooven. So, they just know how to do their job.

Sunce likes to follow NSC. Usually, Sunce's journalists are the first ones who find out where the secret contest for Xorientian NSC song is held and details about songs and artists. The most popular Sunce's journalist is Sybila Žutić. She is really the master for finding out the details about Xorientian NSC songs before time. Other famous Sunce's journalists are Zviezdan Istina (known as hard nut without any borders and feelings when it is about some interesting stuff), Mila Xenić (specialist for foreign scandals), Rok Myrx and many other. Main editor is Vili Milić.

The cheesiest stories about NSC that were covered by Sunce's reporting in Xorientia were:

-NSC6 - Xorientian disaster wiht Juanes's song La Camisa Negra and first signs of "Greece-Cyprus" voting at NSC

-NSC7 - Hibernia awards Xorientia with 12 points

-NSC10 - high antipropaganda for famous songs at NSC

-the farce about Astoria, Phinechendza and company

-bad organization of NSC Congratulations 10 Years spinoff in in Terezon, Xorientia


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